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Iron Fist will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut later this year in the Netflix series, Luke Cage!


At least, that’s the word from Umberto Gonzales, otherwise known as El Mayimbe on the Colliders Heroes Podcast with Jon Schnepp. To quote El Mayimbe, regarding Finn Jones being seen any time soon, “Yes he is. Episode 13. That’s why it was announced, or else it would have leaked … They shot him last week.”  


This happens around 19:00 minutes in and is mentioned in passing as if everyone already knew this.

Now, to be sure, this is El Mayimbe — sometimes he nails the rumor directly on the head and gets it 100% right, but other times he couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, this makes total sense as it’s likely that the next series following Luke Cage will be Iron Fist and he’ll need an introduction to the universe. This is the exact same way they brought in Luke Cage, by showing him first in Jessica Jones. Since we’ve heard no other news on this and his casting news is relatively recent, it seems likely that his role in Luke Cage is little more than a cameo.


Alternatively, MCU Exchange and The Hashtag Show are reporting that Shang Chi will appear in the Iron Fist series, which could help redeem some of the backlash the two studios have received for not casting an actor of Asian descent.

However, Bleeding Cool says that they have received conflicting reports and that Shang Chi is NOT currently included in the Iron Fist series.


It appears that we will have to just wait until the series comes out to know for sure. Or, just wait for a casting announcement for it!

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