Your best friend or your sister is all set to get married to the love of her life soon. What is the best thing that you could do for her in the times that we’ve been living in? Planning a super fun, enthusiastic and entertaining bachelorette party might be the best idea. Now, how to throw an extravagant yet joyful and relaxing bachelorette party while in quarantine?

Many might go for the option of going to casinos and spending the time over there. But due to the current COVID-19 situation, many casinos have put a pause on their functioning and services.

 Coronavirus affected the gambling market all over the country drastically. For example: In Norway, a large part of the national treasury used to come from gambling and casinos But COVID-19 hit the country hard and everything went downhill.

Considering situations like these, a bachelorette party at home seems to be the best option to go with.

Some of the best ideas you can adopt while planning a bachelorette party for your dearest one are:

Fixing a Budget and a Theme

Deciding on an appropriate budget according to your financial constraints and planning on a wonderful theme within it takes a lot of work. Have a good discussion with your fellow party planners (even the bride if it is deemed necessary) and then go ahead with the theme. The theme can include anything that is well within the likes of your guest of honour, the bride and is agreeable with the rest of the wedding party.

Some of the themes you can pick for throwing an unforgettable bachelorette bash are:

  •         Go for a bachelorette slumber party: An overnight stay with your girls before the wedding always works best.
  •         Cooking theme: One can opt for a cooking theme and spend the entire time baking goods and eating them off. You can even save some cash off your budget if you select this theme.
  •         Makeover party: Although this theme sounds a bit childish, it is super fun in itself. Girls love to have and give makeovers to their besties. Going ahead with this theme wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.
  •         Beach party: Spending a tension-free day on a beach with drinks and tonnes of food bodes well with anyone.

Games for the Party

Make sure that you have planned enough fun games for the ladies invited to the bachelorette. Games can include anything and everything from drinking games to fun poker games or even online casinos. You can play several games like Never Have I Ever, Adult Pictionary, the newlyweds game, what’s in your mobile phone, dirty minds and bachelorette Jenga. 

All of these games are pretty self-explanatory. But you can use your own creativity and add in new games or new rules and steps in the existing games. Fun is the most important part. Make sure everyone has fun. Apart from these games, you can even hop into the trend of nye nettcasino 2021 games which have become insanely popular. 


You have to carefully go over the list of people to invite. Remember that the bachelorette party is for the bride-to-be and not you. So avoid adding people only you’re comfortable with. Rather add people and friends who are known to the entire wedding party to avoid awkwardness during the fun period. If you enjoyed it, why not check out more content from the author, Benjamin Reppersen.

A Backup Plan

Always have a backup plan. Never ever underestimate or ignore one. You never know what might go wrong at the end moment or what sort of issue arises. Having a backup plan in such cases always works the best.


Planning a bachelorette party in times of quarantine and lockdown can seem like a big task. But once you have all the important details planned out, it can seem very simple and easygoing. Make sure you have fun even while planning every detail out. That’s what a party ultimately is all about, right? Having fun!

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