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We’ve known, for some time now, that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was cast to play Black Adam in the DC comics film, Shazam. What we’ve not known is if that film, which will have to deal with magic and sorcery, was a part of the larger DC Extended Universe or if it would be a standalone film all on its own. In fact, all we actually currently know about the film is that Dwayne Johnson is in it as Black Adam and it’s being co-produced by Dwayne Johnson’s production company Seven Buck Productions and New Line Cinema.

That’s it. There’s no other casting, there’s no release date — nothing.


But in an interview with Newsweek, Dwayne Johnson’s manager/co-producer Dany Garcia gave us some more details. Mainly, the film will exist in the same universe as all the other DC films! As he told Newsweek, “Shazam! is to live in the same world [as the other films] but we have incredible autonomy over this brand and franchise. We are working with a different team, different producers, directors … it’s a different set-up.”

This is a good thing, especially with the current anti-Warner Bros. climate in regards to all things DC. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was an absolute travesty for them and that, in turn, caused a studio reaction to Suicide Squad that is widely seen to have ruined that film as well.


In regards to this particular backlash, Garcia said, “We don’t feel fettered by, or constrainted by, the successes or failures and challenges of the other projects. That was a key component to our participation — that we be able to control the tone and the voice, and do it the way we want to.”

Garcia then went on to address just how their film will be connected to the greater DC Cinematic Universe

“It needs to be of the world. You’ve got Justice League, Wonder Woman with a different director, so you’re going to see different points of view. I think by the time we land with [Shazam!] we’ll fit nicely within the world that’s been created, but not such a shorthand relationship. [it’ll be] enough that people say, ‘oh, this is within the family,’ but the culture will be a little different.”


Now, if you’re excited to see this film, don’t hold your breath at all. Garcia talked about when we could see the film, saying “We’re getting drafts in … it’s important to make sure we get the tone right for Black Adam, which is Dwayne’s part. We don’t mind taking our time. We’re being very careful with each act and scene to go back and layer in as much as possible.”

The bad news here is that we have no idea of when we might possibly see the film. The good news is that they are taking their time and being patient with the process to ensure that they get their film absolutely, positively as right as possible.

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