~Matt Key

The Christmas miracle that is Fox’s holiday marketing for their upcoming superhero film, Deadpool, continues to march on. Their campaign, called 12 Days of Deadpool, #12DaysofDeadpool, goes to Mashable today where we have a sheet of new Deadpool emojis to use!

Ironic corporate selling out — that’s so like Deadpool!

You can download them for Apple devices HERE or for Google devices HERE.


And you’ll definitely want to do that. Just look at these emojis! There’s the happy Deadpool, Deadpool in love, unamused Deadpool, LOL Deadpool, Saint Deadpool, Sad Deadpool, Detective Deadpool, and Poop Deadpool!
And that’s not counting Kitty Deadpool, Hello Kitty Deadpool, Colossus or Blind Al!

Of course, you’ve also got to have a magical unicorn and a chimichanga in there for good measure.

The world is truly a magical place.

12 Days of Deadpool will end on Christmas Day with the premiere of a new trailer. Tomorrow we’ll all look to IMAX for what they’ve got next!

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