For years, there has been a rumor that CS:GO was dying and that players were no longer interested in the game. A quick browse of the internet will reveal countless Quora posts and Reddit forums not to mention gaming community threads all asking the question “Is CS:GO dead?” Yet, while this is an ongoing question, the answer remains steadily the same – CS:GO isn’t going anywhere just yet.

The question “Is CS:GO starting to get popular again?” is actually somewhat of a misnomer. That’s because, arguably, CS:GO has never fallen out of fashion. Check any of the CSGO gambling and betting sites and you’ll find a huge number of people who will convince you beyond all doubt that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has an equally large following today as it did back in its early days in 2012.

500,000 Visits Every Day

If you were ever in doubt that CS:GO was still popular, you just need to look at the current statistics. Around 500,000 people visit the game each and every day. And while that’s not quite hitting the heights of the 850,000 unique players who logged into the game simultaneously back in the April of 2016, it’s still an impressive number.

Now that the game is free to play, more players are being attracted to the title. People who would never before have considered making a player account are now deciding to give it a go now that there’s financial deterrent.

Even though titles like Apex Legends, PUBG and Fortnite have reached incredibly high player  numbers since they were released, it’s worth bearing in mind that CS:GO has still managed to keep 70% of its casual and competitive players. Now, if that doesn’t go to show that the game is still successful, we don’t know what does!

PUBG  – Is It Killing Off CSGO?

When people ask whether CS:GO is dying, it’s mainly because of the arrival of PUBG. As it was one of the earliest popular Battle Royale game to storm the gaming scene, it didn’t come as too much of a surprise that many players were keen to transfer to the title just to check it out and find out whether it was worth playing. So, it was inevitable that CSGO player numbers would decline.

In a short timeframe, PUBG set the record of over 3 million unique players. However, impressive though those figures sound, they look less convincing when you consider than under 50% of them returned to the game.

What were the reasons for this? Well, firstly, the game was poorly optimized. Secondly, its gameplay becomes boring and repetitive over time. So, die-hard CS:GO fans came back to their old favorite once they recognized the flaws in PUBG.

The Reasons For CS:GO’s Ongoing Popularity

CS:GO remains popular for two reasons.

  • The ability to add skins encouraged many players to the game.
  • The game has more esports leagues and tournaments than any other esports title.

Both of these factors combine to ensure that players will return time and again to enjoy their favorite title.

The Issues that Cause Problems For CS:GO

CS:GO’s player count could get an even greater boost if more content was added and the game was made more diverse. Toxicity and cheating have long been an issue within CS:GO’s player community and, while some methods were adopted to try to deal with these problems, they simply weren’t effective enough. If a more robust anti-cheating system was put in place, this would increase player numbers exponentially.

Tickrate represents another problem. ESEA and FACEIT are using 128-tick servers at the present time, but official matchmaking remains stuck with the 64-tick servers. Making the switch would help the community and improve gameplay overall.

Is Fortnite Impacting On CSGO’s Popularity?

Fornite is a very popular game at the moment, but there is little point in making comparisons between the two games.

Purely in terms of player numbers, it’s true that Counter-Strike is being heavily beaten by Fortnite. There are about 75 million people playing Fortnite every month compared to just 20 million players on CS:GO during the same period. But in the end, CS:GO has one trump card to play – esports. Battle Royale games, however good they are, are never going to be a popular esport, so eventually, Fortnite will die off.

So – Is CS:GO Dead?

It’s clear from reading the above that CS:GO not only isn’t dead but is still doing well. In fact, 2020 looks like it’s shaping up to be a great year for CS:GO. Every day, around 800,000 players play the game, and it’s possible that the title could even see 1 million players being breached this year.

Valve is also now working on the game, and it’s possible that another operation will launch in the first half of 2020. Leagues and Grand Slams are also beginning to appear on the Counter-Strike esports scene. Many excellent promotions are now being brought together to generate some of the very best events for the whole CS:GO community. For this reason, 2020 is looking like it could be one of the very best years for the game since its launch back in 2012. Who knows what the future might hold for CS:GO, but we can all probably rest assured that 2020 won’t be the year that we see the game finally die – it’s far from disappearing from the scene just yet!



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