As an actor, Iwan Rheon first rose to popularity with his star-making (though cringe inducing) turn as Ramsay Snow/Bolton on Game of Thrones. However, more seasoned streamers might also recognize the Welsh actor from his time on the E4 series Misfits, or from the ITV comedy series Vicious. While many know (and hate!) Ramsay Bolton, few are familiar with Iwan Rheon’s other life as a singer songwriter. If you’re not listening to Iwan Rheon, you should be.

Iwan Rheon has been recording music off and on since at least 2011. During that time, the busy actor released three EP’s (Tounge Tied, Changing Times and Bang! Bang!). In 2016 he released Dinard, his first studio length album.

Rheon released an EP entitled Bang! Bang! in 2013. The title song is a gentle acoustic track featuring a catchy mixture of indie pop and folk elements. The guitar overlay and the vocal track compliment each other well in the crazily catchy, like ear-worm catchy, tune. The music video features Rheon and actress, musician and model Zoe Grisedale. The video below comes from Rheon’s YouTube page:

While his developing acting career has allowed him little time to release official music videos, Rheon has been recorded live a number of times. One his earliest singles is “Sink,” which dropped on his EP Changing Times. While “Bang! Bang!” features a more restrained, gentle sound, “Sink” is a more powerful and emotional piece. The intricate guitar work compliments the versatile and more dynamic vocals. The song demonstrates Rheon’s vocal flexibility which injects an element of versatility to his songs. While his work tends to have a strong acoustic vibe, Rheon tells the story with his vocal performance. The video below comes courtesy of Rheon’s YouTube page:

Iwan Rheon is talented vocalist. Throughout his career he’s demonstrated the well-honed ability to convey emotion through even the simplest moment in a song. Early in his career, Rheon won a Laurence Oliver Award for Best Supporting Actor in a musical for his portrayal of Moritz Sitefel in the original London cast of Spring Awakening. Clips of the musical’s short run exist in the deepest reaches of YouTube.

Fans of rock and roll (particularly of the indie and alternative persuasion) should check out his work. To draw another comparison, other articles have compared Iwan Rheon’s work to performers like Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson. His musical aspirations appear to have been placed on hold while his acting career has been on an upward trajectory. With his recent casting in the latest ABC/Marvel team-up, this fact is unlikely to change. However, he’s proven himself a talented singer as well as a songwriter. If you’re not listening to Iwan Rheon, you should be.

Iwan Rheon’s music is available on Youtube, iTunes, as well as through his official website. He also keeps an up-to-date Twitter account.

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