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International Tabletop Day! Holy Crap! That’s a Lot Of Guitar Pics!

International Tabletop Day April – 11.
Check your Local Game Store for Gamage or check out this link!


~by Brenda Shea

Tabletop is back and bigger than ever. In many ways, much like Bob’s Big Boy, it never left.

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Seriously Clint, what a career. Part of a dynasty. We love you. No kidding.

INTERNATIONAL TABLETOP DAY! April 11, 2015. It might seem a little early for this post, but there’s so much going on! My go-to comic fix, Pulp Fiction in Culver City, is hosting gaming in their upstairs gallery. RSVP here before it fills up!

And there’s a bunch of joints around town that are going to yawn and say, ‘Tabletop Day? That’s EVERY day, fool.’ Here’s a few to check out:

It’s Game Time! – Mar Vista
Aero Hobbies and Games – Santa Monica
Emerald Knights – Burbank
Fire and Dice – Woodland Hills
Clockwork Couture – Burbank
Grand Central Market – Downtown Los Angeles (Thursday Nights)
Game Ogre – Chatsworth
Game Haus – Glendale

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Hard Core Gamers? Or Pie Lovers? Both I think. Both.

Geek & Sundry are having a flagship game party but it’s sold out. And there are a bunch of facebook pages and webpages linked to the day. Some nobody named ‘ Weeeton’ created the whole shebang. Don’t know who he is, but his heart’s in the right place. Kid’s got a bright future.

So grab your battered Yahtzee! set, settle in to play Monopoly with the fam, or kick your significant other’s bee-hind at Scrabble — get in on the fun.

Delightfully, the folks at have created an option on the website to make your OWN event. And there’s swag for the twitch savvy crowd.

Also, on April 2 Tabletop -the YouTubes Series™- is playing Five Tribes with Jenna Busch! Founder of Legion of Leia and friend of Geek Girl Authority! Kick his ass Jenna! (in a nice way – like you do)

Tabletop. Is. The. Best.

P.S. Here’s a bunch of suggestions for starter games from The WW himself. I’m trying number 7.