Instagram is one the foremost popular social media platforms to share content. It allows users to share pictures, videos, reels and stories. It’s a very secure social media site owned by Meta Platform. Users find Instagram to be user-friendly and straightforward to share pictures and videos with their friends and followers.

Instagram doesn’t allow users to download content from Instagram onto their phone or PC. But there are still methods that you simply can use, which can be explained in this article so you can download your favorite pictures and videos.

Instagram Contents

First you need to know what content you want to download from Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform so all of its content is in picture or video form.

  1.       Pictures: Users upload pictures or albums (having multiple pictures) on their profiles to share with their followers. People can just like the picture and comment on it to engage the Instagram community.
  2.       Videos: A bit like pictures, videos are often uploaded on the profile to engage followers for liking and commenting on the videos. Videos are often incorporated in albums when uploaded with pictures or in form of reels or IGTV when uploaded one at a time.
  3.       Reels: Reels are short videos of about 15 seconds during which the user can add background music and remix audio to create an appealing and entertaining content.
  4.       Stories: Stories are pictures or videos that users share which remain available for twenty-four hours. During this point people can view the picture or video as many times as they want. Unlike pictures and videos, the user can see who all viewed the story. Users can add different stickers and writings in several styles to captivate the viewers.
  5.       IGTV: Any video uploaded on Instagram from 15 to 60 seconds comes in IGTV. Users can post lengthy videos even ranging up to an hour on IGTV. A bit like TV IGTV has channels that users can watch and these channels are the content creators.
  6.       Highlights: Once you open a profile page of any user the first thing you see on the profile is the bio and highlights. Highlights are a bit like stories but instead of having a 24-hour limit, highlights stay permanently or as long as you would like to keep them there. you’ll create multiple highlights each having as many posts or stories you want to give a theme or an album.

Now that we all know the different content on Instagram, we’ll now discuss how we can download it anonymously. 

How to Download or Save Instagram Content

One method to save lots of content of other users on Instagram is by bookmarking it. It doesn’t download the picture or video but stores it in collection to be viewed later in your saved section of Instagram.

Saving a Post

: Saving a Post: to save lots of a post, whether an image or video (does not work with stories and highlight), tap on the bookmark icon on the lower right corner

By doing this, the post is going to be saved in your “Saved collection”. you’ll access them anytime using the Instagram app. Moreover, you’ll create folders in it to sort the posts you have saved. to save lots of the post in a new folder tap and hold the bookmark icon and then tap on + symbol and add the post in a new folder

To view the posts that you have bookmarked:

  •         Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile at the bottom right corner.
  •         Click on 3 bars on the top right corner, this will open up a pop-up menu.
  •         Tap on “Saved” in the pop-up menu.

Here you can see the posts that you have bookmarked.

Downloading Pictures from Instagram

Best way to download Insta photos is Instagram

             One of the ways to download any image from Instagram is:

  •         Open the Instagram app and choose the photo that you simply want to download.
  •         Tap on the “…” icon on the top right corner of the picture.
  •         Press “Copy Link” on the pop-up menu.
  •         Paste the link in the address bar of your web browser.
  •         Long press on the image until a pop up appears and tap on “Copy”.
  •         Open the notes app in your phone and in a note, long press on screen and then select paste.
  •         Click on the “Share” then click on “Save Image”.

How to Download Instagram Videos, Stories and Highlights

Using Screen Recording

You can record any reel, video, story, IGTV from Instagram to your phone using your phone’s screen recorder. the method for iPhone and android is same but for iPhone users, you would like to enable screen recording in simple steps:

  •         Go to settings and open “Control Center”.
  •         From there scroll and find “Screen Recording” and add it to the control center.

Once you’ve added screen recording in your iPhone’s control center, the subsequent step for recording someone’s content from Instagram is the same for iPhone and Android users.

  •         Open the Instagram app and swipe right down to open “Control Center” or “Notification Panel”.
  •         Press on the screen record button, after 3 second timer, it’ll start recording the screen.
  •         Play the content that you simply want to record.
  •         Press the red button on your screen after you’ve got recorded what you wanted.
  •         You can edit your screen recording to crop or trim the parts which you would like to save.

Here you can see a video on how easy it is to download any content from Instagram using a screen recorder

Using Instagram Video Downloader for downloading Stories, Highlights, Reels and Videos

There are apps available on the app stores of Android phones and iPhones through which you’ll easily download videos, reels, IGTV from Instagram. First, I will be able to tell which app to use on Android phone and iPhone for saving a video.

  •         Downloading Instagram Video on Android

Ø  Download the Instagram Video Downloader app from the Google Play Store.

Ø  Go to the video on Instagram that you want to save and tap on the 3 dots icon.

Ø  Copy the link of the video and then open the Instagram Video Downloader app.

Ø  Tap on the URL bar and tap on paste.

Ø  Now tap on the download video and it will be saved on your phone.

  •         Downloading Instagram Video  on iPhone

Ø  Go to the Google and find Instagram Highlights Downloader

Ø  Open the Instagram app and copy the link of the video that you want to download.

Ø  Paste the link of the video in the Blaze app and select download.

Ø  Once downloaded, click on “Save to Camera Roll”.

  1.       Using Online Tools – Download Stories

Nowadays, there are various online tools available by which you can easily download any content on Instagram onto your device:

  •         Go to online websites such as and find the page Instagram Story Downloader .
  •         Tap on ”…” on the top right corner of the Instagram post and click on “Copy Link”.
  •         Paste the link into the website.
  •         Download the content in the format that you want to and it will be saved on your device.

By using online tools, you can download pictures, videos, reels, stories, IGTV and albums easily.

How to Download Instagram Videos, Reels, Stories and Highlights on PC

If you are using Instagram on your PC and find a video that you want to download to your PC. There are some methods you can use to download the video onto your PC.

  1.       Using Development Tools

This method might be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes very easy to download any video you want from using the source code. Here is how you can do it:

  •         Open the video that you want to download on Instagram webpage using your web browser.
  •         Right click on the video and click on “Inspect Element”.
  •         Now find the menu which you can do by pressing “CTRL+F”.
  •         In the find pop-up box type “.mp4” and it will highlight the codes for the video.
  •         Now search for a code that is hyperlinked and it will start with “src=” and end with”.mp4”.
  •         Copy this link and open it in a new tab of your browser.
  •         The video will play in the new tab and you can right click on it and save it.
  1.       Using Screen Recording App

You can use a screen recording app on your PC to save Instagram videos on your PC.

  •         Download a PC screen recording app.
  •         Open the app on your PC and start screen recording.
  •         Now open Instagram on your web browser and play the video that you want to save.
  •         Stop the recording and save it.
  •         Edit the recording to trim or crop the video as you want.
  1.       Using Add-ons for

You can download video on your PC by using Add-ons on your “Chrome Browser”. Here is how you can do it.

  •         In the chrome web store, search for addons or go to the site Instagram Reels Downloader
  •         Add this add-on on your browser by clicking on “Add to Chrome”.
  •         Now open Instagram on your browser and you will see that there are new icons “View, Share Link, Download” added by the add-on.
  •         Click on the download button to save the video you want. 

Whether you are an android user, iPhone user or a PC user, we have discussed in this article multiple ways you can use to download your favorite pictures and videos from Instagram.

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