This review was originally published on 10/14/2021. 

What does it mean to keep a secret in 2021? How do you hide when almost our entire lives are shared over social media? What is it like growing up when your parents can do a quick internet search and be up to date with the times? These are the kinds of questions Amazon Prime’s I Know What You Did Last Summer brings to light. Not to mention a killer is on the loose and everyone is stuck on a Hawaiian island. But does this thriller-horror pack a punch? We think so.

DISCLAIMER: We will try and keep the spoilers to a minimum, but if you want to be completely surprised, we suggest checking out I Know What You Did Last Summer first and then coming back!

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I Know What You Did Last Summer doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. Showrunner Sara Goodman shared with us that their goal was to bring the series into this time period while also giving each of the characters a moment in the light. And they are able to achieve just that. While some of the earlier scenes in the series might make it seem like this series is for a younger audience. But, it quickly proves that this is a series that everyone can enjoy.

For long-time fans of the I Know What You Did Last Summer franchise, there is a lot to enjoy in this series. It is loosely based on the original novel by Lois Duncan and includes many of the same themes. As with every edition of the story, a group of teens kill someone in the beginning and hide the evidence and vow to tell no one. But the following summer, their secret comes back to haunt them. What also bought me joy was the small easter eggs throughout the series. No spoilers, but when you see them, it’s such a rush of nostalgia.

Madison Iseman in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Madison Iseman in I Know What You Did Last Summer.

What really helps bring I Know What You Did Last Summer to life is the cast. Madison Iseman does a fantastic job portraying both Lennon and Alison. Having the same actor/actress play twins is a significant risk but Iseman pulls it off beautifully. She is joined by Brianne Tju (Margot), Sebastian Amoruso (Johnny), Ashley Moore (Riley) and Ezekiel Goodman (Dylan). Each of their characters has their own stories outside of the overall conflict and the way this cast is able to bring that to life was a joy to watch.

Now I know the thing most people will be tuning in for is the horror. And I Know What You Did Last Summer has it. Maybe not in the form of jump scares or overly gory deaths. But, more in a long game slightly terrifying psychological who did it kind of theme. And don’t get me wrong, the deaths do pack a punch. But they aren’t the main focus of the terror and that makes it all the better. Even those who aren’t entirely on board with all the horror will find that this series balances it with its other tones very well.

When they first announced the series, I will admit that I was skeptical if it would live up to my feelings for the original film. And I can say, without a doubt, that it really does. It breathes fresh life into the original story but also dares to be it’s own. The story expands past the main characters as we uncover that the town has its own terrifying secrets. This is something everyone can find someone to enjoy and guaranteed to shock us until the very end.

I Know What You Did Last Summer drops its first four episodes on Amazon Prime on October 15, 2021. The following episodes will be released once a week on Fridays!

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