Thailand made history when the country’s all-female women’s Dota 2 team brought home the gold. It was a hard climb to the top, but the Thai representatives at the 2022 Global eSports Games really proved that their country has cultivated some of the best talents in the competitive video game world.

The final confrontation between the finest Dota 2 female teams in the world began after an outstanding Opening Ceremony at the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center. Thailand was the underdog, according to sports betting sites at, and was up against Malaysia, another regional nation that has been steadily building up its female team.

GEG2022 Produces Thailand Female’s Dota 2 Squad as Winners

Both teams locked horns in a best of 3 Series that would see the teams go to-and-fro and fight in an epic battle unlike most regional Dota 2 we had seen. It was eventually down to Thailand to seal both games, benefiting from momentary breaks that allowed the team to bring down a heavy offensive and pressure Malaysia in the concluding phases of both games.

Thailand ended up grabbing both games and ended the series early, positioning itself as the best Asian all-female Dota 2 team. The Thai manager admitted that the game against Malaysia was not as smooth as it appeared to be to fans. The Thai Dota 2 coaches were concerned with the level of play Malaysia demonstrated, and admitted that the players were nervous during the game, feeling that they are losing momentum to their opponents.

It all changed rapidly, though, after a handful of successful team fights in the first game that clearly put Thailand in pole position. The team continued to trade off better throughout the rest of the game, demonstrating a smart pace of play and ensuring that it minimized mistakes in its own quarter, or sacrificing resources when it saw no way to make up for a loss.

Malaysia Put Up An Incredible Fight

Malaysia was understandably dissatisfied with the game and its performance. The team’s manager stated that they all had a good time in Istanbul and at the event, but that they were taken off guard by their Thai opponents. The Thai Dota 2 team was even deemed to be “too good” for Malaysia’s present level.

Malaysia, on the other hand, is clear on what they will do next: the team will train harder to ensure that they remain one of the great powerhouses of Dota 2 female eSports, and provide a stronger performance next year.

What Does the Future Hold for Female eSports?

With the conclusion of this intriguing event, one question remains: what is next for female eSports in Thailand? eSports has long been seen to be reserved for male gamers, but as we approach the golden era of communication and accessible technology, the plain fact is that gamers are becoming less macho and more diverse.

Thailand is not the most popular Dota 2 location in the world, but it has obviously been able to create an amazing female Dota 2 squad that can serve as an example to others. Dota 2 competitions for female players are currently uncommon, but they may become more common in the future.

Even better, female Dota 2 players may one day compete in the male group, which will be another remarkable development that could occur in the next years. Already, skilled players of all genders are competing against the world’s eSports elite, and they do so on the basis of their skill and competence in a game, not their gender, which is what eSports should be about.

Final Thoughts

Of course, as women become a more permanent part of the eSports landscape, a few more competitions that focus on women’s events will serve as positive role models for others who want to get into eSports but aren’t sure how.

The GEG is back for another season, and the upcoming edition will include another spectacular female Dota 2 matchup. Women now have a big presence in eSports, and the only question now is how far they will go – they definitely have the talent, skill, and commitment to be among the best.

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