Someone alert Professor Farnsworth — he has good news to convey to everyone. As reported by Deadline, Fulu, erm, Hulu has greenlit the long-running animated sci-fi comedy Futurama for two additional seasons. Yes, that means we’re getting Season 13 and Season 14. The streamer has ordered 10 episodes per season. 

“That’s all well and good,” you might be thinking, “but where’s Season 12?” Not to worry, a 10-episode Season 12 is still on the way. As for the revival’s latest fare, the series returned after nearly a decade off the air on July 24, 2023, for 10 new episodes. According to Deadline, the show spent six weeks on Nielsen’s Top 10 Original Series list

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Futurama has had a bumpy ride over its 24-year life. It first took viewers by storm with its debut on March 28, 1999, with Season 5 ending in 2003. After an almost five-year gap, the series returned for Season 6 on March 23, 2008. It ran for five more years through Season 10, where it bowed out on September 4, 2013. Of course, fans thought that was it. With 10 seasons in the can, it won’t surely return for more, right? 

Thankfully, Hulu saw potential in a revival. As with previous installments, Season 11 incorporated what’s in the pop culture and societal zeitgeist for some fun stories. The entire original cast reprised their roles, and they didn’t miss a beat (or vocal inflection). 

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Futurama stars Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Lauren Tom, Phil LaMarr, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche and David Herman. Matt Groening created the series and developed it alongside David X. Cohen. Groening and Cohen are executive producers with Claudia Katz and Ken Keeler. 

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Futurama Season 12 is expected to premiere in 2024. Seasons 1 through 11 are now streaming on Hulu

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