Technology and Sports are some of the biggest stuff in human lives. While the former is directly important to us and how we relate including our personal and business lives, the latter one is arguably the most important thing out of the less important thing in humans’ lives. So how do they both connect? How is technology enhancing sports for every player and viewer alike? Here are the things you might not be noticing:

  • VAR (Video Assistant Referee)
  • Improvement in Game Accessibility for Fans
  • Tracking Performance
  • Reducing Injuries
  • Fantasy Sports and Online games
  • Video Gaming Experience
  • Nutrition and Training

VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

No doubt the most obvious technology in sports is the introduction of VAR. Since the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee to football games in Europe, a lot of sports viewers, pundits, and even players have witnessed the effect of technology in the game. Though VAR in football is not the first time the sporting games will be integrating technology, nor the first sport VAR will be used, but football has made its effect so obvious to the sport we grew to love.

According to Evelyn Balyton, an expert in modern sports analysis, observed that, so far VAR has improved the referring decision making, including correct calls on the offside, penalties, card awarding, and many more. Evelyn Balyton can be followed online to read her latest sports research. Though yet to be perfected, it has changed the outcomes of so many games, people are now beginning to appreciate the value of VAR in sports.

Improvement in Game Accessibility for Fans

One of the improvements technology has added to sports is the increase in game accessibility to fans. Sports lovers can now watch their favorite sport or teams from the comfort of their room, at any time, or anywhere in the world. Gone are the days when one must be in the stadium or have a TV to watch sporting games.

With the advent of Youtubes, streaming services, and the latest smartphone devices, people can watch their team play wherever they are without breaking a sweat, while at the same time commenting on the live games.

Tracking Performance

On the part of the players and coaching crew, there have been tremendous impacts of technology on how players or athletes train and prepare for games. With the incorporation of Lasers and GPS, trainers and coaches can easily track the performances of their players and determine which part to focus and improve on.

By placing these latest sensors on the body of players, their features and performances ranging from breathing level and heart rate, to hydration and temperature, speed, and acceleration,  the individual performances are been determined quickly.

Reducing Injuries

Still, on the application of smart sensors in the training activities of players, there is no doubt that these technologies have greatly minimized the level at which injuries occur to players. The use of these technological devices normally helps coaches and trainers to determine the type of amount of sleep needed, the kind of food to be taken, the energy level, any underlying diseases, and many more. By being able to determine these performance indications in players correctly, the result usually leads to the prevention of fatigue and self-created injuries.

Fantasy Sports and Online games

Currently, fantasy sports and online games are multi-billion generating companies. With the advent of better technological devices such as supercomputers, smartphones, and iPads, sports lovers are now playing online prediction games where they put together a virtual team of real sports players, then earn points according to the player’s real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. In online games, sports lovers predict the outcomes of games and earn cash rewards based on odds assigned to them. Visit online betting Philippines today to bet on the latest sports games, and check the betting tips, and odds. Place your bet now to stand a chance of winning cash rewards.

Video Gaming Experience

The love of the sport has made sports lovers turn to video game experiences and replicate the success of the team. Technology has made it easier for people to now play with their favorite team in the game. They’re also the option of online games, where people play against other gamers in a faraway state, country, or continent. Whether football or basketball, sports lovers can even enjoy the video games on go through devices like smartphones, PSP, iPads, etc.

Nutrition and Training

The latest technology is now touching every part of the sporting games. It is not just about the on-field performances alone, aside from tracking players performances in training, some of these technologies are easily diagnosing players, helping them to pick the right food to ingest such as the right quantity of sports drinks, protein bars, and other recovery foods known for improving the health and performances of players.

 While technology keeps evolving, the impact of technology has indeed been more positive than otherwise. Though there is still a need to improve on some of the technological devices to give more accurate results and provide the right answers to data. Nevertheless, with the right application of technological devices, or platforms we are now experiencing the advantages of technology in the sporting games we all grew to love.


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