LAN gaming isn’t popular anymore because there has been the release of a number of online multiplayer games that gave rise to a new trend for online gaming. But there are still people out there who prefer a smooth gaming experience with some games that can be played via LAN for a better experience.

You will find lots of LAN games and LAN gaming in your area in case there are players who are fond of LAN gaming. But under the current pandemic situation and the impact of COVID-19, it’s hard to say that LAN gaming is going to return.

One of the many popular games in LAN, CSGO has reached heights especially when it comes to Esports. The game might be 9 years old, but the hype is still real in the market. There are many high-rated tournaments that can be bet on in CSGO and there are many CSGO gambling sites that provide this info. Check them out for info regarding how you can do betting on such sites. 

LAN gaming requires a gaming club or a platform where individuals of a certain area collaborate together in order to compete and match against each other in matches. The worldwide outbreak of the deadly coronavirus has led to the cancellation of many events and tournaments across the globe, which also makes LAN gaming almost impossible.

Effect of COVID-19 on LAN Gaming

Gaming and esports have been greatly affected by this pandemic situation as everyone is directed to stay at their homes and follow SOPs. It is recommended for the gamers to maintain strategic distance and avoid any interactions with others physically, which results in the cancellation of the tournaments and gaming practices at gaming clubs and esports centres.

Usually, tournaments of games like “CS: GO,” “Pokémon,” “Overwatch” and “Hearthstone” had lots of tournaments going on each year which was a great contribution to esports and gaming but now as everything is being shut down, these tournaments and events have been shifted online.

Under the pandemic situation, gamers are now spending a lot more time in just playing games for fun to pass the time at home, and most of them have shifted towards streaming. It’s hard to say that LAN gaming is going to continue under these conditions as long as the pandemic situation is upon us.

Cloud gaming is fluttering under such circumstances, and with the anticipation of 5G mobile networks, people are getting away from LAN gaming. The esports players are eager to play LAN events again, but it is not possible yet as it’s not safe for anyone to interact with others, and they all must follow the protocols until the lockdown and pandemic situation is solved.

Most of the LAN games like league of legends, call of duty, counter strike and overwatch shifted from LAN gaming to online tournaments and events. It is to be expected that counterstrike is soon going to be returning to LAN gaming, but we will just have to wait for the coronavirus situation around the globe to see if it’s possible in the near future.

Following are some of the events that recently were cancelled in 2020, and there is a chance that they won’t be happening in 2021 either for LAN gaming.

  •   Pokémon Championship Series cancelled – 2020ESL two events shifted to an online format – 2020
  •   Counter-Strike Brazil major tournament postponed – 2020
  •   Apex Legends Global Series rescheduled – 2020


This was a discussion about LAN gaming and its possibility in 2021. We discussed pandemic situation related to esports and LAN gaming and the possibilities that if the events and tournaments are going to return or not. For more info, leave a comment in the box below.


Can you play LAN games over wifi?

When users are connected to the same wireless network, it is possible to play LAN games with the help of Wifi. The computer users will be able to see other players and compete against each other if shared through the same network.

How do I play LAN?

You will need to connect a cable for Ethernet to get a LAN signal from the port on your router. This allows users to connect and play through LAN with multiple players.


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