The HUMANS season one rewatch continues.  The Hawkins family continues to adjust to their newly purchased synthetic assistant, Anita.  Anita isn’t what she seems to be.  

Anita…or Mia’s origins aren’t the same as other synths. She was once a member of four synths that hid with their owner Leo. Who are they hiding from? Mia, Niska, and Fred were all stolen.  Leo and the fourth synth Max have found Niska and Fred.  They continue their search for Mia.


The Hawkins Family

At the end of episode one, Anita (Gemma Chan) carried Sophie (Pixie Davies) out of the house in her pajamas. The next morning, Laura (Katherine Parkinson) goes to wake up Sophie (Pixie Davies) for school and finds her wet pajamas.  She asks if Sophie had an accident.  Sophie says she hasn’t had an accident in years. 

Laura asks Anita why she washed her shoes.  Anita says they became soiled from walking outside that morning.  Laura tells Anita that she’s watching her. Anita replies that she’s watching Laura too.

At school, Mattie (Lucy Carlessand her friend Haun (Manpreet Bachutry to hack into the school janitor synth.  The synth sends an alert to school officials if tampered with.  Mattie is caught.

Humans Series 1 Episode 2

Laura gets a call from the school.  The principal only speculates that Mattie is the hacker.  She says no one is smart as Mattie to do so.  Laura defends Mattie saying there is no proof.  They leave the room.  Laura tells Mattie to meet her after school to go shopping.

Mattie meets Harun at a golf course. She comments on how the synths could make a hole in one every time but they are caddies instead. Mattie says her mother treats her like a problem.  Harun says his dad hates him.  Mattie kisses Harun.

Later at the mall, Mattie fesses up that she did tamper with the synth janitor.  Laura asks her to not tamper with Anita.  Laura asks Mattie if she thinks Anita is normal. Mattie says IT.  She says what’s not normal is that Laura is okay with having a synth.

Anita grabs for Toby’s (Theo Stevenson) laundry and he stops her.  Anita leaves and Toby shuts the door.

Laura finds Anita acting strangely again.  Anita says she’s ironing, but she’s not. She’s holding her hands together. Laura opens her hands and a large spider crawls out. Laura accuses Anita of trying to scare her.

Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) asks Laura why she freaked out.  Laura says she doesn’t trust Anita. Joe reminds her that Anita is a machine. Laura thinks Anita is watching her. 

Later, Joe asks Laura again what’s wrong with her.  He asks if something happened in Leeds. Laura doesn’t answer him.

Humans Series 1 Episode 2

Toby gets a glass of water. He sees Anita at her charging station.  He sits next to her and grabs her hand.  Anita wakes up, startling Toby.  She asks if he needs any help.  He says no and tells her to go back to energy saving mode.  He sits back down and attempts to touch Anita.  Anita wakes again and stops him.  She tells him she must report any inappropriate contact.  Toby freaks out and leaves. 

Mattie watches Anita take out the trash. Another synth approaches Anita.  He says hello, but Anita remains silent.  He asks why she won’t share and leaves.  Anita returns to the Hawkins home.  She tells Laura that Anita is not normal because it doesn’t share.

Leo and Max

Max (Ivano Jeremiah) tells Leo (Colin Morgan) that there’s a possibility they weren’t all meant to remain together.  He says Leo’s father made them a certain way and they cannot change. Leo says everything that happened to him made him this way too. He can’t escape it either. Besides, when he looks at Max, he sees his brother. 

Leo meets a man names Silas Capek (Paul Kayeat a junker workshop. He pretends to know an associate at Silas’.  Silas tells Leo that the associate owes him money.  Heat tacks Leo. Leo fights back and puts a knife to Silas’ throat.  He asks for Mia. Silas says he gave her a new personality and sold her.

Another man walks in and throws Leo off of Silas. Silas and the man start kicking Leo.  Max comes in and hits the other man with a lead pipe.  Leo tells home to run. Leo follows.  He has to throw himself over a balcony to escape Silas.  Max catches him and the two get away.

Max takes Leo to a junkyard where they’ve left their backpacks.  Leo is hurt and cannot walk on his own.  Leo tells Max that Silas said he cleared Mia’s memory.  They hear dogs nearby.  Leo says they found them. He tells Max they need to leave.

Hobb (Danny Webb) and his men are looking around the junkyard and find the backpacks.  


Pete Drummond (Neil Maskell) helps his paralyzed wife Jill (Jill Halfpennyout of bed. He’s not as helpful as their synth Simon (Jack Derges). Pete is beginning to resent Simon.

Simon is giving Jill a massage.  Pete tells him not to hurt her.  Simon says he made Pete sandwiches for later. Pete leaves for work.

Karen is waiting for him and Pete is obviously irritated.  Simon runs after them with the sandwiches.  Pete tells Karen to drive.

Karen and Pete go to Silas’ workshop to question him about the stolen synths in his warehouse. Silas says he found the synths. Karen asks if they are registered.  He doesn’t give a clear answer just that he has seen some freaky synths lately.  Pete gets aggressive with Silas and throws him against a car.  Silas screams for help and Karen grabs Pete.  She asks what’s wrong with him. Pete says that synths are messing everything up.  Karen says all the bad things that happened to her were done by other people.




George Millican’s (William Hurt) caseworker visits again to take Odi (Will Tudor)away. George says he recycled Odi.  The insurance company brings a new synthetic, Vera (Rebecca Front). Odi appears at the window and George pretends to have chest pains so Vera won’t see Odi.


George is frustrated Vera. He wants to send her back.  Georges calls the health company to take her back.  He hangs up on them when he realizes that he’s talking to another synth.

Humans, Episode 2,, Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/Kudos/AMC/C4

Vera makes George take his medicines. She says noncompliance will be reported to the health company.  He makes a comment about he created her.  He says David Elster would be sick by what they’ve become.  George goes to bed to get rid of Vera.

George sneaks out of the house to check on Odi.  Odi has turned on the light in the shed. George tells Odi to stay hidden.  George tells Odi to hide under a blanket.

Vera approaches the shed and asks him what he is doing. Vera forces George back into the house. He complains because Vera does not have permission to touch him.


A man buys Niska (Emily Berrington) and tells her to be scared of him. She refuses.  He gets angry and she attacks him. Niska grabs him by the throat and crushes his windpipe.

Niska uses his hand to open her door. The madame tries to stop her. Niska takes a knife and cuts out her tracking device.  The madame faints and Niksa leaves.


Fred (Sope Dirisu) lies on an examination table.  On of the techs shows Hobb a stored memory that continuously plays. Hobb wants Fred’s memories restored so he can find the others like Fred.  It’s of a girl swimming with Fred. The freeze the recording and see Anita’a face.

Max takes Leo to a gas station bathroom.  He unscrews the lightbulb and plugs in a Synth charger.  He hooks up the charger to a wire inside of Leo.

The next day, Laura asks Anita if she took Sophie outside. Anita says no, but Laura thinks she’s lying.  Anita says she will always keep Sophie safe.   Laura calls the Synthetics company and asks if a synth can have an accident.  

Sophie starts crying. Anita goes to her room.  Sophie says she had a bad dream and asks Anita to cuddle with her. Anita says she cannot touch Sophie without her parent’s permission. Sophie grabs onto to Anita and Anita wraps her arms around Sophie.  

Anita has a flashback of a young boy trapped in a car underwater.

Laura sees Anita holding Sophie and yells for her not to touch Sophie.  Laura tells Anita to go to the car. Sophie asks where Anita is going.  Laura says she is taking Anita back. Anita smiles.


Here’s what we know. The synthetics were created by George Millican and a man named David Elster.  Anita is really Mia. She is having flashes of memories, but it’s not clear who these memories are about.  

Fred has memories too. Hobb is trying to use Fred’s memories to track down Leo, Max and Niska.  He knows they are different.  He’s trying to find out why and how. 

And now we know that Leo is a synth…but he’s not.

This show was great at introducing the main story and its characters. They didn’t spend a lot of time making the connection from Anita/Mia to Leo and company.  That way people can focus on: 1) how and why Anita/Mia, Niska, Fred and Max are different from other synths and 2) how they are connected to the other main characters.

As expected, there are people who are uneasy about the synths.  Mattie isn’t afraid of them, but see the impact they have on the human race and their abilities.  Pete exhibits something similar as he watches his wife become more reliant on their synth.

Things will definitely get worse before it gets better.

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