On Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire, Claudia (Delainey Hayles) becomes a superstar and starts pushing boundaries with the coven laws. Things get complicated for Armand (Assad Zaman) when the coven raises questions about Louis (Jacob Anderson).

Claudia is now a member of the coven and a member of the cast. She plays a child named Baby Lou who likes to pretend she’s a birdie. Claudia sings and flaps her arms like wings, while her nurse yells at her to stop. When the nurse finally leaves Baby Lou alone, she jumps out the window, believing she can fly. Unfortunately, Lou Lou falls to her death. Claudia is a hit. Mortals literally flock to the theater nightly to sing with Claudia and laugh at her. As time goes by, Claudia and the rest of the coven begin to hate the skit. 

After the 500th performance, Armand asks Claudia why she’s not excited about the part anymore. Claudia says it reminds her of the ridicule she has endured all her life. She is cursed with being a fierce vampire in the body of a child. Armand orders her to wear her costume all of the time, even when she sleeps, until she is excited about playing Baby Lou again.  Santiago (Ben Daniels) comes to Claudia’s defense, sort of. He asks why Claudia is being punished, but Louis is allowed to be independent of the coven, while still being a part of the coven. The coven wants to know if they are companions. Armand says yes. Louis says no.

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The question about Armand and Louis’ relationship bothers Armand. And yet, Louis doesn’t want to put a label on it. It doesn’t help that Lestat (Sam Reid) still pops into Louis’ head from time to time to laugh at their romance. Daniel (Eric Bogosian) thinks Louis is crazy and wonders what Louis thought was going on when he saw Lestat. Louis doesn’t like to self diagnose, but gives Daniel details of what it’s like to be haunted by a former lover. Armand looks uncomfortable as he talks. Armand never felt Lestat’s presence in the room nor was he aware that Louis constantly felt Lestat nearby.

Daniel changes the subject and asks Louis and Armand if they were the only survivors of the fire that destroyed the theater. Armand stiffens up. He says they didn’t give him any information about a fire. As Armand stares at Daniel, the reporter starts to see a vision, like a memory. Armand is talking to him and he hears a television nearby. Daniel snaps out of it and says his researchers found a story about the fire. He told his researchers that he is working on a book about the post-war reconstruction of Paris.

Daniel changes the subject again, this time to Claudia.  Claudia continued to write in her journal, which could be a violation of law number three. Vampires should not write their history. One night, Santiago caught her writing. She clarified that she wasn’t writing history, just random thoughts. It’s not a big deal to Santiago. He often bends the rules, but he warns her that others won’t be so quick to run to Armand if they catch her. 

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Ben Daniels as Santiago and Suzanne Andrade as Celeste – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Claudia is sent out in her Baby Lou costume to promote the theater. She walks upon the seamstress and asks if she remembers the girl. The seamstress’ name is Madeleine (Roxane Duran). Madeleine is washing off a swastika painted on the window of her shop. The two women exchange haughty pleasantries, but there seems to be something more between them. Later, Claudia catches up with Louis at dinner. He tells her about the art community he found and his intentions to show his photography. Santiago is entranced by Louis’ excitement and starts to mimic him. 

Louis gets agitated and then angry at Santiago. Santiago suggests that Louis’ accent doesn’t fit in with his backstory. Louis told him he was from outside of Chicago, but Santiago says he sounds more like he’s from New Orleans. Louis rushes at Santiago and grabs his tongue, threatening to rip it out. Armand has to stop time to make them stop fighting and Louis leaves the restaurant.

Louis goes to an art gallery to show the owner his work, but the owner says his photos look like every other American’s photos. Louis gets angry and rushes out of the gallery. Daniel looks over the photographs and thinks the dealer was right, but the photographs are quite good. He thinks he may have seen some of the photographs somewhere before. Louis looks at the stack of photos in Daniel’s hand and realizes none of them are his. He gets agitated and tells Daniel that he wants his readers to know that he was an adequate photographer. 

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Daniel is distracted. Every time he looks at Armand, he sees that vision again of Armand talking to him. In the vision, Armand is directly in front of Daniel, telling him about Daniel’s own memories. This time Daniel sees a dead man wrapped in plastic fall next to him. Daniel snaps out of it and asks for some aspirin, saying he has a migraine. 

Madeleine showed up one night at the theater. After the show she approached Claudia to compliment her on her performance. Claudia is genuinely happy to see Madeleine and offers her a ride home. They go back to Madeleine’s shop, where she works on a dress that Claudia is wearing. Claudia tells her about having to wear the Baby Lou dress all the time. Madeleine questions how the theater group treats Claudia, but Claudia says they are her family. Madeleine tells Claudia a story about falling in love with a soldier. She had sex with him before he left for the war. Now the community calls her a traitor and a slut. The soldier fought for the Germans. 

One of Louis's moments of happiness on Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Meanwhile, Louis is venting to imaginary Lestat about the art gallery rejection. He thinks he’s a great photographer and tries to prove it to Lestat. Just as Lestat is about to take him seriously, Armand shows up, citing poetry in Louis’ head. Armand invites Louis for a walk. They end up at an art museum and discuss what happened at the restaurant. Louis says Armand acted like Lestat when he used his powers to stop the fight with Santiago and he didn’t like it. He also voices his concern about how Claudia is being treated. Armand argues that he is not Lestat, so Louis asks, who is Armand?

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Armand shows Louis a painting that his maker’s friends painted. The picture includes Armand as a child, when his name was Arun. Later, he was known as Amadeo, or at least he thinks that was his name. Arun’s parents died when he was young. He spent most of his childhood being abused at a brothel until he was sold to a ship’s captain. That captain was also his maker, Magnus. He spent seven years with Magnus before he got deathly ill. Because of that illness, Magnus gave Amadeo the dark gift. He stayed with Magnus until the Roman coven found them, killed Magnus and renamed Amadeo. Now known as Armand, the coven sent him to Paris to lead the coven that Magnus abandoned. Armand says he doesn’t know who he is, but he is not his past or the job he doesn’t want. He doesn’t know anymore. 

Back at the store, Madeleine mentions how unique Claudia’s eyes are. Claudia opens up about how hard her life has been. She thinks there’s something broken in her. Claudia says it’s like a collision within her that wants to go ‘Bang!’ Madeleine encourages her to go bang and to let it all out. Because it will happen again and she will have to go bang again. She has to get used to it like the weather. Madeleine runs to the bathroom and Armand shows up to take Claudia away.

Armand drags Claudia back to the theater, yelling at her for putting the coven in danger. Claudia complains about playing Baby Lou and how degrading it is. She likes that she made a friend outside of the coven, because the coven is old and out of touch with the world. She says Armand knows that and that’s why he runs to Louis. Armand stops and pushes Claudia against the wall. He says he treated her better that others would, better than she treated her maker.  And because of that, she will do more on and off the stage. As for Madeleine, Armand forbids Claudia from seeing her again. Claudia quickly goes back to work, but Armand isn’t done. He reaches out and grabs Santiago by the throat. Armand tells him to remember his place or join his maker. 

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Assad Zaman as Armand – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 4 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Louis sets his photos on fire while Lestat tells him not to give up. Claudia returns home to ask how long Armand has known about Lestat. He admits that Armand knew the whole time. He read their minds the first night and Louis filled in the blanks. Claudia gets upset because he didn’t tell her sooner. She says Armand threatened her with the truth. Louis doesn’t believe her, making Claudia even more angry. She assumes Louis found his companion, abandoning her and picking another one over her. Louis reminds her that she picked the coven over him and left him first. Claudia leaves and Louis continues to burn his photos. He looks at Lestat and asks if they should hunt.

Louis leaves his apartment for the park and Santiago enters. Santiago looks around while Louis sits on a park bench with Lestat as Armand is approaching. Louis tells Lestat that he’s going to break it off with Armand. Louis gains control of Lestat’s words, coming to terms that Lestat is a figment of his imagination. Lestat continues to talk and starts to fade away. Louis finally lets go.  

Armand sits next to him and Louis says he felt Armand panic. Armand says he’s losing control of the coven. Louis knows and says Santiago wants to be the coven leader. The others will follow Santiago, so Armand says Louis should leave, but Louis refuses. He vows to stay with Armand and help him run the theater. 

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Santiago finds one of a couple of journals and smiles at what he reads. Back in the park, Louis says to let Santiago run things. Eventually he will fail and the coven will ask Armand to come back. He can decide at that time if he wants it or not. Armand says he wants Louis more than anything in the world. Louis calls him Arun and asks if he’s sure about that. And Arun/Armando says he is, calling Louis, maître, or master. Santiago checks in with his people. One is watching Armand and Louis in the park. The other is just outside the apartment building. Santiago takes a journal and tells the others to return to the theater. They obey and call Santiago, maître.

In the present, Louis is upset that Armand replaced some of his photos, saying it made him feel like a fool. Armand insists it wasn’t him and suggests Louis did it himself. While they fight, Daniel goes through his files and starts seeing the vision again. These images are from his first interview with the vampire. This time, Louis tells him not to be afraid and start the tape. 

Daniel hears himself and Louis talking on the tape. At the same time he opens up Ragland James’ files on his computer titled ‘Known and Suspected Victims.’ He searches the names and stops on a file titled ‘1973 – Katheryn Mitchell.’ Then he searches his own name and finds photos of him and Louis outside of the bar where they met in San Francisco. Then a photo of Armand and someone else carrying him out of a building. Next, Daniel finds an enhanced audio file with his name on it. He hears Louis attack him and Armand stops him.

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