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Earpers, it’s been an absolute dream having our sh*tshow back. There was a Wynonna Earp-shaped hole in my heart, but thankfully it’s been replenished. Just in time for International Women’s Day! So, to commemorate the occasion, I want to delve into how the women of Wynonna Earp have inspired me. Because let’s face it — these ladies are pretty damn inspirational. Now, I specifically chose the more prominent female characters of the series (Sorry, Rosita, Kate, Cleo and Rachel). However, every single woman in Purgatory has impacted my life in a positive way. Even the baddies!

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Still of Megan Follows as Mama Earp in Wynonna Earp.

Pictured: Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp and Megan Follows as Mama Earp in Wynonna Earp.

Mama “Michelle Gibson” Earp 

You may be wondering why I included Mama Earp (Megan Follows) on this list. She goes on the hunt for Julian in the middle of Season Three and vanishes from Wynonna Earp (for now). That being said, Mama Earp’s tenacity, grit and gumption are admirable traits. Sure, she harbors a strained relationship with Wynonna and Waverly, but last season we saw the trio mending fences. Slowly but surely.

She spent the majority of her life trying to protect Waverly from Jolene. Mama Earp even sacrificed her freedom and “sanity” to ensure Waves’ safety. Of course, she’s made her fair share of mistakes. But everything she did was for love. Everything was done with love. It must have been difficult to endure years of people thinking you’ve lost your mind. Mama Earp’s ferocious fighting spirit and stalwart demeanor are worthy of inspiration. I’ve learned from the matriarch of the Earp clan that you should always stick to your guns, and love can weather just about any storm. 

Mercedes Gardner

Mercedes Gardner (Dani Kind) is the very definition of “fun.” Seriously, you’d probably spot a photo of Mercedes next to that word in the dictionary. She likes to let loose and kick up her heels. You’ll find a party wherever she’s at. Not to mention, she’s a chameleon. She knows how to adapt to any situation. Exhibit A: Bulshar’s attempt to end the world by accessing the Garden. While Wynonna wasn’t a fan of Mercedes seemingly cavorting with the enemy, the latter was merely ensuring her own protection. Mercedes was thinking ahead, especially if the Earps unfortunately failed. Thankfully, Bulshar lost. Big time. 

Additionally, Mercedes takes up a job at Glory Hole feigning to be a vampire. Why? To keep herself safe while working amid a slew of demons. Mercedes is a survivor and will probably outlast us all. I’ve learned from Mercedes that you gotta have fun. Release your inhibitions and enjoy life from time to time. Also, I’m inspired by her ability to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. 

Still of Kat Barrell in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Friends In Low Places” Episode 402 — Pictured: Katherine Barrell as Officer Nicole Haught — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Nicole Haught 

Like Mercedes, Nicole Haught (Kat Barrell) a.k.a. Daddy Haught is a survivor in every sense of the word. She survived a massacre at the hands of Bulshar, for starters. Nicole withstood 18 months, three weeks and four days on the Homestead without Waverly and Wynonna. She busted her ass protecting the Earp land from a bevy of formidable supernatural beings and suffered relegation from sheriff to civilian. In short, Nicole has been through the wringer on Wynonna Earp. Fortunately, she’s tough as nails. 

Nicole is unapologetically herself. She’s comfortable in her own skin as well. That’s hard to do sometimes even in today’s modern world. Nicole lives her life without fear of judgment or reproach. She loves with her whole heart and is immensely loyal. If you’re her friend, she’ll gladly fall on her sword for you. I’ve learned from Nicole that being true to yourself is the ticket. I’m a survivor. Lastly, that I shouldn’t care about what other people think, especially if they couldn’t care less about me. 

Waverly Earp

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) is as sweet as punch. She wears her heart on her sleeve. Waverly genuinely cares about others, including total strangers. Her friendly demeanor and chipper nature are instantly endearing. Not to mention, Waverly’s intellect and her desire to nurture said intellect should be something to which we all aspire. Smart is en vogue, folks! Additionally, Waverly’s journey of self-discovery has been a beautiful thing to behold. Not just unveiling her half-angelic nature, but her burgeoning sexuality as well. 

Now, Waverly, like Nicole, is learning how to love herself for who she truly is. I find that I identify with Waverly in more ways than one. I’m an inherent “people pleaser,” which makes it difficult to simply stop caring about what other people think of me. I too am learning to take care of myself, first and foremost. It’s a hard pill to swallow. I’ve learned from Waverly that kindness is contagious and that love persists. I’ve been inspired by Waverly’s path toward self-acceptance. Her sensitivity is her strength. 

Still of Melanie Scrofano in Wynonna Earp.

WYNONNA EARP — “Friends In Low Places” Episode 402 — Pictured: Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp — (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Productions, Inc./SYFY)

Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) is the Earp heir extraordinaire. She utilizes humor as a defense mechanism. Her dry, snarky wit is inimitable. Unmatched. Nobody can out-sass Wynonna, except maybe Doc. She had to grow up from a young age after losing her father, older sister and mother in one fell swoop. Wynonna clearly suffers from PTSD, notably regarding the night her dad died. Grappling with that kind of trauma and grief is difficult. It’s something with which Wynonna struggles. 

Not to mention, she’s saddled with a curse that makes her solely responsible for sending demons back to Hell. Talk about an unimaginable weight on your shoulders. Still, Wynonna soldiers on, forging ahead into oftentimes uncharted waters. She’s saved Purgatory (and the world) countless times. In addition, Wynonna had to give up her baby, Alice, so the latter would stay safe from her enemies. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. I’ve learned from Wynonna that strength is derived from within. That a good snarky one-liner never goes out of style. Lastly, that you should never run. Ever. 

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This article was originally published on March 8, 2021. 

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