In October 2020, cult game studio Riot Games released its MOBA called League of Legends Wild Rift for smartphones. A completely free multiplayer online game that combines real-time strategy and role-playing components can be downloaded for Android smartphones.

You will say: the MOBA genre has not taken root on mobile devices, a vivid example of which is the stunningly beautiful Vainglory forgotten by everyone. But League of Legends is a different matter entirely. If you are looking for more games on Android, check where you can find the best games in different genres.

According to the latest data, 115 million players are registered in this game on PC, of ​​which at least 2 million are playing online constantly. And now this, without exaggeration, cult game has become available to all smartphone owners. Let’s see what is good there.

What is in the Mobile Version of League of Legends

The creators were able to transfer the following features to smartphones:

  • 50 heroes;
  • their skills and physics;
  • three beautiful images for each character;
  • one map;
  • one 5×5 battle mode;
  • rating battles.

Battles take place on a single map called Summoner’s Rift. As in the PC version, players are divided into 5 by 5 teams and move along three lanes – top, bottom, and middle. They are supported by automatically summoned minions, small units. Towers are placed along the lines, firing at the enemy, as well as special structures, the destruction of which improves your minions.

Despite the standard availability of premium currency, you can spend it here exclusively on the purchase of cosmetic images of heroes. One of the principles of the game, “you don’t have to pay for a victory,” is strictly observed.

The premium currency here is called Wild Cores and is bought, as usual, for real money. You can spend it, in addition to the champions themselves and the images for them (skins), on things that do not give any advantages in battle: emotions, postures in which the champion stands before the start of the game, and effects after killing an enemy.

What We Liked About League of Legends Wild Rift

The mobile game managed to very accurately transfer the spirit of the PC version to smartphones and tablets. Of course, there are fewer champions here but even this number allows you to implement all conceivable tactics and playing styles.

Champions are divided into 6 overlapping classes – warriors, tanks, assassins, archers, mages, and support. The abilities of each of them are known in advance, but the order of pumping them from level 1 to 15 is completely in your hands.

In addition to abilities, the subtleties of the playing style are determined by the runes (special effects that affect the champion all the time), items purchased for gold during the battle and giving bonuses to attack, defense, and abilities, as well as spells – active abilities available to all champions.


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