Welcome to the Noise. Lionsgate’s Chaos Walking, based on the young adult sci-fi trilogy by Patrick Ness, has been a behemoth in the making. After three years since principal photography took place in Montreal, the highly anticipated flick finally has an official trailer! 

Now, for those unfamiliar with Ness’s work, Chaos Walking follows Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) and Viola Eade (Daisy Ridley). Viola crash lands on an unfamiliar planet called New World, wherein all men’s thoughts can be heard. Todd had been brought up to believe that the Spackle unleashed a germ that slaughtered all the women on his planet. “The Noise,” which is the term utilized to describe men’s vocal thoughts, was then released on the male population. Viola is the first woman Todd has ever seen. He’s bewildered as to why he can’t hear her thoughts. Viola brings with her silence, and subsequently danger lurks within said silence. 

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The trailer is a fast-paced thrill ride rife with beautiful imagery and an all-star cast. Mads MikkelsenDavid OyelowoCynthia Erivo! This is such a fascinating world with an intriguing mythology, and I’m stoked to see it all unravel on screen. 

Below, you can take a gander at the Chaos Walking trailer for yourselves. 

Chaos Walking stars Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen, David Oyelowo, Cynthia Erivo, Nick JonasKurt Sutter and Demián Bichir. Witness the Noise in all its glory when the film hits theaters January 22, 2021. 

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