Marvel‘s Helstrom is going ahead at full force on Hulu. And now the horror series finally has a cast.  Tom Austen (The Royals) and Sydney Lemmon (Fear the Walking Dead) will lead the series.

Helstrom is about Damion and Ana Helstrom, “the son and daughter of a mysterious and powerful serial killer. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down the terrorizing worst of humanity — each with their attitude and skills.” (  

Austin plays Damion, described as a professor of ethics who moonlights as an exorcist. In his battle against a hidden world, Daimon is determined to root out demons as they arise, and will not stop until they’re vanquished.

Lemmon plays Ana, who runs a successful auction house, but her true intent likes in hunting those who hurt others. 

Both are deeply affected by the things their father did. Ana wants to save the world from people like her father while Damion only wants to help those close to him. 

Rounding out the cast is Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom, Damion and Ana’s mother.  Helstrom also stars Robert Wisdom, June Carryl, Ariana Guerra, and Alain Uy. Marvel TV big boss Jeph Loeb and Paul Zbyszewski executive produce.  Zbyszewski also serves as showrunner.  

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have landed a cast loaded with this much talent,” Zbyszewski told Deadline. “From the beginning, we knew we’d need a group of actors who were multifaceted, who could play all the chords any great Marvel show promises to play, from dramatic thriller to comedy to action. It’s going to be really fun to watch them work.”

Marvel’s Helstrom debuts on Hulu in 2020.

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