Neither operating system is inherently superior than the other, and both have aspects in which they succeed and aspects in which they have some limitations.

The topic of which one is better is largely subjective and completely depends on the desires and expectations of the consumer.

Over the past decade, before the now-common pocket computers unexpectedly took the planet by surprise, the mobile scene was very chaotic. The industry was clearly a mess after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, with numerous enterprises seeking various approaches, multiple operating systems fighting for supremacy, and consumers not knowing whether to choose and how.

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Games come sooner in iPhones

Weeks or months before using them on the Google Play Store, many developers release their games on the Apple App Store. For this, there are several explanations. For one, making games for iOS users is simpler. There are a few OS models, and just two devices: iPhones and iPads.

For reference, when approaching Android devices, players have to produce apps for more than 18,000 phone firms. Android users, unlike iOS, are not always quick to update the new Android models.

As such, in order to make games available in a number of Android formats, game developers are required to spend more money.

In addition to all the aforementioned factors, iPhone users are investing more than their Android peers on apps. For many developers, money is the big driving force, which is why they use their games on iPhones first.

You would want to get an iPhone if you think about getting games as soon as they are done. They’re more costly for sure, but before your Android counterparts, you’ll have keys to play.

The Quality of Gaming

Apple took a controversial announcement back in 2016 to uninstall all outdated software that did not match any of its requirements. The move was aimed at supporting quality applications over quantity, leaving only good-quality games for its consumers.

Google, on the other hand, is the store for all sorts of pointless mobile apps. Although the number of iOS games is declining, the number of Android games has risen last year at a rate of 30 percent. Much of the games can hardly be re-played. They are full of glitches and sometimes fail.

Both Google and Apple have premium games on the bright side, which are smooth on iPhones and handheld Android users. To guarantee that players do not distinguish between playing on an iPhone or on an Android device, some developers go to great lengths.

But the consistency of the game varies from one game to the other, as already stated. Sure, if you’re an iPhone user, there are more better games, but that doesn’t mean all Android games are shit. If anything, on the Google Play Store, there are even more titles, introducing you to a broader range of professional games.

No Restrictions on Androids

Apple will pass a new rule every once and a while that has thousands of applications washed out of its marketplace. You could love your favourite iPhone app one day, then the next, your game is no longer sponsored by Apple.

Google hardly interferes with smartphone games on its applications relative to Apple, unless there is a global uproar surrounding any of them. Any of the Google-banned applications are almost all non-mobile titles. So, if you enjoy a particular android game, you should be confident that before the creator discontinues making it, you will have access to it.

Which one is more enjoyable?

We’ve already listed that both Apple and Google Play Stores have good games for you to search. But what if, on any site, you decided to play the same game? Will playing a game on an iPhone or Samsung’s S9 be more fun?

Compared to Android users, iPhone users experience more smooth gaming with less OS-related bugs, according to analysis. Where the games come from top developers like PUBG and the PES of Konami, the variations are slight. But the gap is as plain as day and night for games from smaller developers.

Indie gaming on iPhones provides a lot better experience than on Android. The discrepancies will also be caused by the differences in the content of the handset, but iPhone users eventually get the best experience.

Which one is more Affordable?

For players who didn’t want to waste money on sports, playing on Android was the easy alternative five years ago. This days, they bill their customers for both iPhone and Android games. Although it is believed that iPhone users spend more money on games than Android users, games don’t charge them differently.

You must pay regardless of the platforms used to access any of the functionality of top sports. But as described before, relative to Apple’s app store, there are more games on the Google Play Store. So, if you’re only interested in free play, on an Android smartphone you’ll find more variety.

You will enjoy iPhones if you are not afraid to gamble a few bucks on a decent game. There are hundreds of existing publishers who only use their games for iPhone users, from racing games to adventures, acts to puzzles. Any of the games are superior to what you find at the Google Play store and might not be usable at any other store.


For a while now, there has been a controversy on whether smartphone games are better played on iPhones or on Android smartphones. On the one hand, iPhone owners say that their phone with better games has a better OS. On the other hand, Android users notice the enhancement of the Android edition by Google and that their games are nearly on par with iPhone users.   

But as seen in the aforementioned analysis, it’s almost a draw. Android and iOS both support outstanding games. In all devices days, all the major developers support games. On any platform, you can find free games and can focus on only one smartphone for all your gaming needs.