Binge-watching is fun, but the problem with it is that your favorite shows end quickly and leave you craving for more. A disadvantage of speed watching is that by the time you have developed a deep love for a show and its characters, it suddenly ends.

Post-series stress is real, and it can be severe in some cases when one’s attachment to a show becomes too deeply involved with the storyline and characters of a show. But the end of a show isn’t the end of the world. There are several more opportunities, maybe even better than the first hook you experienced. Gain your strength back and start binge-watching again like nothing happened by following the below tips of getting over past love (show).

Maybe It’s Time to Move On

Yes, it is sad that now you can’t watch your favorite stars in the same role ever again, and the story that you loved to watch ended. You can lament over it for a very long time. It’s healthy to feel sad for some time and let out the frustration with your pals who understand. But you also need to look forward. Instead of locking yourself in, go out and meet people. Take in your surroundings and maybe go on outdoor adventures. Turn the memories of the show into good memories and store them in your mind to reminisce whenever something upsetting happens. Then move on.

Get a New ‘Lover’

If nothing helps and the outside world isn’t for you, maybe you can find solace with a new show. Start getting recommendations from friends, family, and the internet on more “watch worthy” shows. Go for the same genre, and similar storyline shows to help you go through the separation easily. Or switch into extremely new categories to completely forget about the previous show and get over it sooner. Try out different shows until you land upon one that catches your interest. It will be difficult to find one that’s up to par with the previous one, but what needs to be done needs to be done.

Or Stay Loyal

You may be the kind of a partner that doesn’t easily get over their old favorite and can get stressed out being apart from them for too long. If you fall into that category, it’s best that you rewatch the show. You just finished it, but no one is stopping you from watching it again, so why not? Watch the same show another time, and this time, take in every bit of it in depth to vanquish your sadness. Doing this can help you let go of the series easier and less painfully. 


It’s now time to relax after ending a show that took over most of your life and made a deep space in your heart. In times like these, it’s best to relax your mind and chill. Maybe grab some of your favorite snack food or get served a refreshing cup of tea. A bit of CBD down the throat can help calm stress as it has anxiety coping powers. To get a load of this magic potion, get more information from i49.

Talk About it

Let the sadness out all you can and don’t let an ounce of it stay in. Don’t let the grief destroy you.  Join support groups, find people going through the same stress, and share your worries. Get to know new fandoms and explore new options. Maybe move aside the series path and explore other areas of movies or music. In fact, music can be quite calming and help you take the mind off post-show stress.