All weddings are stressful, and you may think organising one will be easier the second time around. This is true in some ways, but second weddings also present their own unique challenges. You may want to go all out, but are restrained by the feeling that your second wedding should be more modest than the first. 

Life happens, and things do not always work out the way we’ve imagined. You’ve parted ways with your spouse, so rewinding those memories and thinking about how things turned out is pointless. Your focus should be on making your second wedding as beautiful, or even better than the first one.

Read on to learn how you can make your second wedding perfect.

Decide on a Blowout Bash or a Private Wedding

Do you want a romantic beach wedding with only your close family members and friends invited? Or, do you want a big bash with all your cousins, neighbors, colleagues, and a load of other guests at the wedding venue? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a destination wedding somewhere exotic. In the end, it’s up to you – after all, it’s your wedding!

It’s expected that you may not want to go through the fuss of organizing a big do and inviting too many guests to your second wedding. So, if you want a more simple, smaller wedding, by all means, go ahead. On the other hand, you may like the idea of having neighbors, families, cousins, and many other people involved so they can make their wedding as beautiful and memorable as possible. The decision is yours.

Family Traditions

Just about every family has its traditions, and you probably followed these all in your first wedding. Now that your father has walked you down the aisle once, this time you may choose to give this opportunity to someone else. You may choose to skip some traditions the second time around as part of a simpler ceremony.

Equally, you may have new family members that you can include and even create new family traditions. If any of you have children, there are tons of ways you can include them in your wedding. For example, as groomsmen, bridesmaids, ring bearers, or flower girls. If your first spouse has passed away, you can want to say a few words about them during the ceremony.

Organise a Bachelorette

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun at your second wedding. It’s time to relax, have fun, and spend your last bachelorette days with your friends. A bachelorette party is a must to get into the mood for your wedding. Organise a fun bachelorette party at your house or your favourite venue in your town and spend some memorable moments with your nearest and dearest.

There are many ways you can make the event exciting, from bachelorette party games to unique activities. You could indulge in a spa day, take a pole dancing class as a group, or hold a scavenger hunt.

Go Over Your Guest List

Second weddings tend to be more intimate with only the families and VIPs invited.  However, there’s no rule that says you have to keep it small and limit to your closest family and friends. You can have as many guests as you want and make your second wedding even bigger than the first one, if that’s what you want.

It may be your second wedding, but it is the first time you are planning something beautiful with your partner. So, don’t you want this event to be the most memorable day of your life? Check the guest list and add people you want to witness this special day.

If you are getting married again because your spouse passed away, consider inviting their family members. It is a nice gesture to involve your former spouse’s family. Of course, you should discuss this idea with your partner before adding them to your guest list.

Choose the Cake and your Dress

You probably stuck with convention for your first wedding, and you may want to try something unique the second time around. If you wore a traditional white dress at your first wedding, consider choosing something a bit different this time.

For the cake, you can go for an unconventional option or not even have a cake. Instead, you could go for cupcakes, other unique desserts, or skip the idea entirely!

Customised Your Second Wedding Party

You undoubtedly learned a lot about parties and celebrations from your first wedding, and this time you can use this knowledge to organise your wedding however you want. Talk to your partner and get to know what they want. You can decide on decoration, guest lists, and entertainment together.

Weddings are overwhelming for any bride. However, though you may want to do some things differently the second time around, it doesn’t need to be a complete departure. After all, the decisions you made for your first wedding reflect your preferences and tastes, and you may want to hang on to some or even most of them.


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