DISCLAIMER: This Inhumans recap contains more spoilers than the number of times Maximus has whined about his constituents calling him “stupid.” Would you like some cheese with that whine, Maximus? You’ve been warned. Prepare for Terragenesis and proceed with caution. 

Welcome back, Inhumans of Attilan! Inhumans returned this week with a bang. Can you believe there are only two episodes left of the season? Our protagonists were finally reunited with Crystal (and Lockjaw). Speaking of which, girlfriend received some lip action courtesy of Dave, the Hawaiian knight in plaid armor. Unfortunately, said snogging session was cut dreadfully short when her sister Medusa appeared. Family is the ultimate mood killer.

Now, I’m still aggressively tearing at my box of tissues due to that ending. That ending! Gorgon! He was my favorite! Witty, charming and a bad*** fighter. Here’s hoping maybe someone on Attilan has the ability of necromancy? 

Alright, Inhumans, ready to delve into “The Gentleman’s Name is Gorgon?” Karnak has assessed every possible outcome and deemed it safe to continue with this recap. 

We open with Maximus (Iwan Rheon) having a nightmare involving the return of his family. Black Bolt (Anson Mount), Medusa (Serinda Swan), Gorgon (Eme Ikwuakor), Karnak (Ken Leung) and Crystal (Isabelle Cornish) are present. They all encircle Maximus, taunting him, treating the usurper as their prey. Medusa reveals that Black Bolt is well aware of Maximus’ guilt regarding his parents. Yes, he slaughtered his own kin. A fine, upstanding citizen is he. Maximus appears to be frightened out of his wits. That is, until he wakes up. Maximus fell asleep on his throne. 

Meanwhile, Crystal and Dave (Chad James Buchanan) are in the latter’s barn with a fatigued Lockjaw. Audrey (Liv Hewson) advises them to allow Lockjaw time to rest. His frequent teleporting counteracts his ability to heal. Then, as Audrey is departing, she attempts to snap a photo of Crystal. She believes Crystal and Lockjaw belong on the Registry for Inhumans. Crystal causes Audrey’s phone to burst into flames. That’s what you get, lady! Don’t mess with Crystal! Anyway, Audrey leaves in a huff and swears vengeance on the two soon-to-be lovebirds. 

Then, Crystal and Dave hatch a plan that’ll allow the former to send a signal to her family. A lightening strike, perhaps? They hop into Plaid Dave’s (my new name for him) truck and begin their search for higher ground. You know, so Crystal can send an effective signal. 

Next, we see the rest of Team Royal Family are with my favorite human Louise (Ellen Woglom). Louise believes that Crystal would send a sign to assure them she’s alive. Medusa ponders on what will happen once they return to Attilan. Black Bolt is all about the fire and brimstone, while his wife believes in giving Maximus a fair trial. 

Then, Louise successfully locates Crystal’s arrival specs. She’s a modern Nancy Drew, that one. Karnak notices Louise has Locust’s comm device on hand. Said device is all abuzz. Medusa answers it, knowing full well Auran (Sonya Balmores) is on the other end. Auran has Dr. Declan (Henry Ian Cusick) and Sammy (Faleolo Alailima) in her possession. She wields them as bait, hoping to lure Black Bolt. 

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So, Black Bolt orders Karnak and Gorgon to rescue the humans. Meanwhile, our Inhuman King will go with Medusa to find Crystal. Go team! Do the thing! 

Pictured (L to R): Anson Mount, Serinda Swan, Ellen Woglom

Later, Maximus has gathered a cache of miners to assist Auran on Earth. Tibor (Ptolemy Slocum) is at his side. Loyolis (Aaron Hendry), Bronaja’s (Ari Dalbert) father, is among the ranks of miners. Maximus gives them a pep talk to uplift their spirits. He urges them to fight for a better future for Attilan. Then, Maximus’ army departs for Earth.

Next, the miners arrive on Earth. Auran awaits them. She launches into military mode and puts them to work. You’re on her time now.

Meanwhile, Louise continues to pinpoint Crystal’s location with her master sleuthing skills. Black Bolt confronts Medusa regarding her opinion on how best to deal with Maximus. She hopes Black Bolt will be the opposite of his parents – kind, just and fair. Medusa longs for the people to decide his brother’s fate, as it should be. He may be the ultimate stinker, but nonetheless said stinker deserves a fair trial like any Inhuman. Louise interrupts their conversation with good news: she knows where Crystal is. Yay!

The King and Queen of Attilan.

Then, we see Tibor interacting with the band of Maximus haters. Tibor is fully Team Royal Family, and plans to decimate Maximus from the interior. Meanwhile, the usurper is speaking about tightening his security. Times are dangerous, you know. Tibor pulls the temporary King aside and informs him of a plan to assassinate him. Tibor hopes to weed out the problem and utilize the perpetrator as an example for the people. Maximus, on the other hand, is reticent. He firmly believes that his people love him. However, he agrees to meet with Tibor so they can further discuss their course of action. 

After dismissing Tibor to do some digging regarding the assassination plot, Maximus daydreams. In the flashback, he’s fighting Gorgon while Karnak observes. Maximus is, unsurprisingly, scoffing at the idea of combat. Gorgon and Karnak assure him that all members of the Royal Family know basic combat. Our little usurper is suffering an embarrassing defeat. Then, while Gorgon’s back is turned, Maximus deals him a nasty blow with a pole. Sneaky Maximus is sneaky. 

Then, Karnak and Gorgon descend on Auran’s team. Auran orders her newest soldiers to man their posts. Karnak walks forward, ever so casual and nonchalant. Mordis (Bridger Zadina) urges the miners to stay out of his way. Meanwhile, Auran notices that the burn on her hand isn’t healing very quickly. Dr. Declan reveals that her healing days are numbered, due to something he discovered in her DNA. Her healing abilities are only temporary. 

Later, Crystal and Dave are at the highest point on the island. He asks our girl to take a trip with him before she zaps back to the Moon. Crystal doesn’t know what to think and thus remains silent. Changing the subject (segue ways are fun), Dave urges Crystal to try out her very own Bat signal. She shoots lightening bolts into the night sky. 

Pictured: Isabelle Cornish

Meanwhile, Louise asks Medusa and Black Bolt about their history – the Inhumans one, that is. Medusa reveals of their initial home being on Earth, but they chose to relocate. All the while we see Crystal’s lightening strike in the background. Then it strikes again. Louise realizes that lightening never strikes in the same spot. Thus, it must be Crystal. Once again, Louise is the best. 

Then, Maximus utilizes Bronaja for a vision of his future. Bronaja sees Maximus speaking with Tibor. Maximus, paranoid of the ominous warning of a brewing assassination plot, is currently pinning Tibor as Public Enemy No. 1. He grills Bronaja for more information – did either party appear aggressive, or passive? Bronaja pacifies Maximus by saying they both looked content. Maximus orders Bronaja to join him when he meets with Tibor. Uh oh. Looks like a certain former member of the Genetic Council is about to get the boot. 

Meanwhile, Karnak continues to saunter toward the lab. Once he gains entry, he spots a constrained Sammy, tied up in a chair. Sammy tries to get Karnak’s attention. Instead, Karnak subdues one of Auran’s lackeys and garners Mordis’ attention. After taunting the poor man’s Iron Man for a bit, Karnak also knocks him unconscious. Then, Gorgon unties Sammy and unleashes him into the wild. Fare thee well, Black Bolt’s bestie! 

Next, Gorgon and Auran meet face to face. Time for Round Two! Attilan’s most skilled fighters commence combat. Each one gives it their all. My money’s on Gorgon – he has massive hooves (not a euphemism). When Gorgon has Auran under his hoof, he urges her to wave that proverbial white flag. Auran glances at her charred hand, the one that refuses to fully heal. She hesitantly agrees to surrender. Well, that was easy. 

Meanwhile, Karnak finds Dr. Declan. Declan reveals that Maximus has been funding his work on Earth, but he himself had no idea that the usurper was evil incarnate. The things you learn, huh?

Later, after putting on one whopper of a light show, Crystal reveals that Earth isn’t what she expected. Earth is a truly magical place. Like Tahiti. Then, Plaid Dave puts the moves on our girl. Crystal is ultimately very much receptive of Plaid Dave’s initiation. They snog like the world is ending. That is, until Medusa and co. enter the scene.

Nothing like romancing a Moon girl. 

Now, we have a family reunion on our hands! Black Bolt urges the gang to track down Karnak and Gorgon. After securing Lockjaw, that is. Off to Plaid Dave’s barn we go!

Meanwhile, Gorgon leads in a shackled Auran. He informs Karnak of the need to secure the currently unconscious Mordis. Unfortunately, Mordis wakes from his temporary slumber to bound hands and feet. Mordis begins lashing out, so Gorgon latches his arms around him to hold him in place. Gorgon urges Karnak to get the others out to safety. He stamps his hooves once the building is clear, causing an earthquake. Debris crumbles all around the duo. No, Gorgon! He needs protection at all costs!

Then, our gang is reunited with Lockjaw at the barn. Suddenly, the police arrive with Audrey in tow. Louise and Plaid Dave distract the police while our Inhumans teleport away with Lockjaw. Louise and Dave pretend to date. They assert that Audrey locked poor Louise in the barn. Now, the policemen assume Audrey is lying when she tells them of the Inhumans in Plaid Dave’s barn. Thus they take their leave, with a fuming Audrey not far behind them. Never underestimate the power of Louise. 

Later, Black Bolt and co. arrive to an utterly decimated laboratory. Black Bolt locates Mordis’ detached mask. Karnak discovers the lifeless body of Gorgon amidst the rubble and debris. No! This is not what the people wanted! Our Royal Family carries Gorgon outside the lab and places him bodily on the ground. 

Meanwhile, Maximus is ambushed by Tibor and the freedom fighters. Black Bolt supporters? Maximus discovers Tibor’s betrayal and slits the man’s throat himself. Bye bye, Tibor. He has his guards throw the remainder of the Black Bolt supporters in custody. Then, Bronaja admits he lied regarding his vision – Tibor had a knife in his hand. Maximus evolves into Maximus the Mad with a tirade to end all tirades. He solidifies his kingly status. Maximus will force everyone to acknowledge him as the proper ruler of Attilan. Mic drop, indeed. 

Inhumans is steadily improving, and this week was the best yet. Gorgon, my be-hooved prince, has left us all too soon. Like I said, I sincerely hope an Inhuman has the ability of necromancy. We’re not ready to bid farewell to our favorite Inhuman fighter. I’m glad to see mostly everyone is reunited. Hopefully they can return to Attilan and put Maximus the Mad in his place. Time for that whiny usurper to spend all of eternity in the Big House. 

Do you think our Inhumans can defeat Maximus? Will Crystal ever reunite with Dave? Can the Inhumans revive Gorgon? Are Auran’s days numbered, so to speak? Join me next week as I continue to recap Inhumans, here on Geek Girl Authority. 

Inhumans airs Fridays at 9pm on your ABC affiliate. 





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