Have you ever seen someone wearing a fantastically nerdy shirt but were too shy to run up squeeing and ask where they got it? Felt too out of place at a watch party for not wearing anything related to your show? Been too nervous to wear your geeky shirts in public? Well, all of that stops now! We here at GGA want to give you a peek inside our closets and let you know what is on our shopping wish-lists so that we can all be comfortably clothed in our favorite fandoms!

Each release of GGA Closet will feature a handful of articles of geek chic clothing plus wishlist items, ranging from shirts to shoes to accessories, with links to purchase (disclaimer: we get no reward or perks from these links – we just want to share our loves with you). 

1. Skates Before Dates

Geek Girl Authority Closet Skates Before Dates Blue Canary Creative TX

Skates Before Dates by BlueCanaryCreative, modeled by Leona

Nominated by: Leona L.

Where to buy: BlueCanaryCreative, etsy.com, $12

Who says genre television is the only thing that qualifies as geeky/nerdy? We here at GGA embrace ALL things and say that if you have a passion for it, that’s your geek/nerd love! And according to Leona: “Roller skating is rad!”


2. Churro Wizard, Harry!

Geek Girl Authority Closet Churro Wizard Harry by Southern Otter

Churro Wizard, Harry! by Southern Otter, modeled by Missy at Hogwarts!

Nominated by: Missy D.

Where to buy: SouthernOtter, Redbubble.com, $25.55

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter and churros? I can just hear lovable Hagrid’s voice as I read this shirt…and somehow find myself craving a bit of sugary street treat.


3. Star Trek Starfleet Captains

Geek Girl Authority Closet Star Trek Starfleet Captains by WeLoveFine

Star Trek Starfleet Captains by We Love Fine, modeled by Audrey

Nominated by: Audrey K.

Where to buy: We Love Fine, $25

A captain never leaves their ship behind, right? Each of the television shows, in their chronological air order (not their timeline order), are represented by the spaceship that defined each – and the captain that commanded. The five ships and their captains are shown as follows: ST:TOS Captain James Tiberius Kirk with his Enterprise (NCC-1701); ST:TNG Captain Jean-Luc Picard with his Enterprise-D (NCC-1701-D); ST:DS9 Captain Benjamin Sisko with the USS Defiant (NX-74205); ST:Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway with the USS Voyager (NCC-74656); and ST:Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer with the SS Enterprise (NX-01). Not only is this shirt beautiful, it has a sense of symmetry to it that is simply calming. Perfect for any Star Trek fan!


4. Glenn’s Pizza Delivery

Geek Girl Authority Closet Glenn's Pizza Delivery by ColoTee

Glenn’s Pizza Delivery by Colotee, provided by Noetta

Nominated by: Noetta H.

Where to buy: Colotee, $16.98$23.98

While Noetta picked her shirt up at a Walker Stalker Con booth, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on one of these The Walking Dead shirts for yourself! Glenn’s pizza delivery days are worth more for his knowledge of the city streets, right? Why not wear this memorial to the man, immortally emblazoned across your chest?


5. Powdered Toast Crunch

Geek Girl Authority Closet Powdered Toast Crunch Man by TeeFury

Powdered Toast Crunch by Harebrained, teefury.com, modeled by Elizabeth

Nominated by: Elizabeth S.

Where to buy: Harebrained, teefury.com$22

Did you watch Ren & Stimpy? Do you love cereal that “tastes just like sawdust”? Then have we got the shirt for you! Share your love of the absurd with your own Powdered Toast Crunch shirt featuring Powdered Toast Man advertising a FREE LOG in every box!

From Elizabeth: “This is quite literally one of the shirts that I get the most compliments on. Not nice blouses, not cute cuts, this Powdered Toast Man shirt. I love it and wear it to every nerdy event possible.”


6. The Picardigan

Geek Girl Authority Closet Picardigan by Her Universe

Picardigan by Her Universe, modeled by Talyna

Nominated by: Talyna M.

Where to buy: Her Universe, $45 – Currently on sale at 15% off for $38.25!
Note: Though this item is for Women, the sizes are in Juniors. Shop carefully!

This has become my daily office cardigan! It is comfortable, not too soft, and has very lovely embroidery for the captain’s pins and communicator badge. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it. It was my first work-related nerd purchase and I am giddy every time I put it on. I have had more than one coworker strike up a conversation over it and it definitely helps subtly convey that I’m a Star Trek fan.


7. WISHLIST: Gear Chain Necklace

Geek Girl Authority Closet Gear Chain Necklace by ThinkGeek

Gear Chain Necklace by thinkgeek.com

Nominated by: Talyna M.

Where to buy: ThinkGeek, $19.99

This necklace is currently on my wishlist. I have a pair of earrings (I’ll showcase them another time) with which this will match. The only way this necklace could be better would be if it was real working gears….


Do you wear any geeky shirts or nerdy clothing?

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