Modern students, whether at school or college, grow up smarter nowadays. Not only in intelligence level but in ‘smart’ technologies they use. Teachers and professors can no longer surprise students with academic assignments written on chalkboards. Or worse: grades on a paper written with red markers. 

Teachers, who have not mastered modern technology, may think they need a smart (pun intended) term paper writer to make a list of guidelines on how to use it. Well, they don’t. Keep reading the article and find how a modern teacher can learn technology and make it a part of a fun lesson.

Meet the Teacher’s Little Helper: Smart Board

An interactive board or a smartboard is a screen device that works while being connected to a projector or computer. When connected to a projector, this smart invention displays images on a classroom board. When connected to a computer, a smartboard works as a separate device, on which a teacher can show graphs, tables, and movies.

Not all smartboards must be connected to a computer. However, without a computer connection, a smart board will have fewer features available.

A group of female students are looking at a world strategy map on an interactive screen, one is holding up her hand to ask a question. The classroom indicates, the theme connected with worldwide healthcare. Source: Getty Images 

Why Use a Smart Board?

Studying in a classroom with a regular chalkboard seemed pretty fine. So, why change everything now? Because the new board is obviously technologically ‘smarter’ and powerful:

  • Children are more engaged in studying. All young students love the visual and tactile experience. Doodling on the board or swiping pictures has never been more engaging!
  • Working in groups is more effective. Because a smartboard has a few fields to write or draw on, several school students can work on it simultaneously. 
  • No need for additional software. A smartboard already comes with software, usually SMART Learning Suite. No wasted time searching for drivers or special programs!
  • Clean without a wash. With a smartboard, using markers or, worse, chalk is not needed. Just use your fingers to write, draw, or move objects. Clean and easy.
  • A new organizer. This magical device has Smart Notebook software, which allows the user to save, edit, and send any piece of information. A teacher can save all their notes, lesson plans, and interactive cards all in one place. They won’t be stolen or lost. 

A Few Ways to Include a Smart Board Into a Lesson 

Once a teacher learns all the miraculous benefits of twenty-first-century technology, they are good to go. Meanwhile, there are a million ways to include a smartboard into a studying process. Whether it is mathematics or literature, a smartboard will make your classes efficient. Check below the ways to add this marvelous technology to your daily lessons.


A smartboard is a great way for the audience to interact with the visual on-screen information. A teacher can ‘pin up’ digital notes to the screen with additional comments on the class materials. 

You can always use PowerPoint Presentations and separate images. Adding charts and tables is effective, especially when it comes to statistics in economics or social studies. The best part is Object Awareness, due to which a teacher can move the objects right on a board. No need for cleaning the blackboard or messing with the sticky notes. 


Playing games is fun and entertaining. Yet younger learners study through games best of all. It improves the learner’s decision-making skills, critical thinking, and creativity. Just by adding puzzle-based activities or drawing, a teacher can easily spark an interest in learning. Due to the in-built Object Awareness features, users can easily move the lesson notes all around the screen.

Allow your elementary school students to solve puzzles or draw right on a board screen, and you will be the happiest teacher. 

An On-Board Lesson

Games and presentations are a great way to squeeze in additional content. However, a smartboard can be used for planning an entire lesson from the beginning to the end.

Because the software already contains lesson templates, it is easier to create an outstanding class. Start with a presentation divided into main sections, highlight key definitions, and add videos and infographics to ensure that everyone understands the tiniest details.

For those students who have missed the lecture, you can always save a lesson and send them later as a separate file by using a smartboard. 

In-Class Practice on Everything

A smartboard is a great way to enhance studying theory. But have you known that a smartboard is a space for practicing too? Everything changes when your students use a smartboard space to solve mathematical problems or write sentences while learning to write essay samples during literature class. 

Earlier, a teacher used to give a piece of chalk to a student and ask them to write a solution to a particular problem on the board. The whole process was a messy thing: dirty hands, split chalk pieces all over the floor, and stained clothes. Oh, it was also messier to clean the board with wet sponges or napkins. 

Because students are not distracted by the cleaning-whiteboard process, they focus only on solving the problem, doing it quicker and more efficiently. 

Teaching Computer Studies

No surprise. The number of apps and smart technologies in education rises. Yet, a smartboard is a perfect opportunity to teach school students how to use technology. By teaching students how to use a research engine smartly or how to make an engaging PowerPoint presentation, a teacher equips the younger generation with skills required for survival in the technologically-driven world.  

Final Thoughts 

A smartboard is the best recent innovation that entered the education field. It leaves a teacher with no need for an extra-hygiene lecture or a pack of sticky notes, easy to lose, and a pack of paper lesson plans. A smartboard is perfect both for theoretical and practical classes. In the end, using a smartboard is a win-win situation: it is fun to work on and easy to navigate.


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