The gaming community was forced out of their comfort zone this year thanks to COVID-19. As a result, our favorite conventions were left canceled or rescheduled for a later date. This meant major companies needed to find ways to keep in touch with their player base to share news on upcoming releases and projects. IGN has answered this call by putting together the IGN Summer of Gaming. The month-long event in June finally has a schedule and it is jam-packed.

In addition to the showcases, the IGN Summer of Gaming is also hosting two charity events. The money raised during both live streams will go directly to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The first charity event is a speed run of Resident Evil 3 with the world’s greatest speedrunners. The second event is an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Celebrity Island Tours. It will feature trips to celebrity islands and short segments with Gary Whitta, the host of Animal Talks.

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The bulk of IGN Summer of Gaming will focus on world premiere trailers from game developers. The big names include Blizzard Entertainment, EA, Xbox, CD Projekt Red, Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and more. With just one glance at the schedule and you can tell it is packed. It also looks like we are going to be seeing quite a bit of interviews, gameplay videos, and hands-on impressions as well. The event will be made available to fans on multiple forms of media so everyone can enjoy it the way they want.

For a full list of places to find the IGN Summer of Gaming it is best to check out their official post. Check down below for a list of the schedule of events as well. We can’t wait to check out what all of these amazing people have in store for us!

IGN Summer of Gaming Schedule

June 4 

Summer of Gaming kick-off

June 5 

IGN Expo Day 1

  • Unannounced Game (Funcom / The Outsiders) – Exclusive Unannounced Gameplay Reveal with The Outsiders’ David Goldfarb

  • Unannounced Game (Merge Games) – Exclusive Game Reveal

  • Unannounced Game Reveal – Exclusive Reveal Trailer

  • Mortal Shell (Cold Symmetry) – Exclusive Gameplay World Premiere

  • Observer: System Redux (Bloober Team) – Exclusive Next-Gen Deep Dive

  • Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time (Soleil Games) – Exclusive Gameplay First Look

June 8

IGN Expo Day 2

  • Unannounced Classic Revival (Merge Games) – Exclusive Game Reveal

  • Unannounced Game (Fabraz) – Exclusive Game Reveal

  • Wasteland 3 (Deep Silver) – World Exclusive Trailer 

  • Second Extinction (Systemic Reaction) – Gameplay World Premiere

  • Borderlands 3 (Gearbox) – Exclusive Bounty of Blood DLC Preview w/ Gearbox Creative Director Matt Cox

  • Special Icons Interview: David Hayter, the original voice of Solid Snake, discusses Metal Gear

June 9 

IGN Expo Day 3

  • New World (Amazon) – Exclusive War PvP Gameplay, Developer Interview

  • Everspace 2 (ROCKFISH Games) – Exclusive Alpha Gameplay Reveal Trailer

  • Total War: Troy (Creative Assembly) – Exclusive Gameplay Interview  

  • Special Icons Interview: Brian Fargo discusses the founding of Blizzard, and why RPG fans should be looking forward to Wasteland 3

June 11 

  • CD Projekt RED Livestream (with IGN pre- and post-shows)

  • EA Play LIVE (with IGN pre- and post-shows) 

  • Humankind (Amplitude Studios) – Exclusive Gameplay Interview

June 12

  • Animal Crossing: Celebrity Island Tours Charity Live Stream

June 15 

  • Corepunk (Artificial Core) – Exclusive Gameplay and Interview

  • Destroy All Humans! (THQ Nordic) – Gameplay and Interview

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition (Hangar 13) – Worldwide Gameplay Debut w/ Hangar 13 President and CCO Haden Blackman

  • Scarlet Nexus (Bandai Namco) – Exclusive Trailer and Interview with Game Director Kenji Anabuki

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (THQ Nordic) – Rehydrated Exclusive Early Access Livestream 

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (THQ Nordic) – Rehydrated Exclusive Gameplay Interview

  • Unannounced Game Reveal – Exclusive Reveal Trailer

June 18

  • Torchlight III (Perfect World Entertainment) – Gameplay and Interview with Series Creator Max Schaefer

  • Special Icons Interview: Chris Avellone, writer of Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, discusses the magic ingredients in a great RPG

  • Special Icons Interview: John Romero, creator of Doom, and game designer Brenda Romero discuss RPGs and shooters in 2020

June 24

  • Dreamscaper (Afterburner Studios) – Exclusive Gameplay Feature Deep Dive



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