Daimon and Ana Helstrom won’t live to fight demons another day. Deadline reports that Hulu has canceled Helstrom, the platform’s only live-action Marvel series. The news comes hot on the heels of Disney Investor Day‘s monumental reveal to roll out 10 new Marvel shows for Disney Plus. 

Helstrom aired its 10-episode season in October. Paul Zbyszewski curated the series for television and served as executive producer. The story revolved around siblings Daimon (Tom Austen) and Ana (Sydney Lemmon) Helstrom. Daimon and Ana suffered from a tumultuous childhood at the hands of their demonic serial killer father. A series of strange occurrences brought the estranged Ana back to Portland, wherein she embarked on a full-throttle investigation with Daimon. Elizabeth Marvel portrayed Victoria, Daimon and Ana’s possessed mother. The show also starred Ariana GuerraAlain UyJune Carryl and Robert Wisdom.

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Truth be told, this move comes as no surprise. Admittedly, I wasn’t blown away by Helstrom. I was hoping for a true horror series with a comic book twist, but I found it to be a little too milquetoast for my liking. That being said, Elizabeth Marvel was a revelation and Sydney Lemmon imbued Ana with personality, which cannot be said for Tom Austen’s Daimon. 

Now, as far as we know, Hulu is still moving forward with its two Marvel animated shows M.O.D.O.K. and Hit Monkey. However, their potential longevity remains to be seen. Will they suffer the same fate as Helstrom? I wouldn’t be surprised. Marvel has almost exclusively moved their properties to Disney Plus. Perhaps some of these now-defunct shows will see a revival of sorts? 

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