It feels like forever since our favorite alien hunter has made his way to the screen, but that is about to change. The Predator franchise is back exclusively on Hulu and showing off its latest entry in a brand-new teaser. Prey serves as a prequel to the franchise, going back 300 years to introduce us to another story. This time, the highly evolved alien is terrorizing the Comanche Nation. The new film is brought to us by director Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane fame.

The teaser introduces us to Naru (Amber Midthunder), described as a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She is rushing through the woods and into a field when a fellow member of her tribe pulls her down. They spot something in the tree line, but that something has also spotted them, and it doesn’t seem to want to talk. From what Hulu has shared about Prey, we know that Naru will be fighting to protect her people against this dangerous threat and refers to them as Yautja or, as we know them – Predators.

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The teaser for Prey is short but ultimately satisfying. As a fan of the Predator series, I have long awaited a new installment to the franchise. One that hits all the nostalgic points without feeling like just another film following the same pattern. Aside from being just another thriller, the crew behind the film has shared their commitment to giving viewers an accurate portrayal of the Comanche and bringing a level of authenticity that rings true to its Indigenous peoples.

Midthunder will star in Prey alongside fellow Native Americans and First Nation talent, including Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush and Julia Antelope. The film is written by Patrick Aison, with Jhane Myers serving as producer.

Prey will hit Hulu exclusively on August 5, 2022. Check out the new teaser below! What are your thoughts so far? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!




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