In olden times, dueling was a way to settle the score between two persons who have a quarrel or were in conflict with each other. The duelers often had a choice of which weapon they’d use during the duel, including pistols and more traditionally swords.

In recent times, dueling has become a popular form of sport that birthed fencing. And with science fiction (sci-fi) movies becoming a staple in popular culture, especially the space opera phenomenon Star Wars, lightsabers have become among the choice dueling implements both fans and enthusiasts alike collect. Specialty hobby retailers like Galaxy Sabers have provided their clientele with thousands of hours of fun and nostalgia with the lightsabers they have to offer.

What’s A Lightsaber?

For those who are into dueling, lightsabers are the Jedi Order’s preferred weapon in the Star Wars franchise. Their ever-rising popularity in dueling is due in part of the success of the series and its never-ending waves of fans who have kept this fandom alive after nearly half a century. Hobby shops and general retailers have been banking on this popularity by coming up with numerous concepts and designs, mostly following the designs used in the movies and series.

The lightsabers used in dueling are made with the highest-quality materials, so you could use it in actual dueling or just add them to your collections. What’s better is that most manufacturers have acquired the licenses and rights so the ones they produce are very much similar to the ones used in the series.

Things To Look For

You should take into consideration several factors when choosing your lightsabers for dueling action. Here are a few things you should watch out for when you select a lightsaber:

  • Look for a thick-walled or heavy-grade blade, which is lightsaber with a blade at least one inch in diameter.
  • Avoid lightsabers with the so-called midgrade blades, especially those with thinner hilts and blades.
  • Check the blade and make sure it’s made of a strong plastic.
  • Inspect the hilt and test whether the lightsaber makes use of a powerful LED to illuminate the saber.
  • Check whether there’s a soundboard and a speaker. Your lightsaber should have these so it can produce motion sound effects.

Aside from these features, you should also check out the following:

  • Test how long the battery can last.
  • Inspect every inch of the lightsaber, making sure everything’s in place and there are no glitches.


How It Works

The light blade is the most distinctive part of a lightsaber. Various models of lightsabers can emit different light-colors. Such is the cultural importance of this iconic sci-fi weapon that colorful lightsabers were even used to recreate iconic scenes from vintage martial arts films.

Manufacturers can come up with different hues for the light blade. Aside from your choice of color for the light blade, you should also check the durability of the material that makes up the blade. Make sure it’s made of strong-enough material to withstand the wear and tear from the bumping, slashing, and pounding in duels.   

A glimpse inside the blade would show that the lighting and the sound effects when you slash and swoosh the light blade are created by an electronic circuit located inside the hilt of the lightsaber itself. There’s an LED inside which beams a ray of light across the light blade. The sound effects are created by a circuit with a mechanism producing a sound when you make a swinging and swooshing motion with your lightsaber. 

The main power source of the lightsaber is the battery. The battery powers three main components inside the lightsaber. The first component is the motion sound effects. These sounds are created with the use of a sound card and a speaker. The second component is the light produced by the light blade when you turn it on. The whole circuit has an LED strip, which is the light source of the lightsaber.

computer rendered Lightsabers with reflections and shadow

Different Lightsabers

There are different types of lightsabers. The best lightsabers depend on the configuration of the blade with the handle. Standard lightsabers used for dueling usually have one handle holding the blade attached to it. But there are also dual-blade lightsabers. These are the lightsabers with the handle nestled between the two blades. 

The make of a lightsaber really depends on how the manufacturing company designed and made them. There are even models with parts that you can detach and disassemble and then attach and assemble again as you would like it. But there are also lightsabers that have fixed parts, with only the battery compartment as the detachable part.

Aside from the obvious physical aspects of the lightsaber, you should also look for customer reviews of the lightsaber that you’re buying. You can read about the experiences of other customers who actually bought and used the lightsaber so you can make sure what you’re buying is the real deal. 


The epic popularity of sci-fi films featuring intergalactic travel and battles, especially the well-loved Star Wars franchise, has contributed to the growing interest and enthusiasm of fans of lightsaber dueling. There are a lot of makers of lightsabers out there, so you should check out what they have to offer before buying one. May the force of light be with you as you search for your lightsaber.


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