The new generation of gaming consoles is finally here, and everybody wants to get their hands on one. Whether you’re a loyal Xbox consumer or you prefer PlayStation, you’re going to have to shell out a decent amount of cash if you want to be gaming along with the elites at the end of the year. Since most of the stores that sell these consoles are struggling to find stock right now, it’s the perfect time to start working on your savings and figuring out how you’re going to fund your new purchase. That’s why we’ve put together some fun and useful ways that you can raise cash for the console that you so desperately want.

Deal with Debts

First things first, deal with your debts. If you’ve got loans that are dragging you down, then you can’t expect to find cash for a gaming console any time soon. The more you have to pay on interest and fees, the more you’ll have to kiss those dreams of achievements goodbye. So, start by looking at the debts you currently have and thinking about which ones you can banish fast. A good way to get started is with your student loans. Consolidating your existing loans into a new payment with a private lender can save you a small fortune on fees and interest rates. There are tons of ways to get started, and many of the top lenders even offer guides to help you figure out which strategy is best for you.

Start Making Cash Online

If you’re great at gaming – why not try making money from it? You can set up an account on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch and start streaming your gaming content to people around the world. Although it takes a while to earn dedicated fans, the more you focus on advertising yourself and producing amazing content, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to get a real following. Once you have genuine fans, they can contribute to your funds by rewarding you with donations, or you can even look into creating your own website where you can start making money as an affiliate, advertising various items to people around the web. You could even start working as a TikTok or Instagram influencer.

Sell Your Old Devices

Not using your old games consoles anymore? Someone else is bound to want them. Get yourself active on eBay or Facebook marketplace to start selling. You can sell just about anything these days to raise a bit of extra cash – just makes sure that you know how much you’re going to be spending on things like shipping in advance, so you don’t end up losing cash on order fulfilment. If you can’t bare the idea of getting rid of your old consoles, you could always try getting creative instead. Put your skills to the test in making things that you can sell through a marketplace like Etsy. You could find that you even make a serious amount of extra cash this way. Remember, buying a new console can seem like a pretty expensive investment at first, but there’s a ton of ways to make money if you’re creative enough. Good luck gaming!




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