Choosing the best online gaming phone requires a bit of research, and we’ve listed the crucial factors to consider below. Here we go.

Selecting The Best Online Gaming Phone: What To Look For & How To Decide

When looking for the best online gaming phone, it is crucial to understand the current state of the market. The onset of mobile casino gaming has warranted new and exciting opportunities for casino game developers and smartphone makers. In the old days, mobile gaming used to be straightforward in that game requirements were low, and most phones could run most games.

However, smartphone casino gaming is more complex nowadays. New casino games premier daily, and older model phones can’t always run the latest games. On the other hand, manufacturers also release new and updated device versions equally frequently – just think of Samsung, for example. Therefore, choosing the best phone is challenging, but there is a straightforward way to solve this dilemma. Getting into the specs is an effective method for making the right choice, so we’ll take a closer look at the technology below. Let’s begin.

Finding The Best Online Gaming Phone: Software Considerations


If you’ve ever owned an Apple device, you probably know that the new and expensive is the name of the game. In other words, the more recent and more costly the Apple device you’re looking at, the better it will be for (casino) gaming. One benefit of choosing an Apple device is that only these devices feature iOS as their operating system, meaning there aren’t countless product lines.

The latest iPhone flagship line will be the best online gaming phone, which is the iPhone 12 Max Pro at the moment. However, since the company frequently releases updated devices with better features, similar software updates make older devices more relevant than Android phones.


Compared to straightforward gaming on the iOS platform, Android gaming is more complicated. The trade-off is the freedom when selecting a tablet or phone, besides paying less than for an Apple phone. Accessing all kinds of games via your Android device is more complicated as well due to the tricky installation process involving the notorious APK files.

However, the cause of complexity with Android devices is that manufacturers often obscure the hardware specs they use in their smartphones. However, we’ll inspect these components in more detail below to help you understand what to look for when researching the best online gaming phone. Generally speaking, tried and tested options include Razer, Honor, and Samsung, but the choice is up to you.

Getting Technical: Interpreting Hardware Components

When it comes to hardware, several crucial categories are attention-worthy for players looking for the best smartphone. These categories include:\

  • Display
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • GPU


The smartphone display is a critical factor when choosing the best online gaming phone. Using this criterion requires noting three aspects: the panel type, pixels per inch, and resolution.

Panel type-wise, you can choose between AMOLED/OLED and IPS. These abbreviations stand for Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode/Organic Light-Emitting Diode and In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Displays. Most players prefer AMOLED because the LEDs emit their own light, meaning they don’t require a backlight. Consequently, the colors appear less washed out than IPS displays.

However, price is a significant consideration since IPS panels are more cost-effective than OLED.

PPI or Pixels Per Inch requires a complicated equation to calculate and requires factoring in the resolution (more on this in a bit) and screen size. Regardless, the PPI indicator is mostly marketing, and all you need to know is as follows. A larger-sized smartphone display has a lower PPI than a smaller-sized screen with the exact resolution.

The screen resolution is straightforward to understand. The higher the phone screen’s resolution, the better the gaming experience. You might have noticed terms like UHD or QHD in terms of resolution. Both describe the preciseness/clarity of smartphone screens. For example, UHD (ultra high definition) has 3840×2160 pixels or 4K. On the other hand, QHD is a lower resolution (2560×1440 pixels, or 2K).


If you were to choose a PC CPU, the decision would simply come down to which option pulls the most GHz. However, in the early 2000s, multi-core consumer-level processors made this decision more complicated.

You may have noticed that the latest mobile chipsets boast octa-core CPUs, but this aspect does not always directly relate to raw power. Typically, the newest smartphones only use half of their CPU cores, while the other half works to save power. Since their goal is to prolong your battery life, this other half runs at a slower speed. However, when you switch to an intensive game, the device will automatically provide a horsepower boost. The phone will accomplish this feat by changing to the high-power CPU core set.

The point is that the number of CPU cores doesn’t determine the device’s performance single-handedly. When looking at the best online gaming phone, you should be safe with any device manufactured within the last year or so.


Compared to understanding CPU performance, RAM is more straightforward to comprehend. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which shows how much data your smartphone can juggle. It also tells you how much data you have ready to call back instantly. RAM usually relates to character models, level geometry, textures, and similar aspects of gaming performance.

Overall, interpreting RAM numbers is identical to screen resolution: the more you have, the better. The reason is that more RAM means your device has less loading to do from flash memory. Consequently, you can have more intensive game graphics. Nowadays, most phones feature 3GB of RAM, which is the lowest you should accept. Top-end devices feature between 6 and 8GB, which is more than enough for even the most demanding games.


Using this criterion to base your smartphone purchasing decision is all but irrelevant nowadays. The reason is that smartphone GPUs use a system on a chip paired with the CPU. In other words, most mobile devices do not feature a discrete GPU unit like a traditional PC.

So, the only method to have a high-end GPU is to go for a high-end CPU. The two are inseparable when it comes to even the best online gaming phone. Consequently, choosing a device based on its GPU is impractical. You should not rely on this method of investing in a gaming smartphone device.


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