Twitch is an American online video streaming service, majorly focused on video game streaming. Alongside that, you can almost find anything there that you’d want to watch, but just like any other platform, the problem is “How can you get followers on twitch” but with the right strategies, you can get them pretty fast. Here are some tips for you so your account can get there where you want it.

1)    Find Right Game for Yourself

There are usually two kinds of streamers: First, the streamers who play newer and popular games thinking they can grow because other popular streamers are playing those games. Second, the streamers who play those games that no one plays thinking that being unique will help them grow.

None of these two categories is going to help you get more Twitch Followers because if you play popular games, you will end up behind hundreds of people, and if you play unique games that no one plays, then no one will watch your stream.

You should find a game that you can play for a long time as your account grows. A game should be one that people would like to watch. If you are an expert in one game, then viewers will stick around you to view your stream and follow you not only at your twitch account but your other social media accounts as well.

2)    Communication Is the Key

One of the reasons why people prefer Twitch over other video streaming platforms is its ability to interact with streamers in Real-Time. The best way to communicate with your followers and make them come back is to involve your audience, always monitor your chat room, ask relevant questions, and talk while streaming.

3)    Make Friends with Other Streamers

Watch other streamers and be active in their chats. If they find you engaging, they might check out your channel. If you manage to make friends with fellow streamers, they could host you or play with you. You will get massive exposure from it.

4)    Use a Webcam

People want to see your facial expressions while playing. Putting a face to a voice allows you unique opportunities to interact with your viewers. You can have a themed stream or voice command set for specific streams, which viewers can use to scare you while playing horror games, among others. If viewers see you enjoying and reacting, they will feel that they can connect to you better.

5)    Use High-Quality Equipment

You must use a High-Quality Web-Cam, microphone, and fast device to play your games. In addition to this, you need to have a fast internet connection because the last thing you want is a network lag while streaming.

6)    Stream on Schedule

If you follow a schedule and stream regularly, then your viewers will know when to watch your stream. If you stream randomly, then viewers will probably miss the stream only because they didn’t know about it. If you can’t follow a schedule, then a small message stating the time of stream like “I will be streaming today at 5 pm GMT” will let the viewers know, and they will set apart time for you.

















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