Day Zero was the day the world changed on Humans. Synths became fully aware of their existence and humans became scared. Laura Hawkins (Katherine Parkinson) has been fighting for synths rights since then and finally made some headway with the Dryden Commission.  The commission passed legislation that put fines on any human who attacked a synth. Some synths see this as progress, others see it as an opportunity to fight harder.

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A New Beginning


Lucy Carless as Mattie Hawkins and Colin Morgan as Leo Elster in Humans, Episode 3.6. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch 4/AMC

The Hawkins have no idea about Stanley (Dino Fetscher). He continues his duties as the synth servant, including telling Mattie (Lucy Carless) that he detected a hormone change in her urine. Mattie is pregnant.  She tells Stanley to not say anything to anyone.  She leaves with Leo (Colin Morgan) to his childhood home that is now the David Elster museum. 

The museum is operated by orange-eye tour guides.  Leo tries to decline a tour guide, but the guide follows them anyway.  Leo looks around to find his father’s notebook.  Mattie finds a picture of young Leo with David and Beatrice Elster. She takes the photo to Leo, who is reading the notebook outside of the house.  While he’s reading he has flashbacks of the accident that killed his mother. 

When Mattie joins him, he says his father thought he was an abomination. Dr. Elster’s exact words were, “an experiment” that he wishes he never started. Mattie consoles Leo, telling him that he can hit the reset button and be whoever he wants to be. 

Mattie’s new friend Audrey (Yasmine Akram) followed them to the Elster house. She looks around the house and finds the empty spot where the picture was.

Cabin In The Woods


Emily Berrington as Niska in Humans, Episode 3.6. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch 4/AMC

Niska (Emily Berrington) has a vision about the Synth Who Sleeps. In the vision she sees a cabin in the woods and an interconnected heart.  She finds the same interconnected heart on a neon sign outside of a bar. A bartender named Paul (Philip Barantini) is surprised to see her.  He tries to talk to Niska, but she is busy drawing the interconnected heart on a napkin. She meets a man named Tex (Francis Magee). He says he can take Niska to the Synth Who Sleeps. 

Niska first asks Tex what he knows about the Synth Who Sleeps (SWS). Tex says he saved the SWS from a research facility.  The SWS dreams, but synths cannot dream.  Apparently this one can.  Niska is suspicious, so Tex invites her to join other believers to meet the synth.  Niska reluctantly agrees to go. 

She meets other synths who paid for the bus ride to a deserted industrial estate.  Tex opens a shipping crate, but Niska can’t see anything inside of the crate.  A badly injured synth crawls out and tells the synths to run.  It’s a trap. Niska and the others are attacked.  Niska gets to the fence, but Tex tazes her and she powers down.  

When Niska wakes up, Tex has her tied to a gurney. He interrogates her about the interconnected heart that she drew. He wants to find the SWS before anyone else does. While he’s going on a rant, Niska is able to get his taser.  When he gets close enough, she uses the taser and escapes. 

A Stranger Among Us


Ivanno Jeremiah as Max in Humans, Episode 3.6. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch 4/AMC

Anatole (Ukweli Roach) is not who he seems.  He has been quietly watching Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and planning a coup. And Stanley is working with him.  Anatole told Stanley to act at 2PM.  Then he released Agnes (Holly Earl) from her prison.   Guess where she’s headed?  She prepares for her big act of protest in a hotel room, arming herself with explosives.

Anatole also continues his ruse as Max’s trusted right hand man. They found a badly beaten synth. Max is determined to save the synth, but she’s in bad shape. He tells Anatole that this synth will be the last to fall. He is confident that the synths will be granted more rights. 

At the Hawkins home, Laura finds a burning paper bag on her front porch. When she steps out to take care of it, a group of men surround her, threatening her because she fights for synth rights.  Laura prepares to be beaten, but Stanley stops the men.  He tells Laura to go inside and beats up the men for her.

When he goes inside, Laura asks him if he’s awake.  At first Stanley denies being awake, saying he is programmed to protect Laura. But Laura knows anger when she sees it.  She picks up a toothpick and reaches to put it in Stanley’s eye. Stanley stops her and drags her upstairs by the hair.  

Once upstairs, Stanley comes clean. There are other synths watching the Hawkins house.  He says he intercepted the Orange Eyes assigned to her and took his eyes. He tells her that there is a plan in place and something will happen at 2 pm.  And if Laura says anything, the other synths will kill her family.  Laura tries to remind him that she is on his side, fighting for his life, but Stanley has his doubts about her.  

At the rail yard, the beaten synth dies.  Max asks for Anatole, but Tristan (Phil Dunster) tells him that he left the grounds.  Max says the beaten synth is the 105th synth to die. Tristan says they will have 106 if Agnes is allowed to die.  Max goes to Agnes’ cell and finds the cell empty.  Then he goes through Anatole’s things. He finds a notebook with writings about a new world.

A Voice To Be Heard


Gemma Chan as Mia and Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkins in Humans, Episode 3.6. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch 4/AMC

Stanley accompanies Laura to the Dryden Commission’s meeting with Mia (Gemma Chan). Laura hugs Mia tightly when she sees her.  Mia is alarmed by Laura’s behavior.  She knows Laura well enough to know something is wrong.  The commission convenes and Laura starts by asking for a moment of silence for the victims of Day Zero.  While everyone, but Laura and Mia bow their heads, Laura motions to Stanley. He is not bowing his head either.  Mia knows something is wrong.

After the moment is over, the commission lets Laura ask Mia questions about her experiences being a synth.  Mia says she is scared. She has been treated badly, but doesn’t not think violence is the answer.  While she is talking, Stanley works on arming himself with a box cutter, as he stand behind Lord Dryden.  Mia address the entire commission, getting up to walk around the conference room.  After she concludes her speech, Laura mentions to the commission that her daughter loves Stanley and considers him part of the family. The commission addresses Laura’s experience with synths.  Mia takes the opportunity to look directly at Stanley and shake her head. He puts the box cutter away.

Agnes has made her way to a Day Zero Memorial in a park near the Dryden Commission.  She address the humans in the park, saying she has a voice and her voice will be heard. The clock strikes 2 PM and Agnes presses a button to set off the explosives strapped to her body. 

Neil (Mark Bonnar) sees smoke from the bomb from  the park and points it out to the commission.  Lord Dryden (Matthew Marsh) dismisses the commission and order them to put Basewood back in place immediately.  As they leave, Stanley tells Laura that her family is in danger because he didn’t follow through with his orders. 

Mia gets on the elevator with Laura and Stanley.  Stanley says Anatole never told him that humans can be kind. Mia reacts to the mention of Anatole.  When the elevator opens, the police let Stanley and Laura leave, but detain Mia.  Mia says she will be okay and tells Laura to go home. 

Him Or Sam

Laura and Stanley make it home.  She tells Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) about what happened.  They tell the family to get ready to leave. They are going to hide at Joe’s house in the synth-free community. Anatole and other synths show up at their door.  Anatole sees Sam (Billy Jenkins) and examines him.  Stanley apologizes for not being able to follow through with his orders.  The Hawkins have shown him that humans can be kind.  Anatole decides to show Stanley how kind Laura can be. 

One of the synths brings in an old man from the street. Anatole tells Laura to decide who will die: the old human man, or Sam. Laura begs him not to make her chose.  Joe, Toby (Theo Stevenson) and Sophie (Pixie Davies) watch in horror.  Laura sadly chooses Sam to be killed.  Anatole lets the old man go.

Anatole tells Laura that he would have never hurt either Sam or the old man.  He just needed to prove a point. He tells the other synths that despite Laura’s helpful nature, she is still human and will always chose humans over synths.  Humans will never see synths as equals.  The synths leave the house.  Anatole turns and looks at Sam.  Sam looks at all of the Hawkins family and reminds them that they said he was their favorite.  Sam turns and leaves with Anatole. 

Fear Of What’s Next


Gemma Chan as Mia in Humans, Episode 3.6. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch 4/AMC

Mia is taken into custody by the police. They arrest her for suspected terrorism.

Mattie and Leo head home and they stop at a gas station.  While getting snacks, Mattie picks up a pregnancy test.  She returns to the car and shows Leo the positive pregnancy test. 

Max and other synths watch news coverage of Agnes’ suicide bombing in the park.  Max knows they will suffer some serious backlash for Agnes’ actions.  He yells for someone to close the rail yard gates, but no one  is listening.  Max has to close the gates by himself.   

Niska gets out of the warehouse and runs into the bartender, Paul.  She grabs him by the throat, thinking he’s trying to attack her. She eases up when he says he saw the cabin in the woods too.  He tells her to get into the trunk of his car. The authorities will have synth detecting equipment so she has to ride in the trunk and he has to turn her off. She gets in the trunk and tells him that she will turn herself off.  

Toby is consoling Sophie after the nights events. Laura tries to reach out to them, but Sophie turns away from her and Toby shuts the bedroom door in Laura’s face.  Laura puts on her coat and walks out of the house, leaving her phone and keys behind. 

Max goes to the Elster shrine and talks to his father.  He says he only every prayed to God once, but God didn’t create him.  Max knows he is not a good leader, but he wants to be.  He asks Elster to tell him what to do next.  When he gets no answer, Max destroys the shrine.  He throws part of the shrine against the wall and creates a hole.  Inside the wall, is a stash of explosives. 

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