With Halloween right around the corner Beetlejuice’s musical adaption couldn’t have premiered at a better time. The show made its pre-Broadway world premiere last night (October 14th) at D.C’s National Theater. Based off of Tim Burton’s 1988 comedy, it tells the story of two very different families occupying the same house; the recently deceased Maitlands and the very alive Deetzes. There’s also an entity in a striped suit trying destroy them all. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (which gives us a sneak peak at Beetlejuice himself, played by Alex Brightman), director Alex Timbers explains come key differences between the film and its stage adaption. One of those differences being the musical actually focuses on Lydia Deetz, played by 17 year old Sophia Anne Caruso, as the main character: 

photo Matthew Murphy, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly


“Refocusing the story on Lydia’s emotional journey, Lydia’s relationship to Beetlejuice — who were [both] more like secondary characters in the film — felt like a great way in,” explains Timbers. “Beetlejuice and Lydia are both trickster figures, in a way. Certainly Beetlejuice is, but musical theater has a great history of con men as characters when you think about Bialystock and Bloom or Harold Hill in The Music Man, so it felt to me that the DNA of those two characters felt like great musical theater protagonists in the way they work off each other.” 

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To celebrate their opening night properly, Kelvin Moon Loh (above), who plays Otho, took over the musical’s official Instagram account to answer questions and give fans a behind the scenes look at their new favorite musical. He was even nice enough to provide some pictures on the pages Instagram story.




Beetlejuice is currently running through November 18th at the National Theater in Washington D.C. ahead of  its big move to Broadway! Do yourself a favor and get your tickets here



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