We’re all suffering from Wonder Woman fever and most likely will for the rest of June. The movie is just that. freaking. good.


BUT, like a shark always on the hunt lest they die, we geeks are always on the prowl for the next big superhero experience to get us all excited. We’re all pop culture super junkies I tell ya! That next big experience is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which hits theatres in just under a month. The film will star Tom Holland as the original wall-crawler, Peter Parker, reprising his role from Captain America: Civil War. It also stars Michael Keaton as his antagonist, The Vulture. However, there’s one role in the film that we’re still a little in the dark on and that is Zendaya’s role, Michele.

But, thankfully, both she and Tom Holland spoke to The Disney Channel for “A Fan’s Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming” about her role. Holland started it off saying, “She is a sort of weird, dorky, kind of closed-off character, but she seems to follow Peter and Ned [Leeds] around quite a lot.” Zendaya echoed that sentiment pretty exactly saying, “She’s weird, but she’s super cool to me because I feel like usually what she says is very real.”

The question on most people’s minds is thus: Is Michelle a character we know from the comics or a new character created for the film? She can’t secretly be Liz Allen, because she’s already played by Laura Harrier. She could be Michelle Gonzales, sister to Officer Vincent Gonzales who was loosely linked to the Spider-Tracer Killings in the comics, but she’s not that integral to Peter Parker’s story, so we feel that’s unlikely. Not to mention, she’s only credited as Michelle on IMDB, so why keep her name shrouded in mystery if she’s Michelle Gonzales? We still cannot shake the feeling that she’s playing an original take on Mary Jane Watson and she’ll take on that mantle as a stage name when she turns her life to modeling. 

But, for all we know, she’s an original character and we’re all just way overthinking this. 

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