DISCLAIMER: This iZombie recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Ravi has referenced a nerdy TV series during a homicidal investigation. Hey, it’s not his fault that Doctor Who quotes can be applied to every aspect of life. You’ve been warned. Prepare for the zombie uprising, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, inhabitants of New Seattle! iZombie gave Rose McIver the opportunity to spread her Medieval wings this week. Liv consumed the brains of a dedicated LARPer, one who had an inclination for the gallantry of knighthood. Strangely enough, Liv also took on a Julie Andrews quality with consumption of said brains. Can you imagine Mary Poppins pontificating in shining armor? Well, that was Liv. Points to me for an undead on metaphor!

Anyway, while Liv and Clive tried to solve the LARPer’s murder, Blaine reunited with Mr. Boss for an unexpected mission. Blaine’s former foe needed a cache of money that was in the hands of a Seattle inmate. Thanks to Brother Love and his undead followers though, that inmate met his demise. However, Mr. Boss’ money wound up in the hands of Peyton as she used it to help Liv and the Underground Railroad. Hey, at least that cash is being used for good.

Alright, ready to delve into “Chivalry is Dead?” Just be sure to give Liv enough time to monologue. She sure loves listening to the sound of her own voice when she’s on this particular brain. 

We open with Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Liv (Rose McIver) enjoying an awkward breakfast after the former discovered the latter’s involvement in human smuggling. You know, that illegal thing that Mama Leone was executed for. Peyton mentions Filmore-Graves shutting down the 206 Weekly newspaper, and how Major was the ranking officer in charge. Liv, of course, isn’t that shocked considering Major’s recent actions regarding his new post. Liv urges her best friend to keep the Underground Railroad a secret from Major and Ravi. Peyton verbally pinky swears on it. 

Next, Peyton urges Liv to let her join the Underground Railroad. Naturally, Liv’s initial reaction is one of protest, considering Peyton is only human. However, perhaps Peyton’s mayoral connections could prove useful. Liv laments that their major (no pun intended) issue at the moment is lack of resources. This switches on the light bulb in Peyton’s head. 

Later, Peyton pays an inmate named Casper (Tony Alcantar) a visit. She previously put Casper away, but his massive stash of cash is still at large. Peyton asks for access to it, in exchange for Casper’s transfer to a prison that’s closer to his family, outside the walls of New Seattle. Casper reluctantly agrees to this deal. My girl Peyton sure is a smooth talker. 

Then, we see Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), Liv and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) at the scene of the latest crime. A mystery man donning a suit of armor was brutally stabbed the night before. Of course, Ravi sneaks in a TARDIS reference, joking that the man traveled through time in The Doctor’s big blue box. And so my heart grew three sizes for Ravi Chakrabarti that day. A man that references Doctor Who is a man after my own heart. Anyway, Liv heads back to the morgue to devour some knight brain. 

Later, after Clive and Ravi finally identify the deceased, Liv makes her grand entrance from stage right. Using colorfully expressive language Shakespeare himself would be proud of, Liv proudly boasts about her slaying the morgue rat. Hey, that’s not something to take lightly. I despise rats. Anyway, the man in armor was named Garrett, and he was a LARPer. Ravi fills Clive in on what LARPing is all about. Remember how obsessed Clive became with Dungeons and Dragons last season? He now takes a keen interest in LARPing, since it’s more physically active than the aforementioned game. You do you, Babineaux. 

Pictured: Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin, cwtv.com

Next, Liv and Clive pay a visit to Garrett’s former LARPing pals. They claim that ever since Garrett switched over to Team Undead he transferred to an exclusively zombie LARPing group. But here’s the kicker: Garrett was mortal. Liv and Clive inform the team that Garrett died as a human…like, really died. You know, the permanent death. This comes as a shock to everyone else in the room. Well, this just got interesting. 

Meanwhile, Blaine (David Anders) is engaging in some father/son bonding time with Angus (Robert Knepper) over lunch at Romero’s. Blaine is taken aback at how obedient Brother Love’s congregation is – how well they listen to Angus’ orders. After Angus chastises his undead followers for eating like zombies (the irony is not lost on me), said followers straightened up and became prime examples of fine dining etiquette. Angus hopes that Blaine will follow him into the light of the Lord, and will continue to dole out brains to the hungry. Blaine isn’t exactly the charitable type.

Later, Liv receives a phone call while at the morgue. A young girl named Isobel (Izabela Vidovic) pleads with Liv for assistance. Apparently, her coyote went missing. Now, Isobel is one of the terminally ill humans who Liv will eventually scratch once she safely crosses the walls into New Seattle. Liv attempts to pacify the young girl, but of course she’s still in medieval mode and sounds awfully funny to Isobel. Thankfully, the girl’s coyote eventually returns and all is well. 

Next, we see Major (Robert Buckley) and Russ (Giacomo Baessato) partying hard at The Scratching Post. Both of them are steeped in cowboy brains, with their collective country twang singing loudly for all to hear. Don E (Bryce Hodgson) tells the boys to mosey on up outta there. However, Russ is insistent that the party train keeps on rolling, and the inebriated duo heads out into the night for more fun.

Then, Clive and Liv step into the ring of an underground zombie fight club. They hope to glean more information regarding Garrett’s murder from the group he supposedly surrounded himself with. Suddenly, Liv notices Major and Russ observing the fight in the crowd. Uh oh. Worlds collide. Liv pulls Major aside for a quick conversation, but we’re unable to hear what was said. 

Pictured: Robert Buckley and Rose McIver, cwtv.com

Later, after the fight, Clive and Liv question the undisputed champ Mordecai (Matty Singletary). Apparently, he also didn’t know that Garrett was human. Someone made a very convincing zombie! Mordecai apparently broke off from the zombie LARPing group to start his own – “Zombie Thunderdome.” He knew that people would pay top dollar to watch zombies fight with swords. I sure would. Mordecai gives Liv and Clive the schedule for the zombie LARPing group, so our duo knows when they meet next. They refer to themselves as “The Shadow Exiles.” Clive receives a text from Bozzio saying she’ll be home late that night. Clive’s face falls, as this can only mean one thing: she’s rendezvousing. 

Next, we see Clive and Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) discussing the implications of the latter’s actions from the night before. Clive is upset, but Bozzio is merely sating her desires. They both agreed to having an open relationship. Clive spent the night with that prostitute so now they’re even, as it were. My heart breaks for these two…especially Clive. I just want him to be happy. 

Then, Blaine and Don E are conducting business as usual in the basement of Romero’s. Suddenly, one of their crates containing product bursts open to reveal Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison), back to presumably stick it to Blaine. Plot twist!

Pictured (L to R): Robert Knepper, David Anders and Eddie Jemison, cwtv.com

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Later, Mr. Boss reveals the reason behind his surprise visit. There’s a prison transport bus heading outside the walls containing a convict that possesses Mr. Boss’ cash. Casper! Mr. Boss is asking for Blaine’s help in taking down said bus. Then, they split the cash. Three ways, of course, since Don E is also present. Blaine laments that he doesn’t have that kind of man power on reserve for such a stunt. Well, he may not, but someone else close to him does…

Next, Blaine and Mr. Boss bring Angus into the fold. Blaine convinces Brother Love that this is what the Lord would want them to do. Plus, free brains for his followers since that bus contains humans, after all. Angus briefly takes this all into consideration before agreeing to hand his men over to Blaine. 

Meanwhile, Russ asks Major about his conversation with Liv at the zombie fight club. Of course, Major lies and claims he was merely hitting on Liv and failing in the process. Russ buys the lie, and enlists Major in a seedy underground mission in the name of pocket change. Russ also reminds Major to keep his trap shut, as what they’re about to engage in is illegal activity. Are they gonna smoke zombie pot? 

Then, Liv is doing her usual Renegade work at the hotel. She scratches a terminally ill mother and a few others on site. Liv asks where Isobel is, but Levon (Daniel Bonjour) reveals that the young girl hasn’t arrived yet. 

Later, Major meets Russ in the cover of night and joins his goons in breaking the law. I don’t like the negative impact Russ is having on you, Lilywhite. Anyway, the crew bursts in on two zombies repackaging brain tubes, armed to the teeth with axes. Now, Russ wants to seize said brain tubes and sell them on the black market himself. Russ and co. begin slashing and bashing the undead. After the carnage, which Major reluctantly participated in, Russ finds a hidden stash of brains just waiting for the taking. Major now has so much dirt on this guy. Chase will be one happy camper. 

Meanwhile, Liv and Clive pay a visit to Garrett’s zombie LARPing group. They confess they had no idea he was human, and are aware of his death. The group confesses to accidentally impaling their fellow LARPer in an innocent game. Liv and Clive believe them, however the latter insists the group pops by the precinct. While Garrett’s death was accidental, leaving the body unattended is a crime. Boom! Justice has been served on this day. 

Next, we see the prison transport bus making its way outside the borders of New Seattle. Suddenly, Angus’ undead groupies launch their attacks, ravaging all the humans on board. Blaine, Mr. Boss and Don E observe the carnage from afar, admiring the efficiency of Brother Love’s zombie army. Two zombies bring forth Casper. He’s pleading for his life, and even reveals the locker location containing Mr. Boss’ money. However, not even that is enough to save him. Mr. Boss informs the inmate that Blaine will be feasting on him tonight. Inmate is for dinner, folks!

Pictured: Robert Knepper, cwtv.com

Later, back at the morgue, Ravi informs Liv that they can toss Garrett’s armor. However, Liv has another plan in mind, one that involves planting the bug of role play in Ravi’s ear. Want to spice up your sex life? Don a suit of armor to surprise your lady. Ravi takes this suggestion to heart. 

Then, Ravi bursts into Peyton’s bedroom, where her and Liv are discussing Isobel’s failure to show up at the Underground Railroad headquarters. Liv is suddenly rocked with a vision of one of the zombie LARPers discovering Garrett canoodling with his human wife. Accident indeed! Pish posh! 

Next, Liv and Clive are interrogating Guinevere (Amanda Lisman), the human wife of Russ (Christopher Redman). Yes, there are two Russes. She explains that ever since her husband turned into a zombie, their marriage has suffered. You take the horizontal tango out of the equation and things get rocky. Guinevere insists that Russ loved Garrett like a brother and wouldn’t intentionally slaughter him. Russ, however, confesses to not only having the motive to murder but acting it out as well. But he firmly believes he’ll walk free, and that a jury won’t find him guilty. We’ll see about that, LARPer dude. 

Meanwhile, Blaine has a vision of the exact location of Mr. Boss’ money after dining on Casper brain. However, when they open the locker said money is nowhere to be found, much to everyone’s chagrin. Methinks a certain friend of Liv’s seized the cash and ran…

Pictured: Eddie Jemison and David Anders, cwtv.com

Later, Isobel safely arrives at the Underground headquarters with her coyote in tow. They reveal how difficult it was for them to slip past security to arrive there. Peyton drops a huge duffel bag filled to the brim with dollar bills. She was able to nick the money before Mr. Boss and Blaine could get their hands on it. Success! Now the Underground has enough money to buy whatever resources they desire. 

Next, Liv scratches Iosbel. Nothing happens. She scratches the young girl’s other arm, making sure to dig deeper this time. Still, nothing. Isobel has absolutely no reaction whatsoever to Liv’s scratch. Normally, humans immediately morph into a member of Team Z with just one nick of the arm. Something fishy is going on. If humans are becoming immune to zombie scratches, then that means Liv and the Underground Railroad’s mission is null and void. 

iZombie fell slightly flat for me this week. Now, I was more intrigued with the action surrounding Blaine and Mr. Boss than anything else. Liv on knight brains was somewhat grating, but I believe that was the intended effect. Major and Russ’ brief stint on cowboy brains didn’t help matters. I believe Liv should be the only one shown to be affected by the brains she consumes, otherwise the premise of iZombie loses its potency. Of course, we can address when other zombies eat human brains and experience the visions, but having everyone tripping out simultaneously just makes things convoluted and messy. Now, I’m deeply invested in Clive and Dale’s relationship drama, and that to me is something everyone can relate to. Not to mention that cliffhanger was definitely a surprise! Plot twist of the century, y’all. 

Why do you think Liv’s scratch didn’t take on Isobel? Will Major finally bust Russ and turn him over to Chase? Will Mr. Boss discover that Peyton has his money? Join me next week as I continue to recap iZombie, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

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