DISCLAIMER: This iZombie recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Ravi has transitioned from human to zombie. Hey, the man is perfecting a cure to the zombie disease. If anything, it’s something to add to the resume. You’ve been warned. Prepare for New Seattle, and enter at your own peril. 

Welcome back, zombies of New Seattle! iZombie finally made its triumphant return after a brief two week hiatus. After Mama Leone’s tragic beheading in the previous episode, Liv is empowered more than ever to continue the former’s crucial mission. Liv joined the Underground Railroad in the hopes of helping sick humans receive another chance at life…or rather, afterlife. Yes, creating new zombies is a capital offense, but Liv’s more than willing to take that risk for the good of humanity. Meanwhile, Ravi consumed the brain of a heroin addict for Peyton in order to locate the whereabouts of a missing dog. Thus, we’re blessed with a Peyton/Ravi snogging reunion. Nothing like enduring withdrawal symptoms while on the brain of a heroin addict to really rev the love engine. Oh, and Blaine discovered his father Angus is no longer trapped in the well. Timmy is out of the well, guys!

Alright, ready to delve into “My Really Fair Lady?” Just be sure to go off book with your lines prior to your rehearsal with Liv. She’s a stickler for memorization. 

We open at a theater with Nellie (Rachel Bloom) on the phone regarding a teensy tiny copyright infringement issue. Apparently, tweaking Rent (the musical) so it applies to zombies instead of those with the AIDS virus is considered taboo…and illegal. However, Nellie asserts that she’s merely making changes that are relevant to the current social climate. And, to top it all off, her lead actor is unable to take the stage for their first performance. Thankfully, Nellie is an actor and a true thespian. She makes the executive decision to stand in for her former lead actor. Rent goes off without a hitch, zombie changes and all. All two people in the audience love it. I love that Rachel Bloom was a singing zombie in this episode, since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of my favorite shows. 

Pictured: Rachel Bloom, denkofgeek.com

Meanwhile, Peyton (Aly Michalka) is in full-on lawyer mode at her office. A woman named Wendy (Ellen Ewusie), whose ex-husband perished in the bus crash, is beseeching Peyton for her assistance in tracking down her young son’s dog. Apparently, her ex was the only one who knew of the dog’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Peyton has to let her down gently. Well, there is someone who may be able to help. Speaking of which…

Next, we see Liv (Rose McIver) is with Levon (Daniel Bonjour) and the remainder of Mama Leone’s crew. Liv urges them to accept her, and allow her to take up the Renegade mantle. Of course, they’re skeptical of her allegiance since she works for the Seattle PD. Nevertheless, Liv persists. Unfortunately, after Mama Leone’s untimely death at the hands of Chase Graves, the Underground Railroad was shut down. Mama Leone was trusted among her circles, whereas Liv is a newbie. Prove yourself, Moore! You can do it!

Later, Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) runs into Michelle (Christie Laing) at the precinct. They share some mild banter, which leads to her asking him over for some harmless movie viewing. Clive accepts her offer. If you recall, his relationship with Bozzio is an open one. Get it, Clive! You deserve to be happy. 

Meanwhile, Peyton finds Liv and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) hard at work in the morgue. She asks Liv for a massive favor – to consume the brains of Wendy’s deceased ex-husband for the purpose of locating a missing dog. Liv is eager to hop on board…that is, before Ravi informs the duo that said ex-husband was a heroin addict. Peyton rescinds her request, not wanting to submit Liv to heroin withdrawal symptoms. Good call. However, Liv is getting pretty peckish, so she picks a brain for consumption. We see her bake a mystery brain into scrumptious cinnamon rolls, and once again I question if I’m a zombie. Who was the lucky winner? Why, Nellie of course! She was one of the unfortunate casualties in the massive bus crash. Brace yourselves, fellow thespians. Liv is about to take the stage!

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Then, we see Blaine (David Anders) and Don E (Bryce Hodgson) are hard at work at their restaurant. Tucker (Jaren Brandt Bartlett) wanders inside and beseeches the pair for any table scraps they have to spare. Blaine pointedly dumps said table scraps in his hand as a dig at the new zombie. Romero’s is only for the richest of the rich in the undead world. Beggars are not allowed. Hey, I say giving back is good PR, Blaine. 

Meanwhile, Ravi and Major (Robert Buckley) are enjoying breakfast together when the former notices his desire for brains has returned. Time to transition back to zombie! Major hands his friend a brain tube to help sate his cravings. Ravi decides to effectively use his latest zombie transformation for the good of man (and dog)kind. He consumes the brain of the dead heroin addict in order to aid Peyton in her search for the missing dog. Withdrawal symptoms be damned!

Now, remember zombie news anchor Johnny Frost (Daran Norris)? Well, our favorite anchor with questionable ethics is presenting a sexual harassment seminar at the Seattle PD precinct. Apparently, Frost was a little too explicit while discussing his sexual exploits on the air. Thus, his punishment is to present the aforementioned seminar. Liv is in the audience and fully in theater brain mode. Ravi is sitting next to her, currently jonesing for heroin courtesy of the addict brain. Clive is stewing in embarrassment for them both. Frost asks the group if romantic relationships are allowed at the precinct. Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) responds that it’s tolerated, provided you fill out paperwork. Frost questions if anyone in the group has filled out said paperwork documenting a work relationship. Clive reluctantly raises his hand, to the chagrin of Michelle. Uh oh. 

Next, Liv volunteers to participate in a sketch with Frost on the proper way to refuse inappropriate advancements from a colleague. Of course, Liv stages this as an acting workshop, improvising lines and attempting to elicit an honest response from Frost. I wish Liv was one of my acting teachers in college. 

Later, Liv brings home a very sick Ravi. His withdrawal symptoms are at a high. He’s vomiting and sweating profusely. Liv assigns Major to stand guard over his roommate. Brain=1. Ravi=0. 

Pictured: Rahul Kohli and Rose McIver, cwtv.com

Then, Liv returns to Mama Leone’s crew with a proposition. Apparently, a group of sick humans are stuck at a truck stop while en route inside New Seattle. They were essentially caught in the crossfire when Mama Leone was executed, prior to the Underground Railroad shutting down. Liv hopes to join her new team to deliver said group to safety, and turn them. Her newfound passion for acting has ignited a spark in Mama Leone’s crew. Perhaps this may work out after all. 

Meanwhile, Peyton arrives at Ravi and Major’s house. She learns that Ravi consumed the heroin addict brain for her. Aw, true love is so sickeningly sweet! Major leaves for work and Peyton decides to check in on Ravi, who’s holed up in his room. However, Ravi has actually escaped. We have a runner! 

Later, Ravi turns up at The Scratching Post and begs Don E for heroin. Don E brings Ravi to Blaine, and the latter is shocked that the good doctor is hooked on drugs. Peyton darts into Blaine’s office, relieved to find Ravi alive. She carts him away, and leaves an amused Blaine behind. 

Next, Clive takes Michelle aside at work to explain himself. He informs her that he’s in an open relationship with Bozzio due to the latter being a zombie. They can’t have sexual relations since one of them is technically dead. Michelle responds that she’s not interested in “that kind of thing,” and is looking for a more meaningful relationship rather than a hookup. Clive respects her wishes and she takes her leave. We see Bozzio was watching the interaction in secret, and the guilt is clearly written all over her face. 

Meanwhile, Peyton is cradling a sick Ravi at home. Suddenly, he has a vision of where the dog is. Bingo! Now they can bring the dog home to a grieving young boy, and Ravi can be rid of this heroin brain. 

Pictured: Aly Michalka and Robert Buckley, cwtv.com

Then, Mama Leone’s crew arrives at their hotel room to find Liv with a plethora of scripts and a cast list. She’s orchestrated a plan to retrieve the trapped humans disguised as a short play. In true thespian fashion, she coaches her actors to elicit the most convincing performances possible. Well, most convincing on such short notice, and considering her performers are not trained actors. Time for the curtain to rise on Operation: Rescue! 

Later, our team is parked at the truck stop where our human captives are located. Baron (Francis Capra) and Suki (Melissa O’Neil) are distracting one of the workers with their semi-truck issues while Levon, disguised in Major’s Filmore-Graves uniform, attempts to pinpoint the humans. 

Meanwhile Liv, donning a wig and nightclub apparel, swoops in to distract the security guard. She’s sporting a New Zealander accent, and I’m tickled to finally hear McIver utilize her natural dialect on screen. It’s a true testament to just how adept with an American accent she truly is. Levon spots the truck housing the captive humans and surreptitiously transports them to the truck driven by Suki and Baron. Once Liv spots said truck leaving, she too takes her leave of the security guard. She gave the performance of a lifetime, and now the play has ended. Blackout!

Later, Liv reunites with the Underground Railroad when the sun rises. Levon brandishes a camera, prepared to film Liv in her greatest role yet – as a savior to sick humans. Levon reminds her that scratching humans is viewed as a capital offense, but Liv is more than ready to make that sacrifice to save humanity. She scratches each human, who gratefully thanks her for this second chance at life. Sickness be gone! We see one of them reunited with their family, and I’m perplexed as to why someone keeps cutting onions at such close proximity to me. 

Next, Peyton brings the missing dog to Wendy and her son, to the delight of the latter. Everyone is happy, even amid so much tragedy. Animals are the perfect remedy for emotional wounds. 

Then, Peyton swings by Ravi’s house, and is elated to find the latter is back in good health. As a thank you, she plants an unsuspecting smooch. Snogging time! Our former lovebirds engage in more smooching. This is the content we all needed. Love wins!

Pictured: Aly Michalka, cwtv.com

Meanwhile, Blaine is poised at the well where he believes his father is still held captive. He’s boasting about his success in the zombie world, and how fairly New Seattle has treated him. Don E calls Blaine away, citing that a group of churchgoers are practicing civil disobedience at Romero’s. 

Now, Blaine arrives at his restaurant and is taken aback to discover his father Angus (Robert Knepper) is the one leading said protest. Angus presents a proposition to his son – feed him and his followers one free meal a week. It’s only fair to share some of the wealth Blaine has accrued. Angus informs Blaine that he has forgiven him for his crimes. Blaine almost launches into rage mode but his held back by his subordinates. However, he reluctantly agrees to provide his father and the latter’s followers with one free meal a week. Monday afternoons, to be exact. As Blaine leaves in a huff, he orders Don E to feed the group with the cheapest brains they have. Uh oh. Familial tension, y’all!

Later, Levon pays Liv a visit at the morgue. He hands her a USB drive containing Mama Leone’s files, and a slew of sickly humans in need of saving. Although Liv is hellbent on scratching all of them, Levon informs her that she can only choose three. How does one decide which three lives are most worthy of granting an afterlife? Hard choices are always followed by more hard choices. It’s like a moral avalanche. However, this is what Liv wanted – to make a difference, and be on the right side of human/zombie history. 

iZombie has been a slow burn this season, but I’m curious to see where this new direction takes us. Zombies being out in society proper has been interesting, to say the least. It’s opened new avenues for iZombie to explore, and said avenues are surprisingly relevant to our current societal climate. We’ve addressed bigotry and oppression of zombies. Chase is determined to lead New Seattle toward a strict dictatorship, while the rest of the world contemplates nuking the city altogether. Sound familiar? While I do miss some of the lightheartedness that used to be so pervasive in each episode, I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us. Also, have I mentioned that McIver is an international treasure? 

Do you think Liv will eventually face the consequences of her new role as the Renegade? Will Chase discover that someone else has taken up Mama Leone’s mantle? How will Blaine retaliate against his father? Join me next week as I continue to recap iZombie, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

iZombie airs Mondays at 9pm on your CW affiliate. 



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