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I had the opportunity to do something very cool while hosting ConTV at Wizard World New Orleans — interview the Russo Bros.

And, while they didn’t give any gigantic spoilers on Captain America: Civil War, they did give a bit more information about the film that could help flesh out more of what to expect from the film that comes out May 6th.

Obviously, it goes without saying that there are potential spoilers ahead, so continue on at your own risk. Nothing too big or too revealing, but still, if you’re sensitive to that stuff, be wary of continuing.


First of all, in talking about the differences between Captain America: Civil War and the Infinity War films, Joe Russo said that the style and approach they created for those two films were “very specific to the character of Captain America” and that they “developed around that character.” He then went on to say that the style they are creating for Avengers: Infinity War will be “something different than that.”

However, he then says, “It will include Cap, certainly Cap will be a part of it.”

This brings up the suggestion, obviously, that Captain America does not die in Civil War as many fan theories and rumors have suggested. However, it’s entirely possible that, to the Russo’s, the mantle of Captain America will live on in another character, like Sam Wilson or Bucky Barnes. Also, with an artifact like the Infinity Gauntlet in the MCU, resurrection is always a possibility.

Anthony Russo, expanding on what his brother said regarding the genres of the films, said that the “Cap Films are based on Thrillers. Winter Soldier is a political thriller. Civil War is a Psychological thriller. The Infinity War films are Adventure Films.”


In addressing how cool it would be IF Giant Man made an appearance in the film, Anthony Russo expertly circled around the answer without really revealing too much, saying that they have nothing to do with the merchandising of the film and that “they’ve made a lot of toys for other films that aren’t in the movies.” However, he did end the dialogue by saying that this is “one of those situations that could be somewhat perplexing to the audience if he were not to appear in the movie.”


Joe Russo then added, with a big smile, “Ask us this question after May 6th.”

Earlier that day, at a panel with just the two Russo Bros., they mentioned that “Tony has a profoundly emotional journey in Civil War, whereas, with Cap, we see him the most flawed he’s ever been.” Asked to expand on that thought, Anthony Russo said, “Cap is making a very personal choice in the movie. It’s the first time in his life that he’s putting himself in front of, I wouldn’t say the greater good, but his duty or society.” He then added, “There’s a really specific reason that he does that. You could make the argument that he’s wrong for doing that. And there are a lot of people who would make the argument that he’s right.”

He finished his thoughts on Steve Rogers saying, “He’s more controversial than Tony is.”


He then switched his attention to Tony Stark, saying that “Tony’s a little more Cut and Dry. When you see the film, you understand he has a very strong emotional reason for doing what he does. It’s very easy to get behind that reason. We tried our hardest to give both characters a very complex, very personal drives for what they do in the film. Each drive is in conflict with the other so you know it can’t end well.”

You can watch the entire interview at ConTV.

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