During the Inside Xbox show today we got our first look at Ebb Software‘s upcoming title Scorn. The trailer itself leaves a lot to the imagination, but it is without a doubt hauntingly beautiful. With each trailer rewatch we have more and more questions about what kind of world we are going to be finding in Scorn.

Thankfully Ebb Software has shared a bit more information about the title than shared in the trailer. Scorn will be an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game. They designed the game around the idea of being tossed into a world. Gameplay will have players navigating this nightmarish world while exploring different regions. Each new zone will feature a new nightmare with puzzles and new characters.

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Ebb Software has also shared that the game will not feature any cutscenes. All storytelling will take place within the world itself as it focuses on keeping the player immersed. It will be crucial for players to focus on everything within the world and what they interact with. Scorn will not show sympathy for missed clues during your nightmare journey. It looks like there will be no way to blow through this title out of fear.

Scorn does not have a release date as of yet but will be available on PC through Steam and on the Xbox Series X.



Julia Roth
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