Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat…need I go on? If you haven’t heard of at least one of these social media platforms, where’ve you been for the past ten years? 

Unable to be avoided, social media today is a massive part of our collective world, and there’s no denying the incredible influence it has had on not only society but us as people. 

Today everyone uses social media, even our grandparents are on Facebook! 

Although influential, social media has become a bit more toxic in the latter years, with a new era of unhealthy attitudes being displayed on every platform. What’s more, we go searching for that endorphin increase thanks to the ego boost from your online persona. 

Detrimental factors are also on the rise as people become more consumed with how many followers they have online, allowing this to determine their self-worth. 

Luckily, there are ways to use social media in a positive way that still allows you/your brand to grow. Let’s learn a few ways how: 

Be more than just an account

Bored of seeing the same old content online? Most people love to post content about themselves have a great time, or dressed to the nines. Then you get your big corps solely posting material that advertises their products and services, where’s the creativity in that? 

Ever considered (or would consider) changing things up and instead of just coming across as an account with no personality, what about posting subject matter on the lighter side of life…? A post of you not looking your best…Never! Believe it or not, these types of accounts are blowing up online – cue @rianne.meijer. 

Appearing human (including all your flaws) allows followers to form a real relationship with you – just ask Rianne and her 1.4million followers. 

Don’t think of followers as numbers

People are so obsessed, ahem, focused, on the number of followers they have on any given social media platform, they often don’t stop to consider that those numbers are actual people! 

Accounts that become solely focused on big numbers end up buying bot accounts just to boost their follower count. The result? Accounts that don’t actually engage in a real way with people nor do they build any form of trust with potential new followers. 

If you’ve considered using a service like Twesocial to help form real relationships between yourself and your followers, this is a great start and way to do so. This Twitter growth service helps you gain and build your follower count naturally, using real people too. 

In essence, it enables you to buy real-followers for your twitter profile (i.e. humans and not bots) with a real interest in your brand/business and not simply adding a fake online account for the sake of increasing your numbers. 

Real people = real engagement. 

Use the right hashtags

There’s this concept online that using the most popular/trending hashtags for automatically guarantees you new followers. 

Rather more ineffective, it comes across as ‘spammy’, as well as thoughtless, not taking a minute to care about the type of audience you are drawing in. 

Instead, using the right hashtags that are relative to your content, specifically directed to your audience has proven to be more effective, and in fact, makes your audience feel special, and your content relatable. 

If you’re less creatively inclined or simply don’t have the time, there’s a hashtag generating service Task Ant, that can help solve your woes. They work closely with you to plan an entire hashtag strategy (you’ll be assigned your own account manager), offering other tools such as their Hashtag Analytics to help grow your account. 

  • Engage with your followers

These days it’s imperative to form real relationships with followers as they are people and not just a number. A real community is far better than having a following of fake accounts and by engaging with your followers, it’s not only fantastic for your social media presence, but it’ll also help you in starting to attract more of the same like-minded audience. 

Luckily for us, there are a few ways to easily do this from creating and using user-generated content to actually taking the time out of your day to reply to comments from users. Spend a few minutes to like other people’s posts and make sure you keep this up constantly so it doesn’t seem random, instead appears thoughtful.

 It’ll be much appreciated by your followers!