Get your super suit out of storage! Disney/Pixar has finally released the first Incredibles 2 teaser! 

The Incredibles was released in 2004 and garnered a massive following for its humor and animation style. Finally, after 14 years, a sequel is coming! This morning, Disney/Pixar released the first teaser for the long-awaited return of the Parr family. The 50-second clip starts with baby Jack-Jack (previously voiced by Maeve Andrews) phasing through a red wall. The Incredibles’ logo hangs on the far wall and catches his eye and, as mobile babies do, Jack-Jack focuses in on it and starts wobble-walking toward it – but phasing through matter isn’t Jack-Jack’s only superpower! The little one now has green laser eyes! His laser-vision cuts into and transforms the original logo into the sequel’s logo, as shown on the teaser poster:

Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Poster


Mr. Incredible, civilian name Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson), picks up his son, excited to learn that Jack-Jack does have super powers. The baby sneezes and, as a result of not having full control of his powers, he ignites into a ball of fire, releases a brief lightning storm, and his eyes shoot one last laser beam. Mr. Parr ducks, but not quite in time, losing a chunk of his hair. Jack-Jack giggles uncontrollably and Mr. Parr breaks the fourth wall to stare at the camera. 

Elastigirl springs into action to save the day, while Mr. Incredible faces his greatest challenge yet — taking care of the problems of his three children.

Incredibles 2 is set to release June 15, 2018, and this trailer means The Incredibles are finally back! Are you as excited as we are? 

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