Many young people grew up loving Marvel comic cartoons and books. The characters were sometimes frail, but they were determined to save their world at whatever cost. Their big dreams and ambitions always came to pass and they emerged as heroes. 

The Marvel Comic Universe managed to take the little known characters from the books and brought them alive in the cinema arena in a whole new experience. The journey was risky, but the goal was worth it. Today, there are so many important life lessons we can learn from the MCU.

 The endgame matters

When your goal is big enough, it attracts bigger risks, but your eyes must remain fixed to the end of the game. Marvel had a big picture in mind on what the end goal would be and it put every plan ahead systematically. 

The MCU’s final goal was built from a series of several stories that smoothly connected one to the other. Each movie has its unique story, which guides you through the risks until you come to the final picture. 

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Hulk, iron man, captain america action figures

Always do the right thing, even if it means going alone

It is easier doing things when in the company of friends or colleagues, but sometimes they can lead you to do something you consciously know is wrong. If you come to such a defining moment, you must choose to do what is right. 

The Marvel Comic Universe is one of the must-watch movies for students and it teaches us that it doesn’t matter if your colleagues or friends think otherwise, but as long as your inner person tells you it’s wrong, take the bold step and choose to do the right thing. 

You may have no one to support you, but even if it means walking alone to accomplish the right thing, do it and never look back. We learn this strong virtue from Steve Rogers, who demonstrates to us what real heroes are made of.  

Keep hope alive 

There are moments when we keep trying hard but everything seems to fail. You could have a goal you are pursuing but along the way, you feel like it was not the right goal because no effort is bearing fruit. 

The secret is to keep hope alive and not to give up. If you keep pursuing your goal persistently, one day it will bear fruit, and you will remember the challenges you went through and say: – ‘I’m glad that I kept hope alive.’

We see the spirit of keeping hope alive in the life of Hank Pym, who gave his daughter the name hope. Janet, the wife of Pym, went missing when on a mission that didn’t go well. Pym tried the best to find her but with no success. Later in another Ant-Man episode, we see Janet return.

If you make wrong decisions, it doesn’t mean you are a bad person 

Making right decisions in life are important and sometimes you can make hurried decisions that turn out against you. People may hate you and feel like such actions were unexpected from someone like you and you begin hating yourself in guilt. 

Bucky and Loki are two guys who have made terrible decisions that cannot be forgiven and they are classified as terrible monsters. The two move on and they finally conquer and are classified as heroes. 


Every movie we watch or any book we read has a lesson we can learn from if we are keen to follow the events and chapters keenly. The scriptwriters, scene managers, characters, editors and everyone involved in the production of any movie series all work together towards the fulfillment of a certain theme and end goal.


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