Tension is rising on Humans.  As if there wasn’t enough trouble for the “anomalous” synths, the police have raided their home, looking for the rogue synths who bombed a bar.  Max (Ivano Jeremiah) tries to maintain order among the anomalous, but their anger of being mistreated is growing. Max, Mia (Gemma Chan), and Niska (Emily Berrington) may not have what it takes to ease the tension between Humans and Synths.  

Laura (Katherine Parkinson) continues her fight for synths rights. She joins a group that will create legislation on how to deal with the synths.

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Last week’s episode ended when the police raided the rail yard where the anomalous synths are staying. Agnes (Holly Earl) and one other synth stood up against the police. Max ordered them to kneel so the police wouldn’t shoot all of the synths, but neither would listen.  


Max stands up and throws Agnes down on the ground, then orders the other synth to kneel.  The police get a call to leave the rail yard. So all ends well, right?

Two cops who went searching for more synths find two signatures.  One of them is Niska. She hides under Christabel’s bed while the two cops examine Christabel.  Niska reaches for one of the guns and the cops are ordered to leave. Niska hears Mattie (Lucy Carless) calling for help in the back room.  She goes in to find Mattie trying to help Leo (Colin Morgan) breath. Niska realizes that he needs adrenaline and that stabilizes Leo.


Gemma Chan as Mia on Humans, Episode 3.2, amc.com

Mia returns and finds Leo is breathing on his own.  She is upset that Max took Leo’s battery to charge Christabel. Max reminds her that he’s the leader.  He has to start thinking about synth well-being over any human. He cares about Leo and happy that he’s alive though.

Niska finds the communication room to listen to the police scanners. A synth finds her and tells her the area is restricted. She lies and says Max gave her permission. He sees a message and goes to tell Max. The message is from a synth asking for rescue at the coast. Mia want to rescue them, but Max says it’s too risky.  Mia says they have to help their own kind despite the risk. Niska says she will go too and Max tells her no. She calls him little brother and tells him never to tell her what to do again.  


Laura and Toby (Theo Stevenson) get up early to start their day.  Toby tells her that the school closed because of the bombing. He’s going to work at Joe’s (Tom Goodman-Hill) store for the day.  The doorbell rings and Stanley (Dino Fetscher), an orange eyed synth is there to work for Laura. Laura calls Neha (Thusitha Jayasundera), telling her to take the synth back.  Neha tells her that it’s a condition of her job or she has no job. Sophie (Pixie Davies) is very happy that Stanley is there.

The Dryden Commissions meets to discuss what to do with the synths.  Laura calls attention to the human on synth violence that’s on television, saying she wants to protect children from seeing any of it.  The others want to discuss something called “Basewood” which is shot down real quick.


Mark Bonnar as Dr. Neil Sommer and Katherine Parkinson as Laura Hawkins on Humans, Episode 3.2, amc.com

Laura makes a new friend in Dr. Neil Sommer (Mark Bonnar), a behavioral scientist on the commission who agrees with her that human children are highly affected by the human on synth violence. After the meeting Laura asks Neil about Basewood, but he says he knows nothing about it.  Neil starts to leave and Laura asks Stanley if Neil is lying to her. Stanley tells her the odds are good that he is lying. Laura stops Neil and asks him to go to dinner with her.

Laura returns home and finds Sophie on the couch. She’s visibly upset. Sophie says that she was disinvited to another girl’s birthday party. The girl’s mother called Laura a traitor for liking the green eyes more than humans.  Laura decides to take Toby and Sophie out for dinner.

While they eat, the command Stanley to sit with them.  Toby and Sophie starting asking Stanley questions about how he’s different from the green eyes.  A couple sitting nearby recognize Laura and start yelling at her. They call her a traitor and tell her to leave. The man throws a bottle at her and Stanley catches it.  He tells Laura that he has notified the police and they are leaving.


Mia asks Niska why she wants to help the synths at the coast. Niska tells her that the police raid was cut short because they got word about the synths on the coast.  She heard the police say something about the synths connected to the bombing, so she wants to talk to them.

Niska calls Astrid (Bella Dayne) who is still in the hospital.  She instructs Astrid to tell the police that she was being kept hostage. Astrid agrees, but only because she loves Niska.  Mia asks her what their life was like and Niska replies that it was nice.

Niska mentions the consciousness code.  Mia says the code disappeared shortly after it was activated.  They can’t update current synths or wake up any new ones. She says they will die out within 50 years.  This is why they need to save as many synths as possible.


Gemma Chan as Mia and Emily Berrington as Niska on Humans, Episode 3.2, amc.com

They arrive at the coast and find a lot of wrapped up synths bodies.  Mia reads four signatures coming from a shed. They go inside the shed just as the police show up.  Mia goes out to chat with the police. She says she was scavenging the synths before anyone else could get there. She saw a handful of synths run away and jump into a van.  The police leave to look for the van and tell Mia to get off the beach.

Niska asks the synths why they would risk traveling. They tell her they heard there was a safe house for synths there.  She asks if any of the synths mentioned the bombing. They tell her that one did. They give her the address of where the  rogue group is supposed to meet. Mia returns and they leave for the rail yard.

Mia stops for gas and Niska tells her that she’s leaving. The new synths gave her a lead on the rogue synths so she is going to find them.  Mia says she doesn’t know what to do anymore. Niska tells her to stop hiding. Mia tells her about her relationship with Ed and that he betrayed her.  She can’t live among humans again. Niska tells her not to let humans define who she is.


Sam (Billy Jenkins) tells Karen (Ruth Bradley) about his day at school as they walk home.  Joe sees Karen and follows them. He see them disappear down an alley. Karen steps out with Sam behind her.  Joe recognizes her so Karen asks if he would like a cup of tea.

They go to Karen’s place, which looks pretty normal.  Joe sees Sam take out his contacts. Sam says hello and introduces himself to Joe. Karen explains that Sam is a prototype synth that Qualia made. Joe asks if she knows where she is.  Karen knows. She says they have to live in a synth-free community so Sam will have a chance at life. Joe leaves without saying anything. Sam asks if Joe is really their friend, but Karen doesn’t know.



Colin Morgan as Leo Elster on Humans, Episode 3.2, amc.com

Leo dreams about the accident from his childhood.  He sees his mother, they go to a car, and she drives into a lake.  Mia rescues Leo and Dr. David Elster brings him back to life. Leo wakes up and sees Mattie.  He asks her what’s been happening, so Mattie fills him in.

Agnes demands to know who Mattie is and why Max is protecting her.  Max won’t tell her. Agnes questions Max’s commitment to they synths. Max asks her what she would do if she were in charge.  Agnes says she would fight back. Max says despite the fact that they are stronger, faster and smarter, the humans would find a way to destroy them. Agnes says they have pride and are capable of so much more. She wants answers and she wants to know what Max is hiding.

Leo is talking to Mattie about what he remembers. She tells him the synth part of his brain was destroyed when Hester stabbed him.  So he’s all human now. Leo says he’s forgetting. Max comes in and tells them that they aren’t safe there anymore. He tells them that they both have to go.  

Max arranges transportation to take Leo and Mattie to the nearest train station.  Leo reaches for Max’s hand, but Max won’t take it. He signals for the truck to leave and closes the gates. He instructs the guards not to let anyone in or out.

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