HUMANS continues with Anita’s memories as Mia returning little by little. Max and Leo continue to search for her and it was revealed that Leo is not exactly human.  Fred is still being experimented on.  And Niska made her escape from servitude.  What’s in store next for this bunch?  


Fred (Sope Dirisu) is still being held and experimented on by Hobb (Danny Webb).  He found a memory of Anita/Mia (Gemma Chan).  Hobb wants to know more about her and the other synths in Fred’s memory files.  Hobb knows there are five synths, including one female.  He shows Fred a picture of Mia.  And he knows they were created by David Elster.   

Fred looks around and see the technician watching his memories.  He shuts them out.  Hobb says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but he needs to find the others.   The only image from Fred’s memories is Hobb’s face.  Hobb turns off Fred and asks about the backpacks.

Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Toby (Theo Stevenson) return home and find Sophie (Pixie Davies) crying in the living room.  Mattie (Lucy Carless) tells them that Laura has left with Anita.  Toby chases after them on his bicycle.

Laura (Katherine Parkinson) and Anita are stuck in traffic. Anita sees Toby riding up to them.  A van is pulls out of the line to go around the rest of the traffic.  Anita see that the van could potentially hit Toby.  Anita steps out of the car and stands  in front of the van. The van hits Anita.

Laura jumps out of the car and runs to Toby. She is upset with Toby for riding his bike near traffic.  He goes to check on Anita.  Her body is broken, but she is still blinking.

Max (Ivano Jeremiah) and Leo (Colin Morgan) break into an abandoned building.  Leo tells Max they will continue their search for Mia though online searches.  They hear a radio report about a synth killing a man at the brothel where they found Niska.

Neil Maskell as DS Peter Drummond and Ruth Bradley as DI Ruth Voss, Courtesy of KUDOS

Pete (Neil Maskell) and Karen (Ruth Bradley) investigate the murder at the brothel.  They ask for a photo and she shows them a picture of Niska.

Niska (Emily Berrington) is at a charging station at a mall. She steals a shopper’s clothes and puts in color contacts to disguise herself. People and synths start to react to her differently.

Joe, Mattie, and Sophie to meet up with Laura and Toby.  Joe asks why Laura was taking Anita back.  Laura says Anita doesn’t share data with other synths. Anita also said something about Sophie that scared Laura.  Laura walks Toby’s bike home and Joe drives the family back home.

Vera (Rebecca Front) continues to give George (William Hurt) suggestions on how to improve his health. He tells her about his idea to move his bedroom downstairs.  George shows her a room with a lot of junk. He suggest that she move everything out. He tells her the window is painted shut.  Vera checks the window and George locks her in the room.

George goes to the shed to see Odi (Will Tudor).  They get in the car and leave.  Vera sees them from the window.  She rips off the door knob and goes outside.  George tells Odi to drive away.

Joe consults the owner’s manual on how to check Anita’s programming. She says her programming is fine. She can repair any internal damage using the materials that she came with.  Anita tells Joe to do a full inspection of her epidermis to check for any damages from the van.

Joe and Anita go to the garage.  Joe starts to remove her clothing.  He says it’s too weird and Anita takes off her clothes.  Joe awkwardly examines her. He finds cuts on her shoulders and a crack on her hip.  Toby eavesdrops from outside of the garage.  Joes gives her the patches she needs to repair the damage. Laura returns home

Karen explains to the chief what happened at the brothel.  The chief asks if an modification of the programming be the reason for the death. Karen says the Asimov Blocks would have to be bypassed for the synth to be able to kill. Pete says they’ve been expecting a murder to happen for some time.  

The chief explains this was an accident involving an illegally modified synth.   Pete insists that its a murder.  The chief tells them it is not a murder.  They should find the discretely find the synth.  

Karen asks where his thoughts are coming from.  He tells them about a top-level synth expert stopped by the crime scene. And they have to cooperate with him.

Pete confronts Hobb outside of the brothel.  Hobb says the murder would cause a panic.  He says he wants to find the synth as much as the police do.  

Pete yells that it’s a cover up. He starts to complain to the chief when a news reporter bursts through the scene. The reporter asks questions about a murdering synth.  Pete tries to steer him away from the scene. The reporter pushes back and Pete throws him down a flight of stairs. The chief suspends Pete and orders Karen to handle the case alone.  He tells her to find the synth and contain it.

The reporter asks Pete what happened in the brothel. He knows someone is dead.  Pete just walks away.  

Ivanno Jeremiah as Max and Colin Morgan as Leo, Colin Hutton/Kudos/AMC/C4

Leo and Max are nearby and see the exchange between Pete and the reporter.  Leo says Niska would have gone to the emergency rendezvous.

Hobb looks over the crime scene.  His assistant brings him a folder on Silas Capek. She says this guy may know something.

Laura and Joe discuss the reasons Anita needs to go back.  Joe asks Anita if she took Sophie outside without permission.  She says no. He asks her if she is lying. She says synthetics cannot lie and gives a list of reasons why.

Laura tells him about how Anita said she would look after Sophie. Anita corrects her, saying Anita would always keep Sophie safe. Laura felt that Anita said it in a way that meant Laura couldn’t keep Sophie safe.  Joe looks at her like she is crazy.  Anita asks to return to the children.

Joe points out that Anita saved Toby’s life.

Laura looks in on Anita and the kids.  They get really quiet when she walks into the room. Laura apologizes to Toby for shouting at him.   Laura asks to play the game. Anita offers her place and Sophie shouts for her not to.  Laura leaves the room.

Niska meets Leo and Max at their rendezvous point. Leo is stern with her because she killed someone.  He says she put them in more danger.   She says they have been in danger all of their lives.  He tells her to go with them to figure everything out.

Niska says she’s only there to say goodbye.  Leo says they have to stay together.  She points out that Fred and Mia are gone.  Leo is sure he will find them and then protect them.  She suggests that he is keeping them prisoner.  He rebuts saying he is practically one of them.  

Niska ask Leo if he would allow a human woman to stay in the brothel.  Leo says the authorities will find her and destroy her.  

Max asks if she is going to hurt anyone else.  She says only if they deserve it.  Max tells her they are family.  He says Niska is his sister. She says those are human words.  Max gives her a phone. Niska takes the phone and walks away.

Simon (Jack Derges) helps Jill Drummond (Jill Halfpenny) knead dough as part of her therapy. Pete walks in and takes his anger out on Simon.  

George and Odi drive down a wooded path, listening to music.  George says he wants some ice cream. Odi says he will get him some ice cream.  Odi tries to exit the car while it’s still moving and they crash into a tree.  George tells Odi to go into the woods and hide.  He moves to the driver’s seat and pretends to be unconscious.

Anita puts away the laundry and pulls out a photo album.  She sees a photo of two kids.  On the back, it says Laura and Tom.  

Sophie runs in and asks Anita to put her to bed.  Anita tells her that is Laura’s job. They go to the kitchen and Sophie asks Laura if Anita can put her to bed. Anita repeats that Sophie’s bedtime is exclusive to Laura.  Joe tells her that it’s okay this one time.  Laura is not happy. She gives Anita some milk for Sophie and instructions to put her to bed.  Anita leaves the kitchen.  

Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkins and Gemma Chan as Anita, Gary Moyes/Kudos/AMC/C4

Sophie gives Anita a book to read.  Anita tells her that she should let Laura read to her. It would make her mommy happy.  Sophie whines that she wants Anita to read to her.  Anita says it would like it if Laura read to her.  

Anita goes to the kitchen to tell Laura to tell her that Sophie has changed her mind.

Laura reads a bedtime story to Sophie.  Sophie asks if she is happy now.  She says Anita thought Laura was sad and putting her to bed might cheer her up.  Mattie hears the conversation in the next room.

Niska goes to a bar and orders a drink.  A man approaches her.  His name is Greg. She tells him her name is Candy.  He takes Niska to his apartment.  He offers her a drink. She asks if he wants to go to bed.  He says he wants to, but he’d liked talk first.  

Niska goes to the bathroom and sees a woman’s hair tie.  She grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen. She goes to the living room and sees Greg picking up toys.  He explains that his daughter was there that weekend.  Niska leaves the knife on the sofa and walks out of the apartment.

While Anita is charging, Mattie attaches Anita’s cable to her computer. Anita informs her that it is not a good idea.  Her root code could be damaged from Mattie’s computer.  Anita stops talking mid-sentence.  Mattie looks at her and Anita grabs her hand.  She tells her she is here and to help her.  Mattie yanks the cable out of her computer.  Anita returns to normal.

George returns home.  Vera instructs him to go to bed.  George is worried about Odi.  He’s in the woods all by himself, calling for George.

The next morning, Laura tells Anita to sit with her in the kitchen. She asks Anita if she has been illegally modified.  Anita says no.

Gemma Chan as Anita and Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkins, Gary Moyes/Kudos/AMC/C4

Laura says the most common modification to a synth is to program it to act like it feels pain.  Laura tries to stick a toothpick into Anita’s hand.  Anita says the eye is the ideal part to test for pain.  Anita takes a toothpick and puts it in her eye.  She does not feel anything.  

Laura asks Anita questions to try to understand her odd behavior.  Laura asks why she has concerns about Anita.  Anita tells her that it is common for users to project human characteristics on their synths, the same as they would a pet.  When asked about the bedtime story, Anita says she is programmed to observe and react to the user’s emotional responses. She thought it would make Laura happy to read to Sophie.  Laura tells Anita she has better intuition than most humans.

Laura asks her again about what Anita meant when she said she would also keep Sophie safe.  Anita says she can take care of the children better than Laura can because she is stronger, faster and less emotional,  but she cannot love them.  Laura asks if she wish she could love.  Anita says she doesn’t understand the question.  

Anita asks about Tom.  Laura gets angry and tells Anita to never mention that name again.  Joe is eavesdropping from the hall.

Mattie is looking over the code she downloaded from Anita.  She logs into a hacker chat room and  asks for help in analyzing the code.  She uploads the root code so anyone in the forum can access it.  

Max finds the file that Mattie uploaded.  He tries to wake Leo.

Leo is dreaming of being trapped in a car underwater.   He wakes abruptly.

Max shows the file to Leo.  They found Mia.



It’s is confirmed. Anita is Mia.  There are four synths that were created by David Elster, Leo’s father. Leo is also part synth.  That is interesting.

Niska has killed someone. That is something that the synths were not supposed to be able to do.  And Anita’s intuition is better than a humans.  I wonder what else these synths are capable of.

The bigger picture is starting to come together.  Leo and Max know where all of their companions are.  Will they become more dangerous if the five of them are all together?  Or do they just want to live in peace like most people?

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