Want to create a sci-fi video clip to leave your audience in awe? Then you will definitely need to learn the basic techniques and the best tools to produce spectacular clips. Keep reading this article to discover the first-class video editing tips and programs that can help you give a special touch to your clips.

How to Choose Video Software to Make Video Content?

Picking the right tool to produce video content is a rather daunting task, especially when you are new to the film production world. Some products employ only basic features, while others offer advanced functionality for producing full-length films like sci-fi westerns. Some programs are available for free, while others have limited functionality and require a full-time purchase. 

The choice of video editing software depends on your expertise and the purpose of its use. If you have just started out, opt for a simple option with basic functionality and an easy learning curve. For this purpose, you may install iMovie for Windows. If you want to show off your talent and create professional videos, opt for an option with an advanced feature set. 

How to Create Awesome Special Effects for Your Videos?

Uploading raw footage on any platform isn’t a good idea. You should complement it with special effects, perform color grading, adjust transitions, and only then showcase it to the world. Once you pick the program to edit the video, you will need to import your footage to initiate a post-production process. Use these useful tips and hacks to find out how to improve your sci-fi movies and make them stand out from the crowd.

Apply Color Grading Presets

Editing a video from scratch isn’t a good idea, especially if you are a newbie and need to enhance a lengthy clip. You can considerably facilitate your workflow by applying video presets or LUTs. With these tools, you can get professional-looking results in a matter of a minute. Once you apply these plug-ins to your film, you can correct colors, improve white balance, contrast, and skin tones. They will especially come in handy if you need to tweak a scene recorded under poor lighting conditions. Rather than fine-tuning each scene individually, you can apply a preset or LUT to your work.

Such programs as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Lightworks support LUT .cube extension. So, you can import the filters into the program and apply them with several clicks. 

Crop and Trim Your Videos

If you want to improve your composition, eliminate unwanted elements, and highlight the subject, you can simply crop your clips. Believe it or not, but copping can considerably enhance the overall look of your video and give it a special atmosphere. Remember to make the horizons in your footage exactly straight. 

You can also trim your footage to cut out unnecessary scenes. Even the simplest program has a timeline, where you can easily select the frames for removal. Trimming can help make your footage more consistent and lifelike. 

Use Extraordinary Transition Effects

Add a dynamic spark to your sci-fi clips by applying interesting transitions. Make your videos and slideshows progress from one scene to another using awesome styles. This can make your film more recognizable on online platforms. For this purpose, you can use the products from FXhome. For example, Hit Film Pro comes with some basic presets in the Effects tab, but you can also import third-party transitions to complement your project. 

Accentuate Moments With Freeze or Time-Lapse Effects

It is possible to slightly slow the roll if you want to highlight a particular moment. This is where slow motion and freeze effects will come in handy. This way, you can tell your viewer that the particular scene is important in the film.

You can also compress several hours and even more in a minute, transforming your video into a time-lapse. It is also to apply this effect to a particular scene to show that some period has quickly passed. 

Add a Music Track

The choice of music makes a difference and impacts your audience in a certain way. If you produce a sci-fi movie, you will hardly want to complement it with a deep house audio track. Make sure your music matches the mood of your film. It is advisable to add only royalty-free music to your projects in order not to break copyrights. If you produce a movie for commercial purposes, you will need to buy a license for a certain audio track. 

To overlay music on your video quickly, you can use Shotcut. It is compatible with the latest audio and video formats thanks to FFmpeg. It is also possible to apply audio mixing across all tracks. Your works can also benefit from fade in and out the audio and fade video to black with streamlined fader adjustments on the timeline. The program is available for both Windows and MacOS users.

Add Some Glitch

To infuse your sci-fi videos with brightness and add a futuristic and spooky atmosphere, you can apply a glitch effect. It will give your video a dramatic feeling that evokes viewers’ interest and excitement. Glitch effects are available in numerous variants. You can play around with different options to choose something that suits you most. 

Transform to Black and White

By turning your footage to monochrome, you reduce all colors to different shades of the same color. The most popular option is black and white, of course. It will give a scene a mysterious look and shadowy touch. It is possible to apply this effect to a particular scene to accentuate flashbacks or add a documentary portion of information. This effect is widely used among sci-fi filmmakers, so feel free to include it in your workflow. 


Producing a sci-fi video is a complicated task that requires special approaches and techniques. If you are a beginner, you will need to start with a choice of the right software. Experiment with different effects to figure out which ones suit your style and video genre. If you need an additional dose of inspiration, check out this article. Here you will discover the latest news from the sci-fi world and maybe find some useful tips.


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