What happens at Théâtre des Vampires, stays at Théâtre des Vampires in Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire In “No Pain,” Daniel (Eric Bogosian) learns more about Armand’s (Assad Zaman) connection to Lestat (Sam Reid) and more importantly, his romance with Louis (Jacob Anderson). And Claudia’s (Delainey Hayles) wishes finally come true.


Daniel is allowed to leave the penthouse for dinner and meets a man named Ragland James (Justin Kirk). James knows who Daniel is and what he is writing about. Daniel immediately thinks James is CIA or MI6 or something. But James says he’s from an organization that watches vampires, currently tracking over 1600 around the world. He also admits to hacking Daniel’s computer and placing files on with proper encryption. Daniel gets a little freaked out. 

Daniel doesn’t tell Louis or Armand about his encounter with James. Instead, he continues his interview, this time with Armand. Daniel’s first question is, how do vampires hide from the Cloud? In today’s tech age, how do vampires keep their secret? Louis is asleep, so Armand indulges Daniel and says technology is a human tool used for distraction. Mortals are easy to distract, making it easy for vampires to hide in plain sight. This was Lestat’s prophetic vision.

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Living Life to the Fullest

Lestat performs for an audience on Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Armand met Lestat in 1556. Lestat was an actor and the biggest attraction at the theater. Armand tried to recruit Lestat into his coven, but Lestat refused. He liked his life; he liked living out in the open. Armand had to use force to get Lestat to visit the coven, attacking him with a force that Lestat had never seen. Armand had the ability to throw objects with his mind and start fires with his hands. When Lestat finally came to the coven, he made it clear that he had no intention of joining. He make quite an impression on the coven, saying they should live like Gods instead of serving Gods. The coven broke apart shortly after Lestat’s visit.

Lestat went back to Armand to ask about his gifts. Armand had the ability to move objects with his mind and start fires with his hands. Lestat wanted the same gifts. Armand said Lestat’s maker, Magnus, was a deserter of his coven. He knew Lestat was strong because Magnus was. Lestat seduced Armand and asked him to join him in his next endeavor. He wanted to live life among the living. As an actor, he could do that. He could be a vampire on stage and the audience would think it was all pretend. Former members of Armand’s coven had already joined Lestat. This was the beginning of the Théâtre des Vampires. 

Théâtre des Vampires

The vampires wrote the same play that Louis and Claudia first saw. Vampires pretending to be mortals pretending to be vampires. Lestat played Death for the first 100 performances. On the night of the 101st performance, he sat in the balcony with Armand. That was the night they declared their love for each other. Armand taught Lestat his gifts of moving objects with his mind and starting fires with his hands. A week after they finished, Lestat left without a word. 

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Daniel likes the story, but it doesn’t answer his question. How do vampires hide from Google? The answer is in the rest of Armand’s story. The night after Lestat left, Pierre Roget I met Armand at the theater with a trunk full of money and instructions to cover the theater’s cost in perpetuity. Lestat hurt Armand so much that he vowed never to say “I Love You” to anyone else. Or, at least until he met Louis.

The City of Love 

Louis and Armand spend more time together on Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Assad Zaman as Armand – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Back to the 1900s, Louis and Claudia work on their story to tell Armand and the theater. Louis is worried about slipping up. He knows they could end up in a lot of danger if the coven found out about their connection to Lestat. And with Claudia working at the theater, she puts herself in more danger. Claudia is trying to join the coven. It’s like joining a fraternity. There is a pledge process, where the pledge is treated like a servant or worse.

The coven abuses their power with her and she can’t look any of them in the eyes, but Claudia has never been happier. Claudia is on clean up detail. She takes the dead body from the night’s performance and puts it in a box. The box is connected to another box full of hungry rats. In the same room, there are death vaults, intended for heretics and lawbreakers. 

An Attraction 

While Claudia is at work, Louis and Armand begin taking walks around Paris and having deep conversations. Louis makes it known that he is attracted to Armand, but Armand does his best to resist Louis. He brings the conversations back to the coven and their reaction to Louis. They are envious of Louis’ independence and that is a problem for Armand. Louis doesn’t think he’s doing anything to hurt anyone. He feels like he’s finally finding himself and doesn’t need to belong to a coven.

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While they talk about how Louis wore Armand down, Daniel finds a strange folder on his computer. He clicks on the folder and sees a logo that he’s never seen before. He clicks on the logo and a bunch of windows pop open. A chat box opens up and RJ, Ragland James sends a message. Daniel ignores it as Louis realizes that he’s not listening. Daniel pretends to be thinking about a question that he quickly forgets to ask. He brings the story back to Claudia.

Sense of Belonging

Santiago preps for his next performance on Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Ben Daniels as Santiago – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Claudia admires Santiago (Ben Daniels), especially his ability to make his victims accept their death. Santiago was an actor named Francis Naughton at the York Royal Theater in the UK, so he’s very skilled in his acting abilities. And he likes Claudia, allowing her to look him in the eyes when they talk.  Santiago asks Claudia about her life before she was bitten by Bruce. She says she used to sell trinkets at the train station. Santiago assumes she was an orphan and says he is an orphan too. His maker is in the vaults with the other lawmakers. Santiago says his maker deserved his death and his blood gave him some great gifts. He is a good mimic and he can fly. Claudia says her maker taught her how to be a good liar. 

Louis and Armand are having a deep conversation at a local bar when Lestat pops up in Louis’ mind again. Armand knows when Louis is thinking of his maker. He also knows that Bruce isn’t his name. Louis admits that Lestat was his maker and his lover. And that he and Claudia killed him. Armand already knows but doesn’t say what will happen to them. Louis leaves the bar and walks to the park. He runs into Lestat’s ghost. Lestat kisses Louis and tells him to kill him again. Louis bangs Lestat’s head against the wall while Lestat laughs. Lestat’s body falls to the ground. When Louis turns him over, it’s not Lestat. 

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Getting Their Story Straight 

Later at home, Louis and Claudia go over their story again, detailing how Bruce died. The conversation makes Claudia remember her encounter with the real Bruce. She never talked about what happened until now. Bruce kidnapped Claudia, tied her up and hid her under the floorboards. He raped her over and over until one day he left, saying he was tired of her gloomy face. That’s when she decided she wanted to go to Europe. Claudia says the coven is letting her in. They are having a ceremony for her at the end of the week and she wants Louis to be there. Louis is quiet, trying to find a way to tell her about his last conversation with Armand. Instead he says he wouldn’t miss her ceremony for the world. 

Moment of Truth 

Rashid interrupts the interview to let Armand and Louis know that they have a business call. They excuse themselves, giving Daniel time to go through the files on his computer. He finds articles about the Théâtre des Vampires burning down. Ragland messages him again, letting Daniel know that he’s there to help, but Daniel ignores the message. 

Back to the past, Louis watches Claudia in her first on stage performance. While the play goes on, Santiago telepathically speaks with Armand. He tells Armand about a body with bite marks that was found in the park. Santiago says everyone in the coven was in by curfew. And Claudia isn’t the type to visit ‘that’ park. He is certain that Louis is the killer. Armand was supposed to recruit Louis, but it’s clear that Louis will not join them.

Santiago says the coven believes Louis will be their downfall and he must be dealt with. Armand is the coven master and is a little disturbed by Santiago’s assumptions and request. He asks if he speaks for the coven. The coven members all look at Armand sitting in the balcony, indicating that Santiago is speaking for them. Armand says he will take care of Louis after Claudia’s ceremony.

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Claudia is welcomed into the coven on Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire

Delainey Hayles as Claudia, Jake Cecil as Gustave, Khetphet “KP” Phangnasay as Quang Pham, Andrew Van Wilpe as Romaine, Chris Geary as Sam, Emse Appleton as Estelle, Yung as Tuan Pham and Jan Hofman as Basilic – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Larry Horricks/AMC

Claudia is initiated as Louis looks on with worry in his eyes. Armand welcomes her into their coven, but excuses Louis when the time comes to read the laws. That part is for members only.

Armand offers to take a walk with Louis. There are five laws and they are: 1) Each coven must have its leader and only he might order the dark trick upon a mortal; 2) The dark gifts must never be given to the crippled, the maimed or children; 3) No vampire must commit to writing the history of the vampires; 4) No vampire shall ever reveal his or her true nature to a mortal and allow that mortal to live; 5) And no vampire may ever destroy another vampire, except that the coven master has the power of life and death over all his flock. And it is his obligation to finally seek the destruction of all those who have broken these five laws. 

A Reason to Leave 

While Santiago reads the laws to Claudia, Armand escorts Louis through the underground tunnels under the city.  Louis says he’s leaving Paris, perhaps going to London. Armand reveals that they know about the body in the park. Louis says that gives him more reason to leave. But Armand isn’t sure he should allow Louis to expose the London vampires the way he’s exposed the Paris ones.

Armand lights a flame in his hand as he walks behind Louis. He didn’t like that Louis revealed himself to the lawyers at Roget and Rober. Louis argues that that law firm does business with vampires so he didn’t see a problem with it. He reminds Armand of his first words to him. Armand said he wouldn’t harm Louis. Armand reminds Louis that his first words were that his maker was named Bruce.

Little Birdie 

Back at the theater, the vampires touch Claudia as she accepts the laws of the coven. They all bite their arms and feed Claudia their blood. Afterward, they gift her with her own play. She will play a little girl who likes windows. Santiago says she will be the theater’s little birdie for the next 50 years.

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In the tunnels, Louis realizes that Armand is going to kill him. He asks to be beheaded instead of burnt. He also asks Armand to look after Claudia, but Armand says the girl won’t be with them for very long. She was made into a vampire at 14. He says the  chemistry of her mind makes her fierce and will break apart in time. He’s seen it before. 

Louis hears Armand’s flame and prepares to die. He asks Armand not to give up on Claudia. And to tell her she’s beautiful every morning. Louis closes his eyes and the manhole cover above him is removed. Louis climbs out and Armand follows. They arrived at Louis’ building. Armand asks if Lestat broke Louis and Louis says no. He doesn’t know if he can get over the pain of losing him. Armand says Louis will get over it because he did and then kisses Louis. Louis invites Armand up to his apartment and Armand accepts the invitation.

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