In Imperial, from Rio Grande Games, 2-6 international investors try to achieve the greatest influence over Europe during the Age of Colonialism by purchasing bonds in the six available nations. The player who owns the majority of the shares of each nation gets to make all of that nation’s decisions – building factories, fleets, and armies to expand, wage wars, levy taxes, and collect the fruits of their labor. Since the nations change leadership as more bonds are bought throughout the game, new alliances and conflicts continually arise, giving Imperial an interesting and unique feel. Because while you want to make the right decisions for the countries you control, victory can only be achieved if you have the most individual wealth by game’s end.
While Imperial is now basically a classic, it did not have much in the way of instructional videos. So, I decided to do it myself. In this playlist, you will see Imperial unboxed, learn how to set it up, and then get a step-by-step how-to-play. Check it out. Subscribe to my channel for more game content. I’m just getting started! Thanks for watching and keep nerding on.
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