Chess is an enjoyable game. However, you need an opponent or a computer to play it. What if you want to play alone? Is it possible to play the game without an opponent? Well, if you are asking yourself these questions, you are in the right place. The answer is you can play a chess solo.  

Playing chess alone is an excellent way to improve your gaming knowledge. Through this approach, you can become one of the top-ranking chess champions. However, without understanding how to go about it, you will always face obstacles. Keep on reading to learn more about how to play chess alone.

Get the right chess set

Not every chess set can be a good idea for playing alone. Some of the chessboards do not have an option to enable you to play solo chess. For this reason, you must find a good chess set. An electronic chess board is the best choice for a solo game. In particular, DGT chessboards offer perfect features to power your lone game.

When you get an electronic board, arrange your pieces perfectly. Start moving each piece by starting with the white ones. Always assume you are playing with an opponent. So, never mirror your moves.  

Choose a good scenery

As you know, cozy is a central component in the chess game. You must be in a comfortable position to concentrate and make the right moves. This aspect does not change in the solo game. Even with the best chess board like DGT smartboard, you will never succeed if you are uncomfortable. 

Get a good seat, pair of shoes, and other outfits that make you feel cozy. Also, pick a space that is free from any distractions. Remember, concentration is vital when playing alone. If you fail on this point, you will likely not achieve the intended objective. 

Consider playing chess puzzles

Sometimes, moving the pieces alone without any challenges can be tedious. It is like attending a class without tests. Such a case will mean you will gain insufficient knowledge and fail to learn. The good idea is that electronic chess boards like DGT come with puzzles. The puzzles help you to improve your playing strategies and tactics. 

However, the puzzles come with predetermined results. Despite this aspect, they are better than playing chess solo without any challenges. Also, they help you gain in-depth chess tactics that boost your skills. So, if you can’t get the concept by playing chess on the board alone, you should opt for an electronic chessboard that has chess puzzles as part of it. 

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Use the chess tricks 

Despite that you are playing alone, it is essential to apply some tricks. It’s game of skills and tricks. Without having powerful tricks and tactics of moving the pieces, you will never beat your competitor. Your trick should start with choosing a perfect electronic chess set. In particular, the DGT e-board is an ideal choice as it has a coaching option. 

Learning the chess-playing tricks and tactics when playing alone will enhance your performance against a competitor. Also, consider starting with the white pieces when setting up your board. This way, you will have a competitive intuition and develop confidence for facing an opponent.

Wrapping up

In a word, chess is a game of two people. If you think so, you are wrong. The lack of an opponent should never hinder you from enjoying your favorite game. You can opt for solo chess. All you need is an excellent electronic chessboard like DGT smart e-board and a cozy place. With these aspects, you can get into solo game action.   


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