Tragedy struck last week on Humans. In attempt to protect Sam (Billy Jenkins) in a synth-free community, Karen (Ruth Bradley) revealed that she is a synth and was killed for it.  

Laura (Katherine Parkinson) convinced the Dryden Commission to visit the railyard. The visit was pleasant and left Max (Ivano Jeremiah) hopeful for the future. But it was almost sabotaged by Agnes (Holly Earl). Max locked her up after she blamed him for Flash’s death.

Niska (Emily Berrington) found the synth who is responsible for the bar bombing. The only information that she got was that there are many other synths working with him.

A boy was arrested for creating the consciousness code. Mattie (Lucy Carless) flipped out and wanted to turn herself in. Instead Leo (Colin Morgan) helped her create a package that will exonerate the kid but lead authorities to London.

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The Dryden Commission meets after the visit to the railyard to vote on whether or not to implement a fine for violent offenses against green eyed synths. The majority of the commission votes in favor of the measure. Laura calls Mia (Gemma Chan) to tell her the good news. Mia gets the message later in the day, but she doesn’t appear happy. A package is delivered to her flat, but it’s not hers.


Lucy Carless as Mattie Hawkins and Colin Morgan as Leo Elster in Humans Episode 5. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch4/AMC

Together Again

Laura returns home to find Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Sam there. She is concerned that Sam’s presence will jeopardize any progress she has made with the commission. Joe tells her about Karen and says they have nowhere else to go. Laura agrees to let Joe and Sam stay through the weekend to figure out their next move. 

The next day Laura gathers the family for a meeting. She sends Sam away with Stanley (Dino Fetscher). Laura tells the Hawkins and Leo to keep quiet about Sam for now. They are on lockdown until they decide what to do with him. Sophie (Pixie Davies) is very excited about Sam. 

Mattie is allowed to go to school and makes a new friend, Audrey (Yasmine Akram). Audrey is impressed with Mattie’s progress and asks…no begs for her help. Mattie agrees and they spend the day working on projects. 

Joe and Laura talk to Sam about what happened to Karen. He doesn’t quite understand human death. He reminds them that synths don’t die the same way. Leo overhears the conversation, sad about Karen. Sophie interrupts asking Sam to play with her. 

Neil (Mark Bonnar) shows up at the Hawkins house with a bottle of wine and it’s Joe who opens the door. He introduces himself as Neil from work. Laura comes to the door and Neil  says he’s there to celebrate her win. Laura is confused and very cold towards Neil after what happened the last time they were together. He apologizes for his behavior. He’s been conflicted about the synths since Laura joined the commission. Neil doesn’t think he was ready to not hate the synths just yet. 


Dino Fetscher as Stanley and Billy Jenkins as Sam in Humans Episode 5. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch4/AMC

Sophie’s New Playmate

Sophie and Sam have Stanley build them a fort. She teaches him about different games as the day goes on including Hide and Seek. Leo sees Sam hide in his room. Leo has a flashback of his dad, Dr. David Elster (Stephen Boxer) writing something down.

Sophie comes in and asks Leo if he’s seen Sam, but Leo lies and says no. After Sophie leaves, Leo takes the opportunity to give his condolences to Sam. He tells him that he knew Karen. He also says they are more a like than Sam thinks. Sam doesn’t see how. He’s a synth…Leo is human. 

Next, they play truth or dare. Sam asks Sophie what happens to humans when they die. Sophie isn’t 100% sure. She says when her great-grandmother died, they put her in a box and buried it in the ground by a church.

Mia Makes Friends

Mia takes the package to the correct tenant, a sweet lady named Iris (Sheila Reid). Iris is excited to meet Mia and invites her inside her flat. Mia is hesitant at first, but agrees. When she gets inside, Mia stays close to the door as Iris pulls her curtains closed. She tells Mia that they have been excited to meet her. Her and Dorian (Dominic Coleman)…a green eyed synth that lives with Iris. 

Mia sits and talks to Dorian and Iris about her fame. Dorian shows her an online forum all about Mia. There are other green eyed synths in hiding that have been following Mia’s story. Iris is so excited about Mia that she insists they take a photo. While she gets her camera, Mia asks Dorian if he’s happy. Dorian commends her on her activism, but is afraid that it’s all for nothing. 

Mia returns to her flat and calls Laura. She says the anti-violence fines are not enough. They need more rights with more protection. Laura says Mia can tell the commission herself. With the new measure in place, Mia is able to walk into the commission and request a meeting. Mia charges up and heads out to the commission building.  As soon as she gets there, she requests a meeting with the Dryden Commission.


Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkinsin Humans Episode 5. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch4/AMC

Preparing For Battle

Leo naps and has a dream about his father again. He hears Karen tell him to hide. As he is hiding, he sees his father walk to his desk and write something down.  Leo wakes up in a sweat. 

The next day, Laura gives Stanley permission to enter the bedrooms so he can take care of all of the household chores. She works at home while Mattie and Sophie go to school. Joe helps Toby (Theo Stevenson) look for a job. While they aren’t watching, Sam slips out of the house. 

Audrey tells Mattie about the university’s coding team’s win in a regional contest. Mattie admits that she’s the team captain. Audrey asks where she learned to code. Mattie says she taught herself, but her friend helped her realize her potential. Once they are done with their project, Audrey asks Mattie to print out something for her. While Mattie is gone, Audrey copies Mattie’s computer files onto a flash drive. 

Laura starts calling different newspapers to give Mia press. Mia leaves her flat and walks free down the street. At first, no one is looking at her. Laura calls to let her know the press should be there soon. Not only do the press show up, but a bunch of synth supporters. The police are there to protect Mia and her followers from protesters that have shown up as well.

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Mutiny Abound

Max and his community hear about the measure and there are mixed reactions. He is confident that they can open their gates now, but Anatole (Ukweli Roach) thinks he may be moving a little too fast. Max proceeds with the plan to open the gates anyway. He tells Anatole that he knows he’s concerned. He thanks Anatole for his support through the Dryden Commission’s visit. 

Anatole releases Agnes from her box. He tells her that they are no longer safe in Max’s hands. He needs her help. Later that night, Max and Anatole watch the news coverage about Mia’s progress and meeting with the Dryden Commission. 


Billy Jenkins as Sam in Humans Episode 5. Photo by Colin Hutton/Kudos/Ch4/AMC

Restoring the Dead

Joe realizes that Sam is gone and alerts Laura. The two go looking for him. Sam goes to the nearest church and finds a graveyard. The caretaker sees him. Sam tells him that he’s looking for a body in a box. The caretaker calls Joe to pick up Sam. Joe and Laura leave to pick him up.  

Sam says he wants to find Karen to restore her. Joe says the dead cannot be brought back. He explains that humans have funerals to say goodbye to their loved ones. He takes Sam back to the house. When they get back, Sam confides in Sophie that he doesn’t want his mom to be dead. Sophie consoles him.

One Step Forward

Mia has waited for hours to get an answer. Lord Dryden (Matthew Marsh) calls Laura to voice his hesitation about meeting with Mia. Laura encourages him to hear her out. Dryden agrees to a meeting. Mia calls Laura to let her know that her meeting is the next day. 

Leo tells Mattie about his dream and how he wants to go to his childhood home to look around. He says he has always thought of himself as a synth, but now he doesn’t know how to identify himself. Mattie agrees to go with him. She also tells him about her new friend Audrey. 

Meanwhile Audrey is looking through the files from Mattie’s computer. She is talking to someone on the phone, saying she found a code that matches the code that freed Vijay. She tells the other person that she will have their front page for them soon. 

Agnes walks along the fence of the railyard and then away. Anatole watches her go. After she is out of sight, Anatole calls someone to tell them to “kill them all at 2 PM.” That person is Stanley!  Stanley hangs up just in time to see Laura go into the kitchen. She smiles at him, saying she can’t sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for them. Stanley agrees. It is a big day.



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