Scottish actor Billy Boyd initially rose to prominence with his portrayal of Pippin in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the almost 17 years since, Boyd has continued to work steadily. Not only does the actor still appear on screen regularly, but he is also a member of the music group Beecake. While the group plays a number of gigs in Europe, their exposure in the United States is more specialized. In fact, unless you’ve been lucky enough to attend one of the conventions they’ve played, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of Beecake. And if you’re not listening to Beecake, you most definitely should be.

Boyd first showed off his musical chops when Pippin sang in The Two Towers. When The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies hit theaters 15 years later, producers tapped Boyd to not only write, but also sing “The Last Goodbye” for the final credit sequence.

It wasn’t until “The Last Goodbye” was released that I first discovered Beecake. Pippin was, and still is my favorite Hobbit. So, when news initially broke that Boyd would be preforming the song for the ending credits; naturally, more research needed to happen.

According to their official website, Beecake formed in 2006. The page states, “The band was conceived as a purely studio-based project to experiment with song-writing and recording… the guys soon realized they really loved playing these new songs together and and got excited about playing them live…”. The band is comprised of four members: Boyd on vocals and guitar, Paul Burke on drums, Billy Johnston on vocals, guitar and piano, and Rick Martin on vocals and bass.

Over their ten years of existence, Beecake released three studio albums: Soul Swimming (2009), Blue Sky Paradise (2012) and The World of Things (2015).

In 2014, Beecake dropped their latest single, “Perfect Time”. The upbeat single features stellar vocals by Boyd, as well as catchy drumming and guitar riffs. Check out their video below, included courtesy of Beecake’s official YouTube page:

Over their years together, Beecake have continued to develop tremendous creativity with their music videos. Also, the band members convey a relaxed sense of fun in the videos. It is more than clear that these musicians enjoy working with each other immensely.

For those with a penchant towards something slower, “Please Stay” shows just how versatile Beecake is with their sound. One of their earlier singles, “Please Stay” is a sweet and simple romantic ballad. And once again, it is a very catchy song. Boyd’s smooth and well crafted vocals sweetly convey the emotion within the song’s narrative. The music video below is provided courtesy of Beecake’s Official YouTube page.

It’s difficult to classify Beecake into a single genre. While a description of soft indie rock fits the group, Beecake are more than comfortable spanning different styles and genres. They easily move from the soft “Please Stay” to the harder “Rip it Up” and even spoken word with “Dogs Waltz”.

Beecake’s songs are all available on iTunes, as well as through their official website.  The group also has a very active presence on YouTube as well as on Twitter.

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